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Temtem 0.3 – Social update

Temtem 0.3 – Social update

  • The game economy has been reset, we’ve wiped all the pansuns and consumable inventory for everyone with the Alpha 0.2 completed and we’ve granted new items for the journey.

  • A whole new island!
  • Coop
    • Players are now able to join in a cooperative party with other players.
    • When in coop, each player will use their first three Temtem in their squad.
    • Both players will join their squads in every fight (against untamed Temtem or characters).
    • The whole campaign can be played in coop. When starting a coop party, both players’ progress in the campaign will be set to the one player with less progress.
    • A coop party can only be created when both players are near each other in order to avoid some locking situations.
  • Competitive rules for battles
    • When battling others, players can now pick between casual (classic 6v6 battle) or competitive rules.
    • Competitive battles won’t use the regular squad so players need to configure their competitive squads in the Temdeck before going into a competitive battle.
    • Competitive battles start with a pick&ban phase where players will take turns banning Temtem from their opponent and picking their own.
    • When the teams of five are set, the battle will begin!
  • Friends system
    • Players are now able to add up to 50 players as friends.
    • Players can check their friend list from the main menu, using the Friends option.
    • There is no option to search or lookup for other players yet (it will be added soon), but friends can be added from nearby players.
    • Up to three friends can be marked as favorite. Marking a friend as a favorite will make the server prioritize your connections so you (almost) always share the same server instance.
  • Sitting
    • Players are now able to sit in benches and chairs around the Archipelago.
    • Once seated, if there’s enough room, players can move around and rotate in their spots.
    • Players will still be able to use emotes when seated.
  • ? Temessence phial
    • This new key item will allow you to completely heal and revive your whole squad whenever you want to. But, it will only have one charge!
    • The phial will be recharged every time you use a healing machine in a Temporium or when a character restores your squad.
    • The Luisouvenir quest will now grant players with the phial.
    • The Archipelago map (previously given by Luis) is now given at the beginning of the game.
  • ? Full map
    • The full map is now accessible!
    • It can be opened from the in-game menu or pressing Select (xbox), touchpad (PS4) or M (keyboard).
    • The map displays the current area. If located on an interior, players are able to change between the different floors or select the exterior too.
  • Character creation
    • Players are now able to choose their pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them). Character dialogs have been revisited and characters will now talk to you using your preferred pronoun.
    • Players are now able to choose their voice type.
    • ? Added more face types.
  • The game now has tutorials! Tutorials are meant to be as unobtrusive as possible so they will appear as notifications on the left on the screen with a summary. Players are able to open the details for each tutorial and inspect more additional info (or ignore them).
  • Tamers will now have a (hidden) level cap. This level cap will be updated every time you capture a new Temtem or every time one of your Temtem increases their level, but it won’t be updated when receiving a Temtem via trade or from an NPC. Players will be able to receive Temtem over its tamer level cap, but they will be sent to the Temdeck boxes and players won’t be able to move them back to their squad until they match the level needed.
  • ? Added a new key item that will allow displaying egg timers (you’ll need to find it first).
  • ? Added rival’s Temtem HP and STA percentages to the PvP UI.
  • ? Added rival’s name and avatar to the PvP UI.
  • Added Tamer portraits to all UIs where they weren’t displayed before (tamer info, trade, interact…).
  • Added 29 new capturable Temtem.
  • Added 29 new traits.
  • Added 34 new techniques.
  • Added 35 new technique animations for previously available techniques.
  • Non-unique gears can now be sold in shops.
  • Settings
    • Added a new setting to disable the in-game quest tracker or set it to dynamic (so it will only appear when it changes).

  • Temdeck
    • ? The Temdeck can now be filtered and sorted. Doing this will create a new temporal view of the Temdeck so it won’t change the order of the Temtem and how are they stored.
    • The Temdeck now features a marking system. Each Temtem can be marked with one of the available marks to better visually organize your boxes.
    • ? Each Temtem now displays their gear, gender, level, and mark.
    • New Temtem will be highlighted the first time you check them on the Temdeck.
  • Backpack
    • Added a “Recent” pocket which will feature recently obtained and used items.
    • Unique items will now display with a special icon and won’t display the annoying “1x”.
    • Added the option to group similar items. Currently, it is used for quest items.
  • ? Luma Temtem will now display a special visual and audio effect when entering the battlefield.
  • Untamed Temtem will now display a mini animation when being encountered.
  • ? Previously captured untamed Temtem will now display a Temcard icon next to their name.
  • Status condition immunities will now display with a notification similar to when a trait or gear is activated.
  • ? Luma Temtem will now display a special icon on most UIs.
  • ? Battle UI buttons now have a more distinguished visual aid when selected.
  • ? Some traits have been improved to better represent their activation during the turn (Plethoric, Settling and Rested)
  • ? PvP battles can now be conceded.
  • ? Capture UI will now display more info for the untamed Temtem (trait, and fertility).
  • ? Traits trigger have been improved to avoid them under certain occasions (like right before being knocked-out).
  • Notifications have been revamped to improve their usage. The game now features a Notification center where every notification will be shown and notifications are now interactable with a gamepad.
  • Choosing a Temtem target in battles has been improved to work more reliable while using a mouse and the navigation between all targets has been revisited and improved while using a gamepad or keys.
  • Status conditions are now shown on the Overworld squad UI.
  • Interactable stuff in the world will now feature different icons based on the interaction type (inspect, talk…).
  • The Interact UI has been revamped to display all new interact options.
  • Starters and other special given Temtem will now display their information and players will now be able to add a nickname to them.
  • Resetting your character will now maintain the Tamer ID instead of generating a new one.
  • ? Resetting your character will now give you the opportunity to re-use the same name. The name will be freed up if not used in the new character.
  • The Tempedia will now display a notification when filtered.
  • FreeTem and the breeding center will now display a custom icon in the minimap.
  • Improved UI key sections to dynamically display different actions based on the selected item.

  • Overall level cap is now 48.
  • HP formula has been tweaked to increase the max HP values.
  • Burning a fire-type Temtem will now remove the Cold and Freeze status conditions even if the Burn doesn’t apply due to the immunity.
  • FreeTem pansun reward for releases has been greatly increased.
  • Enhancer Pineapple and Enhancer Cherry price have been adequated to the rest of the enhancer fruits.
  • EXP gained from untamed Temtem battles has been increased by 33%.
  • Stamina changes
    • Resting will now grant a stamina bonus based on the Temtem STA stat.
    • After overexerting one turn, the Temtem won’t be able to use any techniques on the next turn so they will be forced to rest or be swapped.


  •  Tateru
    • STA TV yield increased from 1 to 2.
  • Paharo
    • Tornado learnset level changed from 32 to 38.
    • Humiliating Slap added as an egg technique.
  • Taifu
    • Base SPDEF increased from 68 to 78.
  • Fomu
    • Ice Shuriken added as an egg technique.
    • Lullaby added as an egg technique.
    • Sharp Rain added as an egg technique.
    • SPDEF TV yield increased from 1 to 2.
  • Skail
    • Oshi Dashi added as an egg technique.
  • Houchic
    • Energy Manipulation added to the learnset (level 11).
    • Tenderness learnset level changed from 9 to 8.
    • Telekinetic Shrapnel learnset level changed from 13 to 16.
    • Beta Burst learnset level changed from 18 to 20.
    • Psy Surge learnset level changed from 26 to 28.
    • Humiliating Slap learnset level changed from 30 to 31.
  • Banapi
    • Roar added as an egg technique.
  • Kaku
    • Lifeful Sap added as an egg technique.
    • Bark Shield added as an egg technique.
  • Barnshee
    • Base ATK increased from 50 to 60.
    • Base SPATK increased from 65 to 75.
    • Base SPDEF increased from 75 to 79.
  • Raiber
    • Male gender rate reduced from 100% to 85%.
    • Rampage added as an egg technique.
  • Pewki
    • High-pressure Water added as an egg technique.
  • Piraniant
    • Base ATK increased from 65 to 77.
  • Saipat
    • HP TV yield increased from 1 to 3.
  • Magmis
    • ATK TV yield increased from 1 to 2.
  • Smazee-line
    • Inner Spirit learnset level changed from 26 to 40.
    • Perfect Jab learnset level changed from 40 to 26.
  • Cerneaf
    • TV yield changed from 1 SPD to 2 HP + 2 DEF.
  • Ganki
    • Tesla Prison added as an egg technique.
  • Gazuma
    • Changed traits to Receptive and Fast Charge.
  • Kalabyss
    • Base HP increased from 81 to 82.
    • Base STA decreased from 38 to 35.
    • Base ATK increased from 71 to 75.
    • Base SPATK increased from 57 to 65.
    • Base SPDEF increased from 52 to 55.
  • Pigepic
    • Head Charge added as an egg technique.
  • Kinu
    • Swapped Hover trait for Protector
  • Loali
    • Nimble learnset level changed from 16 to 19.
    • Photosynthesis learnset level changed from 20 to 25.
    • Bark Shield  learnset level changed from 31 to 35.
    • Allergic Spread learnset level changed from 38 to 44.


  • Aquatic Whirlwind
    • STA cost increased from 25 to 29.
  • Rampage
    • Damage increased from 60 to 65.
    • STA cost increased from 24 to 26.
    • Synergy type changed to Melee instead of Earth.
    • Synergy damage increased from 80 to 85.
  • Sharp Rain
    • Damage decreased from 140 to 130.
    • STA cost increased from 18 to 20.


  • Mirroring
    • SPATK modifier increased from 20% to 25%.
  • Rested
    • ATK and SPATK modifier increased from 20% to 30%.
  • Settling
    • ATK modifier per turn increased from 5% to 8%.

  • ? Fixed unfocused large Temtem on certain battlezones.
  • ? Fixed some occasions where a Temtem could disappear visually from the squad after moving it from the Temdeck.
  • ? Fixed wrong button focus on the capture UI after capturing a Temtem and releasing another.
  • ? Fixed a case where the battle flow break after releasing a Temtem and getting your last one knocked-out.
  • ? Fixed a problem when swapping a Technique Course for a previously learned technique.
  • ? Fixed speed ties not working correctly after swapping a Temtem.
  • ? Fixed Fierce Claw timing generating multiple bugs when other techniques applied after that.
  • ? Fixed getting stuck in the Mokupuni Dojo grass.
  • ? Fixed not being able to exit a certain house in Arissola.
  • ? Fixed a weird bug with Steam authentication.
  • ? Fixed Accademia book burned description.
  • Fixed Thick Skin trait doing the opposite of its description.
  • Fixed reviving a Temtem after being knocked-out due to overexertion not getting full health.
  • Fixed fruits being consumable in battles.
  • Fixed Energy Reserves applying Vigorized even when it is already applied.
  • Fixed following Temtem not moving when playing the game with a low fps count.
  • Fixed frozen Temtem not displayed as frozen when swapped in the battle.
  • Fixed losing the second turn when using two Temcards on the same Temtem and succeeding with the first one.
  • Fixed wrong HP display when swapping a knocked-out Temtem for a fully healed one on the Temdeck.
  • Fixed some other problems when swapping a knocked-out Temtem with a fully healed one on the Temdeck.
  • Fixed some navigation issues on the character creation using a gamepad.
  • Fixed character gifted Temtem to have their correct original tamer.
  • Fixed incorrect character name displayed on cinematics after restarting the game.
  • Fixed incorrect gear layout while inspecting a Temtem in battle.
  • Fixed emote UI stuck when trying to make an emote after exiting the lift.
  • Fixed not being able to rename a hatched Temtem from a traded egg.
  • Fixed UI popups not getting the exclusive input focus.
  • Fixed visual artifacts on Omninesia when the game’s quality is set to low.
  • Fixed lots of UI button hover issues.
  • Fixed scrolling issues when swapping UIs quickly.
  • Fixed an incorrect UI message appearing after reviving a Temtem.
  • Fixed duplicated gear and/or trait notifications appearing on multi-target techniques.
  • Fixed several 3D sound volume when being far away from the player doing them.
  • Fixed NPC with close eyes blinking.
  • Fixed Awakener not removing the sleep status visual effect.
  • Fixed Oceara not playing its knock-out animation after getting knocked-out by overexertion.
  • Fixed Dojo ambient particles appearing in the Dojo leader intros.
  • Fixed incorrect game brightness after hatching an egg.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested or reported by our community in our Forums. Clicking on the icon will redirect to the original post.


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