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Temtem 0.3.6

Temtem 0.3.6

  • Swapping multiple Temtem in the same turn will now use the leavings Temtem speed in order to decide which Temtem swaps first. In case there’s a speed tie between two swapped Temtem, the speed arrow will decide which one leaves first.

  • ? Growth Enhancers not saving properly the new Temtem level after using them.
  • ? Overlapping NPCs while sitting.
  • ? Error on trading when an egg starts to hatch.
  • ? Visible following Temtem on the egg hatch scene.
  • ? Altar’s evolutions being displayed on the Temtem details after a canceled evolution.
  • ? Instant egg hatching after trading.
  • ? Player incorrect animation after a co-op battle while surfing.
  • ? Incorrect alert from already beaten NPC Tamers while on co-op.
  • ? Already picked pickables being displayed while on co-op.
  • ? Neutrality trait incorrectly blocking stat stage changes.
  • ? Not getting back the gold after the mines quest.
  • ? Temdeck UI focus getting lost on certain occasions.
  • ? Footwork visually displaying an incorrect stat stage change.
  • ? Traits with the “when entering the battlefield” trigger not triggering at the start of a competitive battle.
  • ? Some niche cases with the water samples quest not properly working while on co-op.
  • ? Co-op party only starting with one Temtem on a casual battle against one single player.
  • Competitive battles turn limit not working.
  • Several situations where a player in co-op could be left out without a needed item to progress (surfboard, skates, Sugey’s water vials…).
  • Players permanently marked as busy for new interactions after canceling a trade.
  • Some characters stuck problems after disbanding a coop while on a cinematic.
  • Eggs stored in the last three slots on the Squad not hatching while on co-op.
  • NPC Tamers not resetting their position when starting a co-op party.
  • Characters stuck after creating a co-op party in locations where other users are hidden.
  • Frozen Temtem displayed without its frozen effect while receiving certain techniques.
  • Growth Enhancer not working when the Temtem was about to learn a new technique on the new level.
  • An incorrect message displayed when the Neutralized status ends.
  • Temessence Phial recharging after losing a PvP battle.
  • NPC Tamers disappearing or swapping positions after starting a co-op.
  • Conceding a casual battle while on co-op only displaying one of the players with its defeat pose.
  • Bamboozle not blocking techniques with the “All” target and cast on itself.

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