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Temtem 0.6.14

Temtem 0.6.14

  • ?Added a new particle on radar-spawned Temtem that will be visible over everything else.
    • This should make radar tems easier to detect even in populated places.
  • ?Crystal Shrine’s spawn density has been changed to match the density of the rest of the Shrines.
  • ?Postal Service icon added to the map.
  • ?The Delivery packages’ Loot Pools have been improved.
    • The difference between delivering more packages is now more evident.
    • Now they also give fruits and/or fruit candies.
  • ?Radars can now be sold per 1250 pansuns each.

  • Incubator Ticket selling price has been lowered from 4000 pansuns to 2500 pansuns.

  • Fixed the capture screen border animation being shown while reconnecting after a player was capturing a Temtem.
  • Fixed the Postal Service rewards not being received if they gave us an egg of a Temtem that doesn’t have any egg technique currently available.
  • Fixed an instance where a couple of tems would suddenly appear in the world, overlapping. It was very spoopy.
  • Fixed the map showing the door for the Furniture shop in Deniz in the wrong place.
  • Fixed the stage change’s indicator not being completely visible because of a visual effect covering part of it.
  • ?Fixed being able to fish while sitting on some benches close to bodies of water.
  • ?Fixed [Status: Poisoned] being shown in the description for the Cobweb trait.
  • ?Fixed a confusing message when you entered a battle against two Temtem of the same species, one of them luma.
  • ?Fixed the pop-up for Resistant being shown after the type Immunity one, even if the Status wasn’t applied to the Temtem because of this immunity.
  • Fixed that the effects of a Temtem despawning were shown in battle instead of when returning to the world.
  • Fixed Koish’s tail ignoring the Freeze Animation command in Photo Mode.
  • Fixed a situation where using the sit emote and changing a cosmetic made the Player name overlap with the character.
  • ?Fixed the wrong name in an NPC in the Uhuru library.
  • Fixed a wrong location in one of the Postal Service quests.
  • ?Fixed that radar tems could appear out of bounds if they spawned while the player was climbing.
  • ?Fixed not seeing the evo, but battling them even though we had collided with their pre-evo in the overworld while using the radar.
  • ?Made third evos unable to appear in the radar in the spawn zones for their pre-evos, since they are not tameable. If you go to an exclusive third evo spawn zone, they will still appear, and be untameable.
  • Fixed getting stuck in battle if the Temtem you just captured was about to enter the battlefield but it fainted in the bench as a new turn began.
  • Fixed a wrong dialogue and combat lock when attempting to Co-op a Dojo that had a rematch available.
  • Fixed seeing the backpack from other players floating when getting in and out of a building.
  • Fixed Koish not appearing properly in the overworld when using the radar.
  • Fixed a situation where encountering a radar Temtem from the Saipark residents would cause a softlock.
  • Fixed a case where your tems in battle and the tem you tamed fainted in battle and it wouldn’t allow you to pick a Temtem from the bench.
  • ?Fixed seeing spawned radar Temtem when evolving one or hatching an egg.
  • ?Fixed not being able to catch a new Temtem after receiving an egg from the Post Service rewards.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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