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Hop into Early Access on PS5!

Hop into Early Access on PS5!

Hey Tamers!

You might have already heard, but we have very exciting news to share, because we’re dipping our feet into consoles a bit sooner than expected!
Temtem will be coming to PS5 in Early Access, as early as December 8! Preorders are now open, so go grab your copy and start experiencing Temtem on console this very year.

First of all: the trailer!

Pre-ordering Temtem now will grant you an exclusive in-game title, cool PSN avatars, and, of course, a ticket to the Early Access. Plus, it’s cheaper! Check out this handy chart for all the details:

This is our first time attempting to manage a live game on consoles, and as such, we had to start somewhere and learn little by little. While we’d like to reach everyone, we need to truly take in what it means to publish patches in more than one platform at the same time, synchronize them, and keep an eye on both. Trying to do this with more than a couple of platforms would be too daunting from the get-go, but starting with one is manageable and will help us be prepared for the future. So we’re starting right here.

With this announcement, we’ve also revealed a lot of details that had been asked about often, such as the final price of Temtem after it launches: it will be $44.99 for Standard, and $64.99 for Deluxe. Deluxe versions will include cosmetic goodies, such as the PS5 one, which is… *drumroll*

Get the Deluxe edition here!
Pre-order Temtem on PS5 now

We are both excited and scared, but we still want console players to bring in their voices, feedback and opinions, and help shape Temtem into the best game it can be. Read the whole post on Sony’s blog right here.

Will you join us on this new and thrilling journey?


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