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Temtem 0.3.2

Temtem 0.3.2

  • Crystal cult NPCs difficulty increased.
  • Lowered untamed Temtem appearance rate on the mines and Xolot reservoir.
  • Increased Banapi and Raiber appearance rate on the outskirts of the Anak Volcano.

  • Removed the grass particles when encountering an untamed Temtem in the mines.
  • Fixed endless looped dialogue on the tourist information center on Quetzal.
  • Fixed a collision on the fourth Dojo where players could trip on.
  • Fixed some minimap icons not displaying.
  • Fixed some visual errors when seeing other players sit.
  • Fixed some cases where remote players would appear on one frame without the appear fade.
  • Fixed untamed Temtem appearing while using the rock-hopping hook.
  • Fixed some cases where players could initiate a coop party on crystal.


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