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Temtem 0.5.18

Temtem 0.5.18

  • Enabled pansun rewards on ranked matchmaking battles.

  • Trait and Gear signs will now only appear once when using a multi-target technique.
  • The taskbar icon for Temtem will now flash when a ranked match is found.

  • ? Fixed a desynchronization between the server and the client when a Temtem got knocked-out by the effect of a Status condition. This caused multiple problems since the Temtem was in a Schrödinger situation being both healthy and knocked-out.
  • ? Fixed Guardian trait not being triggered when the partner got Cold.
  • ? Fixed Battle Log only displaying stages up to +4 / -4.
  • ? Fixed Receptive not being triggered when receiving the Alerted status condition.
  • ? Fixed egg timers stopping when playing a ranked battle.
  • ? Fixed Temtem entering into battle not being displayed on their correct Temcard where they were captured.
  • ? Fixed FreeTem not updating the inventory when getting Smoke bombs as a reward.
  • ? Fixed Barnshe’s AI trying to use Bamboozle on themselves even when having the Neutrality trait and being immune to it.
  • ? Fixed following Temtem appearing during the prison quest.
  • ? Fixed Battle Log being triggered while trying to perform a hotkey while using a gamepad.
  • ? Fixed a visual bug displaying an incorrect STA value after attacking with both Tems.
  • ? Fixed Toxic Farewell description displaying an incorrect amount of Poison turns.
  • ? Fixed ranked victories not being displayed when inspecting a player (or yourself).
  • ? Fixed Battle Log not displaying the proper Tamer name when a player was spectating.
  • ? Fixed following Temtem not appearing after using a Smoke Bomb when surfing/skating.
  • ? Fixed a soft lock when using the miniTemporium in the Tucma mines.
  • ? Fixed being able to sit in a specific chair with boxes on Zadar.
  • ? Fixed certain traits or gears (like Plethoric) blocking the runaway action until their triggers were fully displayed.
  • ? Fixed players getting stuck between two NPC’s in the Xolot Reservoir.
  • Fixed Friends UI being empty after a friend disconnected from the game.
  • Fixed a visual bug causing doors not opening for other players when having network lag.
  • Fixed a visual bug causing seeing other players walking during a hook trajectory when having network lag.
  • Fixed remote players being incorrectly placed on crystal areas when entering or exiting an area.
  • Fixed map areas incorrectly being loading after exiting a battle near the first Narwhal dock.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by or reported by our community in our Forums.


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