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Golden Week: the Golden Recap

Golden Week: the Golden Recap

Hello, Tamers! In case you’ve missed it, we spent the entirety of last week spoiling content and surprises that are coming to the game on version 1.0, on September 6th, or soon after. While this is pretty out of character for us, who like to only reveal stuff when it’s set and done, we believe the 1.0 is important enough that we had to give you a peek into it beforehand.

This is the bullet-point, patch-note-style recap of the whole week, for those of you who might want all the info in one place, but we still recommend you read the whole posts! There are a lot of details, info and insight that are useful to understand the bigger picture, and it’s much more enjoyable.

However, keep in mind that things are still subject to change, and iteration might happen from now up until 1.0. What you’re about to read might change before it reaches you, or might take longer than expected. Do keep this as an illustrative and generic look into what’s coming with 1.0 and close to it.


Day 1: Campaign progression and Luma changes

  • Revisited every area of the game and reduced mandatory NPC battles on a 20%. They will still be battle-able if you want to.
  • Tweaked experience curve to compensate for it.
  • Reduced by 50% the cut that over-leveled Tems had on their experience gain.
  • Added a new experience bonus for players who play in Co-op. Tems outside of the squad will now get a portion of experience as if they’d joined a battle.
  • Increased by 50% the amount of experience that Tems on the Tuwai Shrines give. With this and the other changes mentioned above, these tems should now be giving 80% more experience than before.
  • Reduced amount of compulsory dialogue in NPCs. The dialogue will be there after battling them, in case you’re a dialogue enjoyer like me.
  • Increased the base rate for Lumas from 1/10.000 to 1/7.500.
  • Increased the stat distribution for Lumas, upping them from a minimum of 20 SVs to 25 SVs per stat.
  • Radars will now always find unevolved forms.
  • Every species of Temtem will now have the same spawn rate (100%) while using the radar.
  • Radars will no longer have expiration dates.
  • Reduced the number of encounters per radar from 400 to 300, effectively removing the first 100 encounters so you won’t need that many encounters before getting a Luma bonus. From now on, every encounter of a Radar will have a bonus of some sort.
  • With this reduction, you will now be able to break the radar from the first encounter.
  • Last, since radars will be purchasable, we’re removing them from the Dojo Leaders loot and including Feathers in their place.
  • Added a new item, Soulbinder.
    • It will “bind” a Temtem to its current owner, removing the ability to trade them anymore but allowing Telomere Hotfixes to be used on them.


Day 2: Competitive Scene approach and changes

(These changes are expected to come a short while after 1.0 launch, during what we call the “launch window”)

  • We’ll be adding Temtem Showdown.
    • It’s an in-game battle “simulator” that allows you to participate in ranked battles without actually working towards building the teams.
    • It allows players to access the competitive ladder instantly and gives them more tools to freely explore and test new teams, builds or strategies.
    • Showdown will be included as part of the game and its usability will be fused with the ranked competitive ladder.
    • These Showdown squads will only be available for ranked and friendly competitive matches — you won’t be able to use them for other game content (Dojo rematches, in-game tournaments, Dojo Wars, etc).
    • You will still be able to participate in Ladder with your “regular” squad. You won’t be able to mix Showdown Tems with regular Tems in one team.
  • The ranked format will be divided into seasons. These seasons will impact how ranked matches are played. Balance patches will arrive at the start of each season and the goal is to maintain the meta untouched during an ongoing season.
  • We plan on hiding the TMR in-game. The TMR will still be visible while using the API, so the most dedicated users will still be able to check it using third-party tools.
  • We want to make some tweaks to the TMR formula.
    • One of the things we want to do is tweak the amount of TMR lost against a lower TMR player.
    • We also plan to increase the TMR gains so the difference between a good player and a regular one is higher.
  • We’re also considering adding TMR decay, although we don’t know if it is going to be needed with the season format. At the end of the season, everyone will have their TMR reset to a new, lower value (which will depend a bit on their previous TMR).
  • We’re adding ranks and sub-ranks in order to “replace” the no-longer-visible TMR. These ranks will be distributed based on percentile population at the start of each season, so we will always try to keep the same distribution no matter how many players are playing.
  • We’re also going to add a “Legend” rank which only the top percentile (1%) of players will reach. This rank will have an internal ladder in which you will see your relative place amongst other Legend players.
  • We’re adding Feathers as a reward for ranked wins, along with the current rewards for Pansuns. Pansun rewards will increase with the increase of the maximum possible TMR rank. These rewards will now be based on your TMR, instead of your opponent’s TMR.
  • We’re adding seasonal rewards. At the end of the season, and depending on your performance during it, you will get some exclusive cosmetic rewards.
  • We’re also adding two daily and two weekly competitive quests.
  • We plan on creating a dedicated balance team. With the 1.0 release we want to be able to have more robust balance changes.
    • We’re also including some key community members as “helpers” so the balance team has extra input on delicate changes.
  • We’d like to create and organize our own Tournaments.
    • For this purpose we’ve hired a dedicated community member as our Esports Manager – someone who has run several tournaments and has a good understanding of the Temtem competitive scene.
    • We’re going to allocate a budget in order to incentivize the tournaments with cash prizes, and we are entertaining the possibility of doing on-site tournaments (in Spain for now).
  • We want to add a TV blender that will ease the process of giving enhancer fruits to Tems by letting you choose a handful of them and previewing the result. This might happen a little after the launch window.
  • We want to include a place for training Tems passively, like the Breeding Center but for training. This will be added to the game in an indefinite point in the future.


Day 3: Novas, the Premium Shop and Tamer Pass

  • As we’ve talked about multiple times in the past, Temtem is going to feature a season pass and a premium cosmetic store. These are planned to launch during the launch window.
  • There is no p2w in Temtem. Every item that can be obtained from the Tamer Pass or the Premium Store is purely cosmetic. None of the items will allow you to level up faster, train your Tems better, or give you any gameplay advantage.
  • All items purchased with Novas and all Premium items are non-tradeable.
  • The Premium, paid currency in Temtem is called Novas:
    • The main way of obtaining them will be purchasing them via in-app purchases.
    • You will also be able to obtain some Novas for free just by playing the game.
    • Novas don’t expire.
  • Novas will allow you to purchase the Tamer Pass, our take on a Battle Pass.
    • The Tamer Pass is related to Seasons and will change with it.
    • It will feature two tracks of rewards: the free one, available for all players, and the Premium one, purchasable with Novas.
    • There are 60 levels of rewards, with ~80 different rewards (~60 in the premium one and ~20 in the free one). None of these rewards are tradeable.
    • Almost anything you can do in Temtem will grant your Tamer Pass experience.
    • For the most dedicated Tamers, 4 new free Weekly Quests and another 4 new Premium Weekly Quests will be added, and grant a good chunk of Tamer Pass experience.
    • Completing the Premium track of the Tamer Pass will grant you enough Novas to purchase the next season’s pass without any additional cost.
    • The free track will also feature some Novas as rewards.
  • The Premium Store will feature cosmetic items that will rotate daily or weekly.
    • You’ll be able to purchase some items using Novas, while other items will be available with Feathers.
    • There will be featured items, a curated weekly list of three items that will usually match the season theme. They’ll be purchasable with Novas and available only for a week. They’ll be included in the regular items pool after a while.
    • The regular items pool will have four of them randomly selected each day available for purchase. They are different for each user. One of these items will always be purchasable with Feathers.
  • There will be new cosmetic items never seen before, like Temcard Seals, Battle Outro Animations and Sprays.


Day 4: Tamer’s Paradise and Feathers

  • Tamer’s Paradise is the last island in the Archipelago: Tamer’s Paradise (also previously referred to as the endgame island). It’s a man-made island holding new activities and a whole new economy with more reliable rewards.
  • You’ll be able to enter Tamer’s Paradise from a new quest you’ll start after the credits roll. If you’ve already seen the credits, the quest will be there automatically for you.
  • The resort will feature six “weekly” new activities represented by six facilities (names still a prototype):
    • Archtamers: You’ll be able to rematch all 4 Archtamers weekly after completing their side quest. You’ll need to defeat all four of them consecutively, all while using the same competitive team. Your team will be healed in between matches, but you won’t be able to change any Tems or gears.
    • Draft: You’ll need to create a new four-Tem squad from scratch and constantly adapt it! You’ll be presented with 4 Tem choices and 4 gear choices, then another 4 and 4, and so on until you have a geared squad of 4 Tems. You’ll battle AI rivals, and each time you defeat a rival you’ll keep one of their Tems and replace them with one of yours. A new, stronger rival will then appear.
    • Tower:  Similar to the Draft activity, but you’ll be able to carry on with your own Tems, with a few exceptions. The Tower will feature a list of banned Tems which you won’t be able to use. This list will be changing on a run/weekly basis so you’ll need to constantly adapt. After your team is formed you’ll have to defeat an endless array of increasingly difficult rivals.
    • Wild: Infinite-increasing-difficulty-destroy-everything-you-can activity, but this time featuring untamed Tems that will swarm you. You will be able to enter with your squad, but you’ll only be able to use a certain amount of items in the activity. You’ll also have bonuses applied and these will change weekly.
    • Roguelite: Explore an ever-changing dungeon that will be randomly generated each time you enter. Start from scratch by getting a starter Temtem and explore the dungeon, getting new Tems and items as you progress.
    • Lair: A new activity related to the current Lairs, this activity will require playing cooperatively between just two players. You start by choosing a “target” Temtem species, and completing the Lair will grant you an egg from that species. You will be able to tweak several difficulty modifiers. All of these modifiers will change the prize egg, increasing its SVs, egg moves, and even Luma odds.
  • The Archtamers activity will be a regular weekly-based activity like Dojo Rematches.
  • For the other five, each activity will require a token you’ll need to spend to access it. Every user will get 5 tokens freely each week (one for each activity, you can’t use all 5 Tokens on one single activity).
  • Tokens will be up for purchase using Pansuns for those who are super dedicated. Tokens purchased with Pansuns can be used in any of the five activities.
  • Activities’ rewards are balanced towards only running them once per week, so that should be enough for most users, but there is no cap.
  • The currency in the Tamer’s Paradise is called Feathers:
    • Almost every activity, both new and old, will grant Feathers. All current activities in the game have had Feathers added as part of their reward pools.
    • Tamer’s Paradise activities will grant more Feathers than the rest, but also depending on your performance.
  • Tamer’s Paradise will hold a Shopping Center with new cosmetics, furniture, and useful items where you will only be able to pay using Feathers.
  • Some of the goodies this Shopping Center include are previously unattainable cosmetics and new housing items, and some really useful items:
    • Radars: You will be able to choose and purchase the radar you want. The species’ appearance rate will impact the price of the radar, making the rarer Tems more expensive. We’re also reinstating the rarer radars (5% and 10% Tems).
    • Telomere Hotfixes: You will be able to purchase the hotfix(es) you need using Feathers.
    • Telomere Hacks and Bugs: You will also be able to purchase Telomere Hacks, and a new kind, Telomere Bugs, that subtract one SV from the stat of your choice.
    • Essences: There are a new tier in TV training, and will add 100 TVs to the stat of your choice.
    • Learning Aid+: New, improved version of the Learning Aid. It will give x3 the experience and last for 60 minutes.
    • Soulbinders: The mysterious new item that allows you to soulbind a Temtem to you, thus making them untradeable but allowing you to apply Telomere Hotfixes to them even if you’re not the OT.


Day 5: Economy, Kudo rewards and the last Breeder route

  • We’re drastically reducing the price of cosmetic and housing items you can get in the regular Boutiques and Furniture Stores around the Archipelago. We strongly recommend reading the post to understand why, and why now.
  • We’re also introducing more cosmetics and housing items as part of the current loot pools.
  • We’re changing FreeTem! and cutting by half the time that is needed to receive item rewards. We’re turning the FreeTem! cap into ~200, placing the highest rewards there, and adjusting the rest accordingly. We are now adding Feathers as a reward for releases.
  • We’re adding the rewards for completing Kudos. Most of the Kudos will grant Feathers, while others will grant other more exclusive rewards like new cosmetics, housing items, or titles.
  • The latest Breeder route, courtesy of Tutorxic who also helped design the Pupoise line, will be added in 1.0:
    • Its name is Sea-Queen aquarium, and it’ll be located in Deniz. It will be a path surrounded by aquariums, with all Water-type Temtem living inside.
    • All NPC battles will be optional, and you’ll be able to fish in the glass tanks, thus creating a unique wild area in the game.


That’s it for the recap today! Here’s your reminder that Temtem is fully launching on September 6th, and that we hope to see you all there!


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