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Temtem 0.2.8

Temtem 0.2.8


  • Inspecting an item or a Temtem while trading will disable the ready button.


  • Fixed zones overlapping in Aguamarina Caves and the Winward Fort. (Reported by Neufian – Assigned – [0.2.5] Aguamarina cave bug )
  • Fixed incorrect emote animation while on grass. (Reported by Gerolias – Assigned – [0.2.7] Emote Animations Bug in Grass)
  • Fixed egg not displaying the correct trait after using the Engineered DNA Strand. (Reported by mrguy888 – Assigned – [0.2.7] New Freetem Gear Display Bug )
  • Fixed settings confirmation popup not working properly with the Gamepad.
  • Fixed a problem equipping a Top/Bottom after having a Set equipped.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to trade everything but an egg.
  • Fixed some more cases where untamed Temtem could get knocked-out by overexertion.
  • Fixed eggs being able to hold a gear.


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