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Golden Week of 1.0 spoilers, day IV: Tamer’s Paradise and Feathers

Golden Week of 1.0 spoilers, day IV: Tamer’s Paradise and Feathers

Hello, Tamers! Welcome to the fourth day of our Golden Week, a golden celebration of 1.0 content and improvement. As the week ends, we’re ready to bring out the big guns: today we’ll be talking about the very rumored, very expected neuralgic center of endgame activities, Tamer’s Paradise, as well as Feathers. This content is planned to arrive right with 1.0 launch, and today, for a change, I have no disclaimer to make.

Let’s dig in!

Welcome to Tamer’s Paradise

Been spendin’ most their lives livin’ in the Tamer’s Paradise… In the 1.0 patch, we’re introducing the last island in the Archipelago: Tamer’s Paradise (also previously referred to as the endgame island). This man-made resort will be the delight of the most experienced Tamers, holding new activities and a whole new economy with more reliable rewards.

Your way into Tamer’s Paradise will be tied up to a new quest you’ll start after the credits roll. The resort will feature six “weekly” (more on this later) new activities represented by six facilities. We still don’t have definitive names for the activities, so we’ll explain them with their “prototype” names.

  • Archtamers: After completing the Archtamers’ side quest, all four of them will move to a new facility and you’ll be able to rematch them on a weekly basis. This is pretty similar to the current Dojo Leaders Rematches… with a twist. In order to defeat the Archtamers, you’ll need to defeat all four of them consecutively, all while using the same competitive team. Your team will be healed in between matches, but you won’t be able to change any Tems or gears. Best of luck, Tamers!
  • Draft: Forget about your current Tem squad. In this activity, you’ll need to create a new four-Tem squad from scratch and constantly adapt it! You’ll be presented with 4 Tem choices and 4 gear choices. Once you make your selection, you’ll be presented with another 4 Tem and gears… repeat this until you have four geared Tems in your squad and you’ll be ready to start battling rivals (which will also feature draft selected squads chosen by the AI). Each time you defeat a rival you’ll keep one of their Tems and replace them with one of yours, and then a new, stronger rival will appear. How many rivals will you be able to defeat?
  • Tower: Similar to the Draft activity (in fact they share the same facility!), except in Tower you’ll be able to carry on with your own Tems, with a few exceptions. The Tower will feature a list of banned Tems which you won’t be able to use. This list will be changing on a weekly basis so you’ll need to constantly adapt your team. After your team is formed, the structure is pretty much the same as with the Draft activity: defeat an endless array of increasingly difficult rivals and get juicy rewards on the way.
  • Wild: A similar infinite-increasing-difficulty-destroy-everything-you-can activity, but this time featuring untamed Tems. Instead of walking through the grass looking for encounters, Tems will constantly swarm you without letting you leave the battle. You will be able to enter with your squad, but you’ll only be able to use a certain amount of items in the activity. You’ll also have bonuses applied and these will change weekly.
  • Roguelite: Explore an ever-changing dungeon that will be randomly generated each time you enter. Start from scratch by getting a starter Temtem and explore the dungeon, getting new Tems and items as you progress. Will you be able to reach the end?
  • Lair: Last but not least, we’re introducing a new activity related to the current Lairs you know. Instead of requiring a 5-man party, this activity will require playing cooperatively between just two players. You start by choosing a “target” Temtem species, and completing the Lair will grant you an egg from that species. Also, players will be able to tweak several difficulty modifiers (how many gems will they need, how much healing the resting nodes recover, etc). All of these modifiers will change the prize egg, increasing its SVs, egg moves, and even luma odds. Bigger risk leads to better rewards. but try not to bite more than you can chew!

We’ve read a lot of feedback on how repeating activities infinitely can lead to too much grind and a bad overall sensation of the activity, but we know these activities are going to be fun and many of the most dedicated users will want to repeat them, so for Tamer’s Paradise we’re trying a different approach:

Each activity will require a token you’ll need to spend to access it. Every user will get 5 tokens freely each week (one for each activity, since the Archtamers one will be left out of the token system and will instead be a regular weekly-based activity like Dojo Rematches) which will let you run each activity once. Activities’ rewards are balanced towards only running them once per week, so that should be enough for most users. However, tokens will be up for purchase using Pansuns for those who are super dedicated and want to spend some extra time in Tamer’s Paradise and convert their Pansuns into new rewards.

Speaking of rewards, Tamer’s Paradise will also hold a Shopping Center with new cosmetics, furniture, and useful items for all kinds of Tamers. However, your Pansuns aren’t worth anything here. Instead, you’ll need to use a new currency that will be granted in all Tamer’s Paradise activities, and beyond. Its name? Feathers.

Feathers, a new currency

We’ve been wanting to include a companion or counterpart currency to Pansuns for a long time. We wanted this currency to be one that is more limited in quantity but that allows purchasing more exclusive items for the most dedicated tamers. And Feathers are that currency!

Starting on 1.0, players will be able to acquire Feathers in almost every activity, both new and old. Every activity in Tamer’s Paradise will grant a good chunk of Feathers depending on your performance, and every current activity in the game (say fishing, postal service, ranked matches…) will have a fixed amount of Feathers added to its reward pool.

Our goal with Feathers is to limit the RNG factors associated with getting rewards. Apart from getting them in a more predictable way, you’ll be able to spend them directly purchasing the reward you want to get. Which leads us to our next point: what can Feathers net you?

Aside from featuring previously unavailable cosmetics (baldie style!!) and housing items (like a new exterior look for your house), Tamer’s Paradise Shopping Center will feature some items that you will be able to purchase directly using Feathers:

  • Radars: Instead of praying to the RNG gods for a lovely Kaku radar, you will be able to choose and purchase the radar you want. The species’ appearance rate will impact the price of the radar, making the rarer Tems more expensive so we don’t devalue them too much. With this, we’re also reinstating the rare radars (aka 5% and 10% Tems). We know how much you’ve missed them.
  • Telomere Hotfixes: Let’s say you’ve run 20 lairs and you’ve gotten all of the possible hotfix types with the exception of an Attack one, which you’d need to perfect your precious Luma Temtem. What happens then? We’ve got you covered. Now, using Feathers, you will be able to purchase the hotfix you need!
  • Telomere Hacks and Bugs: Less relevant than hotfixes, but still useful. You will be able to purchase Hacks directly, and we’re also introducing the concept of Telomere Bugs — a new Telomere item similar to Hotfixes, but instead of increasing an SV from a Temtem, it allows you to subtract it.
  • Essences: You already know about candies, fruits, and smoothies, but now we’re introducing a new tier: essences! Fruit essences will add 100TVs to the stat of your choice.
  • Learning Aid+: On top of all the changes already revealed on experience gain, we’re introducing a new, improved version of the Learning Aid which will be purchasable with Feathers. This new booster will give x3 the experience, as opposed to the x2 experience from the regular one, and it will also last 60 min instead of the 30 minutes that the regular Learning Aid lasts.
  • Soulbinders: The already mentioned mysterious and expensive new item that allows you to soulbind a Temtem, making them untradeable but letting you apply hotfixes to it even if you’re not the OT! You’ll be able to obtain these through Feathers.


That’s it for today, and we hope you’re super excited to visit the Tamer’s Paradise and experience all these new activities! We’ll see you tomorrow for our last post of the week, talking about economic improvements, Kudo rewards, and the last Backer route!


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