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Temtem 0.1.9

Temtem 0.1.9


  • Luma Saipat is now available!
  • Added new combat music against other Tamers.


  • Vastly improved the battle flow. We’ve revisited each action in battles and made them quicker so battles won’t feel sluggish.
  • Improved a lot of the UIs shown in battles.
  • Already visited dialog options will now be grayed out.
  • NPC Emotes should now display better positioned.
  • Effectiveness circle will not appear anymore while using Status type techniques.
  • Several improvements on the Learn Technique UI.
  • Improved the feel while doing a huge damage Technique on a Temtem with very low health.
  • Added a visual UI indicator when a Temtem is using a Technique.
  • Improved the Squad UI when swapping a Temtem so you get more info on what’s happening.
  • Added a different message when a wild Temtem is resting so it doesn’t look like a Tamer is giving them an order.
  • Sleep particles will now follow the movement of flying Temtem.



  • Strangle now has very low priority.


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