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Temtem 0.3.5

Temtem 0.3.5

  • ? Tamer battles will now give experience in co-op, even if a player has already battle that tamer before.
  • Removed the checkpoint at Naolin’s Hut when Naolin is no longer there.
  • The map will now update the player position constantly in case the player is moving automatically (crystal, moving platforms…).

  • ? Fixed (again) black screen issues while on co-op.
  • ? Fixed character not restoring the default animation state after using an emote while traveling with the hook.
  • ? Fixed Narcoleptic Hit not applying any new status if the target Temtem already had one.
  • ? Fixed co-op partners stuck on the jump animation under certain occasions.
  • ? Fixed (hopefully) getting stuck while on co-op after beating an already beaten tamer.
  • Fixed the interaction between Narcoleptic Hit and Apothecary.
  • Fixed players not resetting properly and maintaining their squad and character configuration.
  • Fixed lots of spelling mistakes and typos.
  • Fixed Hallucination technique incorrect description.
  • Fixed Wrecked Farewell trait incorrect description.
  • Fixed being able to move around the UI when the server reconnect message was displayed.
  • Fixed friends still being displayed on the friends’ screen after removing a friend.
  • Fixed cultists not fighting the player if they have an egg.
  • Fixed quests that requested a Temtem accepting an egg from that species.
  • Fixed props not loading in the Mines after starting the game in Ocelotl’s home.
  • Fixed location signs for interiors always displaying Tucma’s icons.
  • Fixed Scavenger trait incorrectly triggering when the Temtem was going to get knocked out.
  • Fixed Nidrasil’s additional heads not closing their eyes when sleeping.
  • Fixed Growth Enhancer not working properly on Temtem above level 39.


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