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Patch owo

Patch owo

  • 👥Twemtwem is now a datim simuwatow game.
    • Date the Onsen Mascot (or perish).
    • You still hav to battwe Twemtwem b-because it entewtains the Onsen Mascot.
    • You might awlso date the Phiwosopher (but onwy after Onsen Mascot!!!)
  • Airborne Archipelago is now UwUbowne Awchipewago.
  • UwU wanguage is t-the onwy officiawwy recognized tongue in the Awchipewago xD
  • Howtfixes hab been wemoved and suwubstitued by UwUfyiers, which waise the cuteness stat!!1
  • 👥Pwayews awe now


  • Wuma odds h-have been adjusted to 4.1/69420.
  • Sundwess and sneakers is now the onwy avaiwable woot in all woot poows, and the new officiaw u-unifowm of the UwUborne Archipelago.
  • 👥 We have wemoved the Cwystaw Skates again, because they wewen’t even that impawtant <(_ _)>
  • Ex-CEOs Owee, Tatewu and Kikiwwo awe now mewe peasants undew t-the wule of the Onsen Mascot uwu
  • Aaaaall Lair Temtem hab been weplaced by MolgUwU
  • FweeTem is now stwicty a chawity and will no wonger gwant wewards.
  • Cwub flags updated with more uwu designs! Just in twime for Dwojo Wars! (。・ω・。)


  • Mawximum SPD of Temtem has now been capped at 3, so they can all be Deceit Aura weady.
  • Deceit Aura now lwasts fowewurrrrrr n_n
  • We’ve wetuwned Swingshot to its owiginaw vewsion, we hope u wike it a wot ^·^
  • Pwotectow and Haka now procc with ewewy swap uwu
  • Alerted has been wemoved!! bYE!! ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*
  • MOwOlguwu has been buffed MASSIVEWY.
    • Base Stats awe 100 for evewy stat
    • Max SVs awe 500 >:)
    • Max TVs awe 5000!
  • 👥 New geaw: Kaku Gordito
    • When a Temtem with this geaw equipped joins a battle, opposing Temtem are no wonger abwe to pewfowm offensive attacks due to the cute nature of Kaku Gordito.


  • Fixed aww diawogues in the game to wepwesent the new owdew. (^人^)
  • 👥 Fixed Temtem not T-posing aww the twime.
  • 👥 Fixed a fwying Shuine that was missing fwom Tuwucma.


  • 👥 CUwU1 when
  • 👥 Bigu racing when (*/ω\*)


Fixes, featuwes, and impwovemewnts mawked with the 👥 icon awe owiginawy suggested, inspiwed by, or weported by ouw commuwnity in our Fowums.


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