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Temtem 0.4.0

Temtem 0.4.0

  • Added a player queue for when the server is up to capacity.

  • Improved movement sync for remote players, especially while sliding and bumping in Tucma’s Dojo.

  • Houchic starter ability changed from Mental Alliance to Soft Touch.

  • ? Invisible Kinu after using Intimidation.
  • ? Azuroc’s miniature not updating after its evolution.
  • Reworked and improved Steam login. This should solve some underlying issues we had previously.
  • Stuck on battles after checking a Temtem details and canceling the previously selected technique.
  • Several problems and inconsistencies with turn and reserve time on competitive PvP.
  • Black screen after reconnecting in a casual PvP battle.
  • Getting stuck in battles after closing the game during an evolution scene.
  • Turns not moving forward in Pick&Ban after a player disconnected at the beginning.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested or reported by our community in our Forums. Clicking on the icon will redirect to the original post.


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