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Temtem 0.3.3

Temtem 0.3.3

  • Added technique animations for Beta Burst and Crystal Spikes.

  • The coop partner will now appear at the top of the interact player list.

  • Removed fertility essences from the overworld pickables.
  • Zenoreth
    • Increased the defeated experience rate to the highest one.
  • Raican
    • Swapped ATK and SPATK stat values.

  • ? Fixed wrong pronoun used by NPCs.
  • ? Fixed losing Temtem above the Tamer level cap while trading several Temtem at the same time.
  • ? Fixed incorrect team configuration on crystal cult tamers.
  • ? Fixed getting stuck in the character creation if the chosen name was already used.
  • ? Fixed getting stuck on benches when sitting while an egg opens or a Temtem evolve.
  • ? Fixed black screen issues when entering/exiting a building several times.
  • ? Fixed Luma displaying incorrectly after a mid-battle evolution.
  • ? Fixed Quetzal’s Dojo bridge collision.
  • ? Fixed players being able to receive notifications before picking their starters.
  • ? Fixed getting stuck after a tamer battle while in a coop party.
  • ? Fixed UI not displaying properly after a tamer battle while in a coop party.
  • ? Fixed being able to progress in the Beached Narwhal quest in an incorrect order.
  • ? Fixed Quetzal’s dock not getting saved as a smoke bomb location.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the arrest cinematic.
  • Fixed scent not working properly while on coop.
  • Fixed incorrect pronoun selection after changing the user name.
  • Fixed FreeTem rewards displaying with a lower pansun number than what should be.
  • Fixed timers not displaying on PvP when a coop party was using two Temtem from the same tamer.
  • Fixed Bigu and Babawa Luma not displaying their trails.
  • Fixed some collision problems on several areas of Tucma.
  • Fixed flying Temtem not following the player while using the Acid-proof Surfboard.

  • Changed Bigu and Babawa Luma coloring.


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