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Temtem 0.5.19

Temtem 0.5.19


  • Madness Buff
    • Type changed from Special to Status.

  • ? Fixed changing techniques not correctly working after/before also changing an equipped gear.
  • ? Fixed hold techniques not properly working sometimes on competitive battles.
  • ? Fixed Nidrasil being able to attack while sleeping after using Narcoleptic Hit.
  • ? Fixed Fever Rush trait being applied before getting the Status condition instead of after.
  • ? Fixed Scavenger healing the Temtem when another Temtem gets knocked out outside of the battle.
  • ? Fixed pickable items reappearing after an egg hatches while inside a building.
  • ? Fixed Temtem not having full health when inspecting them while being assigned to a competitive squad.
  • ? Fixed cosmetics from FreeTem not being equipable if the player has already bought them on a Boutique.
  • ? Fixed a soft lock in the pick&ban phase after opening the exit menu during the team selection phase.
  • ? Fixed being able to accept trades while on the prison quest.
  • ? Fixed players getting stuck while seated after their co-op partner leaves the room they’re in.
  • ? Fixed Belsotos blocking the player’s path in the Windward Fort.
  • ? Fixed trainer blocking the player’s path in the Prasine Coast.
  • ? Fixed players being able to remove their cloak in Tucma’s Dojo.
  • Fixed a visual bug causing incorrect trait details appearing when inspecting an egg.
  • Fixed a desynchronization causing a Temtem appearing healthy after being knocked-out by Sacrifice.
  • Fixed FreeTem cosmetics not being sorted correctly when sorting by new.
  • Fixed a player desync issue while seated.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by or reported by our community in our Forums.


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