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Temtem 0.6.15

Temtem 0.6.15

  • Added a report player feature.
  • Added a new setting to display the players’ platform along with their nickname (off by default).
  • Added 4K UI resolution support and a new setting to select between 1080 and 4K UI.
  • Added a new indication for AFK players.
    • The character will now sit on the floor and an asleep icon will be displayed in their name.

  • #029 – Goty
    • Added Bestial Charge to the egg technique learnset.
  • #117 – Droply
    • Added Waterjet to the egg technique learnset.

  • When creating a co-op party, both players will be forced to reload the world scene. This change solves some of the issues we’ve had in co-op ever since we launched the feature (and hopefully, doesn’t include new ones).

  • ?Fixed the chat action buttons (whisper, report…) not being displayed.
  • Fixed some scenarios where Player characters were appearing out of bounds or in a different place after exiting a battle.
  • ?Fixed being able to have a radar encounter while using the Grapple Hook.
  • ?Fixed a case where, after receiving an egg from the Postal Service quest, if we battled using that tem against a tem that could apply a status condition, we would get stuck in battle.
  • ?Fixed Koish showing a different tail color combination in the breeding scene preview and in the overworld or battle.
  • ?Fixed Temtem’s feet sinking a bit into the ground after running on water.
  • ?Fixed getting stuck in Aguamarina Caves when entering a battle in Co-op while too close to the wall.
  • ?Fixed breeding a mono Water Koish giving a random type Koish instead of a mono Water Koish.
  • ?Fixed Wastewater showing 2 turns of Poison were about to be applied instead of only 1 turn.
  • ?Fixed Koish in the overworld (Radar) not matching the one the players fought in the battle.
  • Fixed not being able to continue with Ocelotl’s quest if one of the Co-op players had higher quest progress.
  • Fixed seeing other Player’s Temtem reappear for a few seconds after said Player used the Atoll Row tube.
  • ?Fixed not being able to evolve a Temtem from Details if their evolution was canceled by a server restart.
  • ?Fixed some keyboard inputs getting stuck and remaining active.
  • ?Fixed a case where players could get stuck while filtering and assigning Temtem to a Battlebox in the Temdeck.
  • Fixed a bug in the eggs from Postal Service rewards not being able to have Egg Techniques.
  • Fixed a bug in the eggs from Postal Service rewards not being able to drop with SVs set to 50.
  • Fixed not seeing the correct animation in players battling when we entered a building.
  • Fixed a desync in the surf animation for other players when they left a battle.
  • Fixed the water trail from surfing appearing in the wrong place after breaking a Co-op party.
  • Fixed the pop-up for reconnection overlapping with the input quantity when editing in Housing.
  • Fixed the remaining Pansun indicator showing the wrong quantity after entering all our Pansuns and then a different amount with the keyboard.
  • Fixed the Filter menu not working when attempting to Breed or give a Temtem to an NPC.
  • Fixed the Postal Service quests appearing outdated in the Quest Diary.
  • Fixed losing the focus in the Temdeck if we canceled a move while in the Squad tab.
  • Fixed being able to still act in battle while a tutorial was being displayed.
  • Fixed having the focus automatically set to chat after leaving a tutorial.
  • Fixed bugged walking and skating animation when disbanding a party with someone that didn’t have skates if you had them.
  • ?Fixed Scavenger incorrectly triggering twice if a Temtem faints and also debilitates its opponent with Fainted Curse.
  • ?Removed the NPC Hateful Scavenger from the Postal Service quest which would cause players to get stuck after delivering a package to him.
  • Fixed the wrong hotkey “Move” appearing instead of “Assign” in the Competitive Squad menu on the Temdeck.
  • Fixed a softlock when trying to create a 2v1 PvP battle.
  • Fixed seeing other players move without the running animation.
  • Fixed that opening and egg or evolving a Temtem would interrupt other players’ emotes.
  • Fixed the radar VFX for Lapinite, that remained visible even without a tem. An independent VFX who don’t need no tem.
  • Fixed losing focus every time you redefined an input with a controller.
  • ?Fixed the sliding sound remaining throughout a Competitive Ranked match if you were sliding when it triggered.
  • ?Fixed radar Temtem spawning inside Quetzal.
  • ?Fixed newborn Temtem appearing in the overworld before egg hatching scene if the egg had been placed in the first position of the squad
  • ?Fixed an egg’s squad icon switching to its corresponding Temtem icon right before entering the hatching scene.
  • Fixed that technique names weren’t instantly changing after we change language during a battle.
  • Fixed a case where chat messages would remain selected even after closing chat.
  • ?Fixed a softlock that happened when trying to re-match Musa if you were in Co-op with someone who had more progress than you.
  • Removed an NPC from the Postal Service eligible characters because it was causing softlocks. See you, Cave Explorer.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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