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Patch 0.8.3

Patch 0.8.3

These patch notes contain references to quests and events that take place during the last part of the main story quest. Some might be spoilers if you haven’t completed it yet. We recommend finishing the MSQ before reading patch notes!


  • Dojo Rematches have been revisited, tweaked and re-adjusted to include the new changes described below. We’ve also fixed some bugs in the rematches.
  • The final battle of the Main Story quest has been tweaked to be a tad more difficult. While we want it to be achievable, of course, we also don’t want it to feel too easy.
  • We’ve added some explanation and insight into some of the most requested/awaited/delicate balance changes made in this patch. They are in cursive following the change, hope you find them interesting and they add clarity!


  • #004 – Chromeon (Fire)
    • Fiery Heist has been added to its move pool.
  • #026 – Wiplump
    • Water Cannon has been added to its move pool.
  • #036 – Nidrasil
    • Purgation has been removed from its move pool.
  • #038 – Capyre
    • Base Jump has been added to its move pool.
  • #041 – Zenoreth
    • Charcoal Wall has been added to its move pool.
    • SPDEF increased 69 ⇒ 73.
  • #048 – Kaku
    • ATK increased 35 ⇒ 60.
    • SPATK reduced 60 ⇒ 35.
    • Kaku and Saku are receiving a total revamp as Physical attackers! Read below for more.
  • #049 – Saku
    • ATK increased 40 ⇒ 66.
    • SPATK reduced 66 ⇒ 40.
    • STA increased 66 ⇒ 68.
    • Tornado has been removed from its move pool.
    • Resin Trap has been removed from its move pool.
    • Wind Burst has been removed from its move pool.
    • Humiliating Slap has been added to its move pool.
    • Turbine has been added to its move pool.
    • Frond Whip has been added to its move pool.
    • Debris Typhoon has been added to its move pool.
    • Kaku and Saku are receiving a total revamp as Physical attackers! Loali and Saku were kind of stepping on each other’s toes in terms of identity, with both being SPATK attackers, Wind/Nature tems. This change intends on separating them. With the original changes we had in mind, Saku’s techs were becoming more costly, and the ratio STA/Tech in its move pool had turned those changes into a nerf (which wasn’t the intention), so we upped its STA and the DMG of some of its new Techniques as our community had suggested.
  • #050 – Valash
    • Unseen Blow has been removed from its move pool.
    • Rampage has been added to its move pool.
    • Valash has always been on the stronger side, but a new set of tools added with Arbury pushed it past the edge of what was manageable. We felt that removing the Technique altogether was the best course of action, because even if UB has gotten some adjustments, it would still result in a power spike for Valash. We’ve pitched Rampage in to ease the gap between levels and Techniques learned at said levels.
  • #059 – Raican
    • SPD increased 60 ⇒ 67.
  • #061 – Piraniant
    • HP increased from 80 ⇒ 90.
    • Rush has been added to its move pool.
  • #063 – Scaravolt
    • Fiery Soul has been removed from its move pool.
    • Meteor Swarm has been added to its move pool.
  • #068 – Osukai
    • Earthbreaker has been added to its move pool.
  • #069 – Saipat
    • DEF increased 50 ⇒ 55.
    • SPDEF increased 45 ⇒ 50.
  • #077 – Shaolant
    • Jinxed Whisper has been removed from its move pool.
    • Lullaby has been added to its move pool.
    • With a strong toolkit and trait, Shaolant has caused quite a splash in the competitive scene, and Jinxed Whisper paired with Welcomer was a big part of it. Although Jinxed Whisper is receiving other changes, we still felt it was too powerful on Shaolant; Lullaby will still allow it to apply Sleep, but in a much more controlled, less spammy way.
  • #078 – Cycrox
    • Harmful Microwaves has been added to its move pool.
  • #099 – Momo
    • Unseen Blow has been removed from its move pool.
    • Jaw Strike has been added to its move pool.
    • Identity-wise, we consider Momo a Temtem that really gains traction from turn 2 onwards, so Unseen Blow wasn’t all that fitting, and it quickly became evident that it was also way too strong on Momo. With Knockback and Undermine, Momo will continue having a kit focused on its unique playstyle focused on unleashing hell from turn 2, while retaining its previous drawbacks, as Jaw Strike, while it’s a turn 1 Tech, it’s not as powerful as Unseen Blow was.
  • #115 – Oceara
    • Sharp Rain has been added to its move pool.
  • #116 – Yowlar
    • HP reduced 89 ⇒ 84.
  • #124 – Valiar
    • Rush has been added to its move pool.
  • #136 – Tutsu
    • Haito Uchi has been added to its move pool.
  • #137 – Kinu
    • Purgation has been removed from its move pool.
  • #147 – Mawtle
    • Fiery Heist has been added to its move pool.
  • #148 – Mawmense
    • Plasma Beam has been added to its move pool.
  • #153 – Maoala
    • Purgation has been removed from its move pool.
    • Purgation had too much distribution last patch, so you get the idea. Maoala was probably the most offending Temtem with Purgation.
  • #162 – Anatan
    • SPD increased 32 ⇒ 43.
    • This was a lil’ mistake, an oopsie if you will. Our intention was to up Anatan’s Stamina instead, by 11 points. We’ll correct this in the next patch, apologies for the inconveniences and enjoy your fast Anatan.


  • Charcoal Wall
    • STA cost reduced 20 ⇒ 18.
    • Hold turns increased 0 ⇒ 1.
  • Unseen Blow
    • STA cost reduced 31 ⇒ 26.
    • Damage reduced 130 ⇒ 110.
    • Even after removing it from Momo and Valash, UB’s damage was too high for a 0-hold Technique.
  • Knockback
    • Recoil damage is now 30% of the damage deal with this Technique.
    • The 20% of total HP cost was too weak before. Risk/reward in this Technique before was very pointed towards reward; this new effect will hopefully be a more tangible drawback for such a hard hitting move, thus making it a more fair Tech.
  • Reset
    • Priority reduced from Ultra to Very High.
    • Reset as it was was too oppressive for any sort of setup strategy. Now you can actually switch out of Reset.
  • Crystal Deluge (Synergy)
    • Sleep turns reduced 3 ⇒ 2.
    • It will now apply the Asleep status first, instead of the Isolated.
    • This is another attempt at trimming the prevalence of sleep in this meta; it’ll be faster to push the Asleep status now.
  • Extra Energy Slam
    • Damage increased by 12%.
  • Head Ram
    • STA cost reduced 20 ⇒ 12.
  • Hyperkinetic Strike
    • Damage increased by 10%.
  • Quartz Dirt
    • Damage increased 60 ⇒ 70.
  • Quartz Dirt (Synergy)
    • Damage increased 70 ⇒ 80.
  • Blackhole
    • Hold turns reduced 2 ⇒ 1.
  • Blackhole (Synergy)
    • Hold turns reduced 2 ⇒ 1.
    • Priority increased from Low to Normal.
  • Debris Typhoon
    • Damage increased 60 ⇒ 73.
  • Debris Typhoon (Synergy)
    • Damage increased 90 ⇒ 103.
  • Base Jump
    • STA cost increased 16 ⇒ 22.
  • Jinxed Whisper
    • Priority reduced from High to Normal.
    • Sleep strategies were very strong in this meta, partially because of this Technique, which turned out as too oppressive. While it has also been removed from Shaolant, which was its main beneficiary due to the Welcomer+Jinxed Whisper combo, and won’t be able to be used as it was with the Bait, we wanted to lower its priority to make sure this Tech is in accordance with the rest of Techs that apply the Asleep status condition.
  • Wrenching Massage
    • STA cost reduced 33 ⇒ 27.
  • Wrenching Massage (Synergy)
    • STA cost reduced 33 ⇒ 27.
    • Exhausted turns increased 1 ⇒ 2.


  • Specgulp
    • It now restores 128% of the holder’s max HP whenever they are attacked by a Special Technique.
  • Physgulp
    • It now restores 128% of the holder’s max HP whenever they are attacked by a Physical Technique.
    • Battlefields have been torn apart with the bulky mammoth since Arbury came out. Given that it can wall one of the hardest hitting techniques in a very hostile meta, chances are it’d be almost too strong once those options were nerfed. Heals were overcoming damage inflicted, and with these changes, while Magmut will still be bulky, it will now give its opponents a fair chance at dealing any damage to it.
  • Welcomer
    • Evasion turns reduced from 2 ⇒ 1.
    • This trait is strong in itself, and we didn’t want to completely obliterate Shaolant by taking too much away from it. We’ll be keeping an eye on this with the context of the rest of Shaolant and Gear changes to see if it’s an issue we need to tackle more deeply in the future.
  • Hypnotist
    • It now also applies the Asleep status condition to the ally on the battlefield.
    • Hypnotist was an extremely powerful trait with no drawback, and could lead to free turn to doubly prepare for any team that had it.
  • Tag Team
    • Damage reduction has been increased from 10 ⇒ 15.
  • Last Rush
    • Increased damage with techniques has been increased from 30% 40%.
  • Patient
    • STA restoration has been increased from 10 ⇒ 15.
  • Resilient
    • The amount of SPD Stages it adds has been increased from 1 ⇒ 2.



  • Slingshot
    • It now applies +1 SPD when a Technique whose base damage ranges from 1 to 55 is used. This does not include fixed damage Techniques.
    • This is a total rework to one of the most powerful gears that have been added to the game. Both the 1/4th of damage and the % damage triggers were causing issues and bugs, so we’ve opted for a new trigger that was aligned with the original intention for this gear, which is to proc with low damage. We’ve also nipped the DEF and SPDEF buffs in hopes that these pruned effects will lead to a gear that’s less OP and can be used interestingly but less oppressively.
  • Bait
    • Once per battle, if the holder is attacked it will become Invigorated and Immune for 3 turns.
    • Again, another total rework that can arguably turn it into a totally new gear. It will no longer redirect attacks, but still triggers off an offensive hit. We’re aware that attack-redirecting Gears aren’t super popular among the community, so this is a first step towards having less of those.
  • Tent
    • Tent will now only proc if the Temtem is Overexerted at the beginning of the turn. It will now increased DEF and SPDEF values x3, instead of its previous 60% damage reduction.
    • Please be aware that the current in-game description is wrong, as this was a last minute change and we couldn’t change it today. We will correct it in the future, apologies for the inconveniences.
    • We were forced to reevaluate this Gear last minute due to an overpowered interaction that had previously gone unnoticed because of surrounding issues. This change does make Tent a bit different, but it still preserves the same core of taking less damage when OX’ed. If multiplying the values x3 is too much, there will be time to tweak that, so please do share any findings you might come across.

  • 👥Fixed getting stuck out of bounds when sliding in a specific way using the mouse movement at The Flywalk.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock after skipping the dialogue with Mavuto at the Uhuru’s library.
  • Fixed getting stuck after skipping the dialogue that Tokatl has after being defeated. This is what you get for skipping dialogue.
  • Fixed getting stuck if a Player had an wild encounter in a very specific zone at the Braeside Castle after freeing Nalla.
  • Fixed invisible Surfboards.
  • Fixed seeing some Temtem and characters T-Posing.
  • 👥Fixed Nalla being in her cell even after saving her.
  • 👥Fixed being able to enter Onsenshima in Co-op before the Quest asked you to.
  • Fixed the lightning in the Koish displayed on the sign. It should now better match the Koish you encounter in battle.
  • 👥Fixed Chromeon and Koish not being taken into account for the Rainbow Squad Kudo.
  • 👥Fixed some Temtem not counting towards the Blin Blin Kudo.
  • 👥Fixed overworld Temtem not moving after the credits.
  • 👥Fixed Tihani having the icon for the Rebuilding Bridges quest activated before it was available.
  • 👥Fixed not being able to sell the cosmetics acquired at the Arbury Boutique.
  • Fixed not being able to fish in some parts of Greenglen Forest and Meadowdale.
  • 👥Fixed Venx showing the wrong TV yield in the Tempedia.
  • 👥Fixed HP/STA UI not being shown properly after the game suffered a hiccup when executing a turn in battle.
  • 👥Fixed VFX not being shown and some effects not being applied with different combinations of traits that activate when the rival Temtem leaves the battlefield.
  • Fixed getting an empty experience screen after finishing a battle with a team full of Temtem at lvl 100.
  • 👥Fixed being able to press the Evolution button twice in the Details of a Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed that Lair’s Volgon with the trait Resistant were losing 2 HP bars instead of 1 when one of its lives was removed due to the effects of the trait Toxic Farewell.
  • 👥Fixed the wrong Temtem getting a Status Condition if it was applied while one tem of the prior team had full HP and the Regenerating Status Condition.
  • Fixed Inhibitor being activated with non-offensive techniques.
  • 👥Fixed Tireless not being activated by Overexertion of any kind.
  • 👥Fixed Heavy Armor not applying the SPD multiplier the first turn after the holder replaced a fainted Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed Fat Burner, Rested and Plethoric not applying their effects the turn after replacing a fainted Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed Sanative Rain removing the Evading Condition
  • Fixed Adrenaline Shot not working when a Temtem overexerted by the effects of a technique.
  • 👥Fixed an issue that was not saving the techniques available for battle properly.
  • 👥Fixed Swarm Enemy not showing the correct HP on our team if the technique was used by the enemy.
  • Fixed Nullified being applied twice visually if there was an extra Status Condition applied at the same time.
  • 👥Fixed HP/STA UI not being shown properly after the game “had an hiccup” when executing a turn in battle.
  • 👥Fixed Bunbun at Mictlan Mines using Stone Ball when it’s a tech not available for this Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed Toxic Chromeon in Lairs having Digithreat as one of their moves.
  • 👥Fixed Temtem in the Rematch battles missing some Stats and Gears.
  • 👥Fixed Sophia’s Garyo having Stone Ball in Dojo Rematches.
  • Fixed Elderly Pilgrim’s Wind Chromeon having Water Cannon available in their battle at the Sacred Lake.
  • Fixed an error when rapidly un-hovering over a Temtem  in the Tempedia.
  • Fixed the first friendly PvP match a Player gets would get cancelled due to the Notification Tutorial popping up over it.
  • Fixed that Tutorials in battle were appearing twice if they procced after defeating an enemy Temtem from a rival who had more Temtem in their bench.
  • Fixed that nearby characters’ portraits were not being shown after Inspecting a Tamer.
  • Fixed a missing grass spot at Kupeleleza.
  • 👥Fixed some buildings with multiple floors not showing the map for some of those floors properly.
  • 👥Fixed some dialogue options in the conversation with Max after the Properton Tournament.
  • Fixed Victory/Defeat signs not being shown properly at the end of a PvP match.
  • Fixed Gust Synergy’s description referencing a Wind Type needed to be activated instead of an Electric Type.
  • Fixed Wrenching Massage Synergy’s description referencing a Melee type needed to be activated instead of an Electric Type.
  • 👥Fixed Ruminant’s description; it said it worked when the Temtem was attacked with a Nature tech and in reality it works when the Temtem attacked was Nature.
  • 👥Fixed Divine Inspiration’s description to make it clear that it only heals the tems currently in battle.
  • 👥Fixed Redirection Device’s description not specifying it only works with offensive techniques.
  • 👥Fixed Charcoal Wall’s description indicating a +1 SPDEF instead of a +2 SPDEF in French and Spanish.
  • Fixed Cozy Net’s description not showing the Sleep icon in English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.
  • 👥Fixed Intros for important Tamers that are not inside a building not having the right lighting when playing in Low settings.
  • 👥Fixed Immunity DNA Strand not having an icon in 4K.
  • Fixed Streamer icons not having a background when their icon background was dark.
  • 👥Fixed Last-Ditch Belsoto not having the Belsoto theme in their battle at Greenglen Forest


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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