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Temtem 0.2.1

Temtem 0.2.1


  • Fixed Sanyu dialog getting stuck. (Investigating – Stuck at npc (Sanyu) Dialogue)
  • Fixed volume reset when alt+tabbing. (Investigating – Sound and Music issues)
  • Fixed Cerneaf incorrect size on the Tempedia.
  • Fixed Kinu not being capturable.
  • Fixed Gazuma not being compatible with TC007: Noxious Bomb.
  • Fixed back button on Settings not working with the mouse. (Investigating – Back Button in settings doesn’t work with a mouse)
  • Fixed some cases where player’s could get past blocking NPCs (thanks for that Shuni).
  • Fixed Barnshe sprite incorrect orientation.
  • Fixed equipping gears not working from the backpack.
  • Fixed some NPCs that trapped the player after fighting.
  • Fixed Banyan & Anak Temtem having only one technique available when captured.
  • Fixed Luma Kinu and Spriole-line not being available.
  • Fixed some visual shader problems with Umishi, Ukama, Fomu, Wiplump, Saipat and Oceara.
  • Fixed in-game UI disappearing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Temtem name not being colored when trading a Temtem with an NPC.
  • Fixed incorrect gear name for Spanish users.
  • Fixed some doors with visual artifacts inside the houses.
  • Fixed several typos.


  • Reduced Tihani’s Kinu TVs.
  • Barnshe
    • Added a new technique: Psy Surge.
  • Gazuma
    • Now has Cold natured and Botanophobia as traits.
  • Piraniant
    • Changed Cold natured trait for Energy reserves.


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