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Patch 0.9

Patch 0.9

  • This update represents the Content Update 1 in the Arbury Cycle, the only one planned. Our intention from here onwards is to focus on 1.0, the full release of the game, which includes launching on Switch and Xbox Series X&S. We might still release patches with bug fixes and improvements as required.
  • To address the issues the server has been having, we’re establishing a periodical server reset. The first Monday of each month, unless a reset has happened on the week prior, server will reset with the Weekly Reset, at 8 am UTC. This periodical reset includes pre-maintenance and maintenance, so Lairs will be disable 1 hour before reset, and Lumas won’t spawn 10 minutes before reset. Please do keep this in mind for any last minute Saipark hunting.

As one of the most charged patches in the history of Temtem, we strongly encourage you to read our blog post explaining the features in-depth here.

  • Temtem Plus
    • Temtem Plus is a DLC available for game-sharing secondary accounts that grants access to extended gameplay features previously limited to them. It unlocks the chat, allows trading, and expands Storage for secondary accounts.
    • Any account that has purchased, or will purchase Temtem already includes Temtem Plus, at no extra cost.
    • This DLC is only available on platforms that allow secondary accounts (PS5, Xbox Series X&S, Switch). Steam and Discord accounts can only be primary accounts, and as such already have Temtem Plus by default.
    • If you’re on a secondary account you can purchase Temtem Plus from the Settings menu for US$ 20, or an equivalent amount in your currency.
    • We’re currently waiting on Sony to activate the purchase, and have been informed it will not be available for new purchases until May 9th. We’ve granted it to all the main accounts manually.
  • Temtem Storage Rework
    • We’ve reworked the Storage system to be able to grant more Temdeck space to our players, which was one of the strongest complaints we received. To overcome the obstacles in granting more space, we’ve both internally reworked the system and optimized storage usage by incorporating a new incremental method of unlocking storage.
    • For all primary accounts, and accounts with Temtem Plus, Temdeck slots increase from 300 to 600.
    • Instead of immediately granting the entire storage space right away, you’ll find your storage unlocks as you progress on a (very easy) quest. For players with a complete Temdeck right now, the locked spaces will be greyed out and you won’t be able to use those Tems until you progress on the quest, but don’t worry: you won’t lose anything in the process, and once you unlock that Temdeck page you’ll find your Tems are exactly how you left them.
    • The quest can be started in Briçal de Mar’s Temporium, and continued along the rest of Temporium. With new players unlocking storage space as they need it, we get some extra margin regarding data and are able to provide people with the amount of space they need at each moment of their gameplay, instead of a fixed amount for everyone.
  • Cross-progression
    • We’re ready to start trying out cross-progression in a live environment! You’ll be able to link your account in all the currently available platforms, and hopefully also Switch and Xbox SXS when they launch, if those platform holders allow us to.
    • You’ll designate a Primary Account, whose progress will then transfer to the Secondary Account(s). Note that in order to link two accounts, to prevent accidents, the Secondary Account(s) must’ve been previously reset, and you’ll be able to link said account from the Settings menu in the Lobby.
    • You’ll need to own the game on all platforms you want to link.
  • Dojo Wars
    • Dojo Wars are Temtem’s take on Club Wars. Fight other clubs for control over each Dojo in the Archipelago over the course of a week, defend and decorate your Dojo, and even profit from it.
    • A new role has been created: Dojo Warrior. Any member of the Club that wants to take part in Club Wars must first be designated with this role or a superior one. A minimum of 11 Dojo Warriors is required to play a Dojo War.
    • Leaders and Co-leaders must sign their club in on Sunday, and different rounds will take place Monday to Friday. Dojo Warriors must confirm their participation, and it’s a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that the Club will be disqualified of that Dojo War if not enough Dojo Warriors confirm their participation. Finals are held on Saturday.
    • The exact timing of each round depends on how many Clubs join a particular Dojo War, but there is a timezone associated with each Dojo, when rounds will take place:
      UTC 08:00 – 12:00 Deniz
      UTC 12:00 – 16:00 Omninesia
      UTC 16:00 – 20:00 Tucma
      UTC 20:00 – 00:00 Kisiwa
      UTC 00:00 – 04:00 Cipanku (d+1)
      UTC 04:00 – 08:00 Arbury (d+1)
  • Dojo Housing
    • Once a club has conquered a Dojo, they’ll unlock Housing for that specific Dojo. Clubs will earn furniture from winning Club Wars, and club members can volunteer their own furniture by depositing it in the newly added Club Storage.
    • Only Leaders and Co-leaders can decorate the Dojo, as well as manage the Club Storage. Please use it responsibly.
    • Dojos can be edited from the Club Banner hanging by its door. Once titularity of a Dojo is lost, all furniture employed in it will automatically be returned to Club Storage.
  • Dojo Park
    • A Dojo conquered by a Club will also hold the super new, super exclusive Dojo Park. Dojo Parks house the island’s 5% Temtem, and another one of similar rarity, and only those alone, with a 50% appearance rate each. Once you enter the Dojo Park, you’ll have 100 encounters with those specific tems, which equals 600 weekly encounters with the rarest tems in the game. Encounters reset with the weekly reset (Monday 8 am UTC), and any unused ones disappear into the Downbelow.
    • To access a Dojo Park you must battle the holographic images of that Dojo’s Warriors, and the team they employed during their Dojo War. Dojo ownership changes right after the finals on Sunday, and the holograms change right at that time too.
    • You must win three times to gain access, and each challenger you face will ask for a 1500 Pansun offering. If you lose, that fee goes to the Club’s Storage, and if you win it is consumed. Even the current holding Club members have to offer the fee and go through the challenges, we’re all equal in the eyes of Mimit.
  • Trade House
    • The Trade House is now open! Access the trading network from any of the locations in Turquesa, Quetzal and Arbury and buy, sell, bid and put up for action both tems and items.
    • Taxes apply, and you won’t be able to cancel an offer you’ve already posted, so trade attentively and responsibly!
    • The Turquesa Trade House will be locked until you reach Quetzal, to allow newbies to explore and learn a bit before spending their hard-earned Pansuns.
  • Mounts
    • Get by in style with the new Mounts! You will go faster than walking, and won’t trigger wild Temtem encounters while still being able to see radar encounters and NPC battles.
    • Each mount is paired with a matching surfboard, and they’re adaptive, so you won’t have to manually switch when changing terrain.
    • We’ve only added a couple of them for now, but there will be more in the future cosmetic shop and cosmetic battle pass! Please note that there will be no functional difference between the ones added now and the future ones, only cosmetic differences.
  • Stickers
    • Relive the joyful memory of collecting stickers as a kid! You’ll be given your very own StickTem book through a quest, and you must fill its pages with the stickers you find during your adventure.
    • Stickers can be found in the world, but you’ll only be able to find a fixed amount of them: the rest of the collection you’ll have to trade for with other players.
    • You’ll get rewards as you progress in the album, with one super unique reward at the end of it!
  • 4 new Gears have been added.
  • 👥Tonal balance sliders have been added to audio Settings. You’ll now be able to control the game’s mix, bass and treble frequencies.
  • PS5 players will now have the Redeem option available in the Lobby.

  • We’ve added a new, very cute loading UI for Narwhal and Drone trips.
  • The Breeding Center has its own music now!
  • New Teleport spots have been added near the newly added Club Dojos. CU1 more like “don’t walk another step in your Archipelagic adventure”.
  • We’ve reworked some Temtem’s textures, specially the older ones to match them to the newer, shinier ones.
    • We’ve corrected the textures on a lot of Tems’ eyes, added extra shadows to highlight details, and added some shine here and there. Your tems should be looking prettier than ever. Even Taifu.
  • We’ve reworked the audio for Sparks, Bubbles, DC Beam, Finbeat, Nimble, Roots, Sand Splatter, Scratch, Toxic Spores, Water Blade, Wind Blade, Wind Burst and Uppercut. Crisp!
  • We’ve continued our work towards better performance, so you will hopefully experience an improvement in performance and memory management, specially those with lower-end specs machines.
  • When players open their Notification Center, the Accept button will be focused and highlighted.
  • 👥Audio setting sliders now display their numerical values.
  • The background image in the Lobby of the last visited island is kept across platforms.
  • 👥We’ve increased the font size on some UIs to improve readability. This will specially improve the Steam Deck and Switch experience.


Balance on this patch was focused on addressing the overwhelming nature of some very strong 0-hold Techniques, and increasing the impact of 2+ hold techniques. We’re also giving Mastione a new identity and trying to improve its place in the meta, and reviewing some traits and gears. As previously, our insight into the balance changes has been added in italics.


  • #69 – Saipat
    • Water Blade is now learned at level 1.
    • Martial Strike is now learned at level 4.
  • #84 – Mushi
    • Tenderness has been removed from its move pool.
  • #85 – Mushook
    • ATK reduced 81 ⇒ 76.
    • DEF reduced 80 ⇒ 75.
    • Tenderness has been removed from its move pool.
    • Mushook has always been a staple in the meta, ever since its release. Tenderness offered one tool too many for a Temtem that was already powerful to begin with, and turned Mushook even more into an infranqueable barrier for physical attackers. By removing this Technique and tweaking its stats a bit, we hope to balance this Temtem without taking away from its main goal or usability.
  • #86 – Magmis
    • Water Blade has been added to its move pool.
  • #87 – Mastione
    • Its typing has been changed to Fire/Water.
    • The Bully trait has been removed from its trait pool.
    • A new trait has been added: Solidifier
      • When attacking with a Water Special Technique, the ATK stats will be used instead of the SPATK ones.
    • SPDEF increased from 37 ⇒ 44.
    • HP increased from 69 ⇒ 76.
    • Water Blade has been added to its move pool.
    • Aqua Stone has been added to its move pool.
    • Tsunami has been added to its move pool.
    • High-Pressure Water has been added to its move pool.
    • Sanative Rain has been added to its move pool.
    • Sharp Rain has been added to its move pool.
    • Mastione has historically had a really hard time differentiating itself from other physical fire types, so we felt a full rework was needed, with the idea that it would have a similar effect the Saku rework had. To avoid it becoming the new Fire Koish, we’ve given Mastione a push to its original base stats, in order to establish a bulkier identity. With the introduction of the totally new Solidifier trait and a considerable change to its movepool we aim to offer two different playstyles, each with its ups and downs, but equally viable.
  • #143 – Koish
    • The Synergy Master trait has been removed from its trait pool.
    • A new trait has been added: Synergy Adept
      • Increases the damage caused by the holder’s and its allies’ Synergy Techniques by 15% when the Synergy activates.
    • Synergy Master Koish has been brough up by the community often due to its explosiveness and how easily a Mimit+Koish combo was with basically 0 setup. This change should allow us to preserve Koish’s identity, and this combos’ nature, but in a more controlled way.
  • #152 – Minothor
    • Hypnosis has been removed from its move pool.
    • Kick has been added to its move pool.
  • #157 – Chimurian
    • ATK reduced from 71 ⇒ 67.
    • DEF reduced from 82 ⇒ 78.
    • SPDEF reduced from 88 ⇒ 84.
    • Chimurian has been over-performing and over-achieving ever since its inclusion, so a little trim to its feather was required. We’ve focused on the values that made it most dangerous, and while we’re keeping an eye out on its traits, we want to see how it performs with this change before doing further adjustments.
  • #162 – Anatan
    • SPD reduced from 43 ⇒ 32.
    • STA increased from 37 ⇒ 48.
    • And with us fixing this typo, the era of fast Anatan comes to an end.


  • Lifeful Sap
    • Regenerating Turns reduced from 7 ⇒ 5.
  • Rush
    • Fixed damage reduced from 60 ⇒ 40.
  • High Pressure Water
    • Damage increased from 50 ⇒ 60.

From here onwards are some 2+ hold Techniques that we wanted to improve upon, or make more impactful. With the change to 0-hold Techniques we thought we might see an increased usage of 2+ hold Techs, so we wanted to offer players who used them more and stronger repercussions in battle.

  • Autodestruction
    • Damage increased from 100 ⇒ 125.
  • Blue Screen
    • It will no longer apply 4 turns of Cold.
    • It will now apply 2 turns of Frozen.
  • Execution
    • The HP percentage required for instant KO has been increased from 30% ⇒ 35%.
  • Gaia
    • It will now heal 20% of user’s max HP.
  • Held Anger
    • Damage increased from 130 ⇒ 160.
  • King’s Roar
    • STA cost reduced from 28 ⇒ 25.
    • It will now also lower 1 stage of SPATK.

From now onwards, we’re addressing the excessive impact of techniques with 0 hold and over 100 base damage. This has been one of the most heated topics of debate in the community. We’re, for the time being, focusing on the most offensive and powerful techniques that implied little to no risks for the attacker, and our aim is to soften the rhythm of matches and give more elaborate strategies a chance.

  • Water Cutting Lily
    • Damage reduced from 120 ⇒ 115.
    • STA cost reduced 37 ⇒ 34.
    • Priority reduced from High ⇒ Normal.
  • Water Cutting Lily (Synergy)
    • Damage reduced from 144 ⇒ 134.
  • Base Jump
    • Damage reduced from 115 ⇒ 107.
  • Soul Shout
    • Damage reduced from 110 ⇒ 100.
  • Wastewater
    • Damage reduced from 100 ⇒ 90.
  • Faraday Cage
    • Damaged reduced from 100 ⇒ 95.
    • STA cost reduced from 36 ⇒ 34.
  • Faraday Cage (Synergy)
    • Poison turns reduced from 3 ⇒ 2.
    • Damage remains 100.
  • Feather Gatling
    • STA cost increased from 20 ⇒ 25.
  • Hypoxia
    • Damage reduced from 120⇒ 110.
    • STA cost reduced from 36 ⇒ 35.
  • Crystal Spikes
    • Damage reduced from 110 ⇒ 100.
    • STA cost reduced from 34 ⇒ 32.
  • Stone Ball
    • Damage reduced from 130 ⇒ 120.
  • Thunder Strike
    • Damage reduced from 120 ⇒ 115.
  • Crystal Plume Gatling
    • Damage reduced from 120 ⇒ 110.
  • Water Cannon
    • Damage reduced from 100 ⇒ 95.
  • Water Cannon (Synergy)
    • Damage remains 100.
  • Noxious Bomb
    • Damage reduced from 100 ⇒ 95.
  • Lava Wave
    • Damage reduced from 100 ⇒ 90.
    • STA cost reduced from 33 ⇒ 31.
  • Debris Typhoon (Synergy)
    • Damage reduced from 103 ⇒ 95.


  • Sepukku
    • It will now trigger when the user gets KO’ed from recoil damage.
    • After Sepukku’s bugfix, Sepukku lost a lot of its –admittedly bugged– functionality, which a lot of the community liked. Your wish is our command, and those bugs are now features. This should restore Sepukku’s old capabilities while no longer being bugged.
  • Voodoo
    • Damage received by the rival has been increased from 65% ⇒ 75%.
  • Ignis Fatuus
    • Evading turns have been reduced from 2 ⇒ 1.
  • Deceit Aura
    • The Temtem with this trait will now start combat with 50% of its max HP.
    • Deceit Aura is arguably one of the most powerful traits in the game. This is the first iteration of one of many possible changes considered to approach the situation. We understand it’s a rather harsh nerf, but we’ll be observing the performance and results to subsequently re-assess the trait with the data obtained from this strong nerf.


  • Sensei Robe
    • Damage increment has been reduced from 25% ⇒ 20%.


  • [PS5] Fixed chat not having interact options for PS5 users.
  • [PS5] Fixed that the last character introduced before reaching the maximum number of characters was being replaced while using the virtual keyboard.
  • [PS5] Fixed not beign able to disable PS5’s haptic feedback by lowering sound nor deactivating the haptic feedback option.
  • [PS5]Fixed the “Open Keyboard” prompt still being shown after putting a name to the character at Character Creation menu.
  • 👥 Fixed a softlock after mashing the Run button when having the Hold To Run Setting activated.
  • Fixed getting soflocked when interacting with anything in a Lair if there was a disconnection right after the last member of the Party got ready.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock trying to evolve a Venx in a Lair.
  • 👥Fixed getting soflocked when the Coop Partner of a Player who has already seen the credits leaves the Party during the credits.
  • 👥Fixed getting softlocked if two Temtem fainted due to the effects of Dreaded Alarm and there were only two Temtem left in the bench.
  • Fixed a softlock while trying to delete a character that is the current Leader of a Club.
  • Fixed getting a black screen after reconnecting to the game from the Lobby.
  • Fixed a black screen caused by the Chat bubbles after watching the Credits scene from the Lobby.
  • 👥Fixed TemSpotter and Learning Aid buff applied indefinitely some days after a Player used them in the first place. It was good while it lasted.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck behind some Trainers at Mac Aed’s Crags if they see the player at a specific position.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck at a specific spot in the Lochburg’s Pub if the Player was using a controller.
  • 👥 Fixed being able to use the rock-hopping hook while fishing.
  • 👥Fixed techniques not being inherited properly through the breeding process.
  • 👥Fixed being able to hatch an Anatan.
  • Fixed seeing Players standing on water without the surfboard.
  • Fixed not being able to sell the clothes and furniture bought in the stores of Arbury.
  • 👥Fixed having more Stamina visually when the last Temtem on our team enters the battlefield and has a trait that applies a Status Condition when entering the battle.
  • Fixed the Warm-Blooded trait not working.
  • Fixed that, if the Player defeats a Temtem that gives STA or HP TVs in a single turn and their Temtem gains enough TVs to gain one point on the STA or HP stat, this point wouldn’t be update visually.
  • 👥 Fixed Sleep Status being applied twice after using Narcoleptic Hit on a Voltaic Charge user.
  • 👥Fixed Viral Combustion being applied on the Temtem with this trait if the Contagious trait was activated on them.
  • 👥Fixed Saku having Wind Burst in their spawn at Kupeleleza.
  • Fixed seeing Mimit in the Win Screen on a PvP match if the other Player conceded in the first turn before Mimit did the animation for its transformation with the trait Landing Transmog.
  • 👥Fixed a Koish that was already in battle having the colors of Water Koish but the model and tail colors of its respective type if it was replacing a Temtem that was on the spot of a Mimit that had been transformed into a Koish. Talk about specific.
  • 👥Fixed being able to use the piano while sitting even though it wasn’t deployed visually. You peeps really are talented.
  • Fixed check marks not being shown on the Koish board when playing with the UI resolution settings at 4k.
  • Fixed losing focus on the UI after closing the Tutorial during a battle.
  • 👥Fixed the Map not closing when entering a ranked match.
  • Fixed Settings not closing during the “Drowning” cinematic.
  • Fixed getting an error while being afk in the House Edit Menu.
  • Fixed some cases where Players didn’t progress in the Intrigue in Cipanku quest after finishing the Digital Vanishings and In Memory of Max quests.
  • Fixed one Co-op player going out of bounds at the start of a cinematic in Cipanku.
  • 👥Fixed Coop partner floating up and getting stuck in the air if both players were close during certain cinematics.
  • 👥Fixed the black textures on the floor and walls of Izakaya after closing the Map.
  • 👥Fixed Adia being at Neoedo after starting the Arbury’s Main Quest.
  • Fixed Stowaway spawning again on the world if the Player had a wild encounter after receiving back their team post escaping Mines of Mictlan.
  • Fixed Max not copying the player’s hairstyle in the cinematic that plays right after entering Quetzal. So NOW they want to be original huh.
  • Fixed Aina turning her back at the players at the end of her battle intro. Rude, Aina.
  • 👥Fixed not being able to access the Arbury’s Tuwai Shrine if a Coop partner teleported directly to this point for the first time after finishing the story.
  • Fixed not seeing the Temtem of your Co-op partner leveling up if the Player had a max level Temtem in the battlefield.
  • Fixed other players not moving correctly after getting trapped at any of the Omninesian Dojos.
  • 👥Fixed not seeing Players moving if they sit and get up on a sitting place that the Player hadn’t loaded yet.
  • Fixed not seeing Players after leaving and entering a house in Atoll Row if they have used the teleport to Atoll Row.
  • Fixed seeing the surfboard’s dismount animation playing in the wrong position in some spots of the world.
  • Fixed seeing a desync between the Surfboard and a Player when the Player that is seeing this issue loaded the Player desynced in their game.
  • Fixed character and surfboard desyncing when entering a building while using the surfboard and wearing a set of cosmetics.
  • Fixed seeing Players climbing or using the hook with the idle animation if they used a wall or a hook platform that wasn’t loaded in the game of the Player that is seeing them.
  • Fixed seeing a Player with no hook animation when leaving a building in a specific moment.
  • Fixed not seeing the character animation while using the Matter-Transfer Drone.
  • Fixed some issues with loading/unloading of other players. In case you couldn’t tell by the million fixes regarding this 🙂
  • 👥Fixed being able to surf in Tucma without the toxic surfboard.
  • Fixed being able to register new Temtem while climbing.
  • Fixed being able to step on a set of stairs while on the surfboard on a certain spot at Properton.
  • Fixed already picked items appearing again in the world until the Player moved if they had opened the game after deleting their save data file.
  • 👥Fixed a shop stand disappearing at the Greenglen Forest’s Mini Temporium when a Player opened and closed the Map.
  • Fixed seeing only one NPC in the battlezone when battling against Helpless/Clueless Guard.
  • Fixed the Inspect button appearing highlighted when opening the Interact menu of a player.
  • 👥Fixed not being able to input a Lair ID using a controller.
  • Fixed not being able to use the “leave Coop Party” option with a controller while waiting for the partner.
  • Fixed losing control of the game when kicking someone from your club with a keyboard or gamepad.
  • Fixed not being to navigate through the Tempedia with a gamepad or keyboard when sorting.
  • Fixed not being able to navigate the Trade UI with a controller or keyboard if a Player was hovering over an item that got removed while doing it.
  • Fixed pressing back with a gamepad on contextual menus in the bag was closing the entire bag menu.
  • Fixed not being able to use the keyboard or gamepad to scroll in the Club Activity Log menu.
  • Fixed not being able to pick a dialogue option while in coop using a gamepad or the keyboard.
  • Fixed big numbers not being shown properly in some UIs.
  • Fixed not seeing the empty slots on the Customization Menu if there were enough cosmetics to have to scroll.
  • Fixed the hook spot at Ulterior Omninesia not being easily triggered with mouse movement.
  • Fixed housing edit cursor staying as the default cursor when exiting the House Edit menu.
  • 👥Fixed a barrel with no collision in a house of Lochburg.
  • Fixed the camera not positioning itself properly after a Temtem was swapped after using Sanative Rain.
  • Fixed the camera shaking while standing on a moving platform at the Omninesian Dojos.
  • 👥Fixed camera zooming in a Temtem if it was swapped automatically after a Temtem fainted due to the effects of Dreaded Alarm.
  • Fixed Quest Markers on elevators not being shown in the minimap.
  • Fixed NPCs in the entrance of the sewers cinematic disappearing in a single frame during the transition to the sewers.
  • Fixed character’s preview on the Customization Hub disappearing if a Player stopped hovering over a cosmetic while going back to the Hub.
  • 👥Fixed Soil Steam’s VFX not working.
  • Fixed Helicopter Kick’s VFX issues while playing in low quality.
  • Fixed Soul Shout’s VFX playing when self-casting this technique, instead of playing the generic animation for self-hits.
  • Fixed music not stopping when accesing and skipping the Credits from the Main Menu.
  • Fixed haptic feedback still having sound even with the haptic feedback option unchecked and every sound option turned to 0.
  • Fixed Laundry’s Synergy not having a description.
  • 👥Fixed Swarm Aid’s description not mentioning it heals the ally too.
  • Fixed Welcomer’s description not being updated after the reduction of the Evading turns.
  • Fixed Blue Screen’s description not having the Cold icon.
  • 👥Fixed Rampage being shown with the TC icon in Hedgine’s Details.
  • Fixed Braeside Castle’s NPCs in armor having the name “Trainer” in battle.
  • 👥Fixed a spot on Minttle’s texture.
  • 👥Fixed multiple spots on Mitty’s texture.
  • 👥Fixed Barnshe, Reval, Aohi, Broccoblin and Broccoroc’s portraits not being updated.
  • Fixed the keyboard button that appears when receiving a notification not being the correct one.
  • Fixed a duplicated Percival’s dialogue during the “Find Aina” side quest.
  • 👥Fixed a mistake on the dialogue with Shuni at the Crema Office.
  • Fixed an error in the description of the Mango Smoothie.
  • Fixed a typo in Spanish during the cinematic after beating Percival.
  • Fixed Ruairidh’s dialogue not showing a reference to a character properly in several languages.
  • Fixed chat tabs not being in the right language if this setting was changed in the Lobby.
  • Fixed several references to items, characters and locations being shown in English for every language.
  • Fixed Briçal del Mar’s sign having a text mentioning Kisiwa in English.
  • Fixed dialogue in the Prison cinematic not being translated.
  • 👥Fixed Doppleganger Brooch’s sign not being translated during battle.
  • 👥Fixed Vitamin Complex’s sign during combat not being translated.
  • Fixed Lure and Bait having the same name in Spanish, French and German.
  • Fixed “Flask is empty” message not being translated to Chinese.
  • Fixed Toxic Plume Synergy’s description in Spanish mentioning it doesn’t use Stamina.


  • We’ve changed the Japanese font for improved legibility.


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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  • Interact with users interested in the games advertised on the website, based on the legitimate interest of the Responsible party, art. 6.1.f GDPR.
  • Enable you to join the gaming community, such as TEMTEM by linking your request to Discord Inc, a service provider or other providers, which are governed by their own terms and conditions and privacy policies, based on the consent of the data subject, 6.1.a) GDPR.
  • Manage your application and enable your participation in the selection processes that fit your professional profile in case you send us your CV data through the form accessed via a link, for those who wish to join the Crema team or apply for a published vacancy, based on the consent of the data subject, 6.1.a GDPR.
How long will we store personal data? In general, we inform users that their data will be kept for no longer than necessary to maintain the purpose of processing or if there are legal requirements that mandate their custody. When they are no longer necessary for this purpose, they will be deleted with appropriate security measures to ensure the anonymization of the data or their total destruction. In particular, the processing of data relating to your profile as a candidate will be kept for a period of two years, unless you revoke your consent. To whom do we provide processed personal data? Currently, no communication of personal data to third parties is foreseen, except if it is necessary for the development and execution of the purposes of the processing and as a consequence of the contractual relationship we have with our service providers, mainly related to communications, with whom the Responsible party has signed confidentiality and processing manager contracts required by the privacy regulations in force. What are the rights of data subjects? The User's rights are as follows:
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time.
  • Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data, and limitation or opposition to its processing.
  • The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority ( if you believe that the processing does not comply with the regulations in force.
Contact information to exercise your rights: Crema Games, S.L. Physical address: Calle de Ulises, 108, 1C, 28043 Madrid. E-mail: SECURITY MEASURES In accordance with the provisions of current legislation on personal data protection, the Responsible party is complying with the provisions of the GDPR and LOPDGDD for the processing of personal data under its responsibility, and manifestly with the principles described in Article 5 of the GDPR, therefore the personal data collected are processed lawfully, fairly and transparently in relation to the data subject and are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected. However, the user owning the data is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of their data. The Responsible party guarantees that it has implemented policies and protocols for action and data processing to apply security measures and comply with the requirements established by the GDPR and the LOPDGDD, in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, as appropriate, to protect the rights and liberties of Users, who through this policy receive information to exercise their rights. For more information about privacy guarantees, you can contact the Responsible party at Crema Games, S.L. Calle de Ulises, 108, 1C, 28043 Madrid. E-mail:   Last published March 6, 2022
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