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Patch 1.0

Patch 1.0

  • This update represents the end of the Early Access period.
  • We’ve globally restarted the cooldown required to reset accounts, in case any Tamers wanted to start fresh on the 1.0 launch.
  • The new quest to enter Tamer’s Paradise won’t appear as tracked automatically. You will be able to find it in your Quest Log.

  • A whole new island has been added: Tamer’s Paradise, the endgame island. Tamer’s Paradise holds 6 new activities, the Founders Hall and a new Shopping Center.
    • Take the four Archtamers on consecutively and without changing up your team in the Archtamers’ Sanctum.
    • Forge a four-Tem squad and constantly adapt it in the DraftArena.
    • Defeat as many enemies as possible while adapting to a list of requirements in the GritArena.
    • Face off against endless hordes of wild Temtem while having limited access to items in the TemSafari.
    • Explore the Evershifting Tower, a procedurally-generated, ever-changing dungeon where you’ll have to build your team from scratch.
    • Select one goal Temtem and adjust the settings of the two-people DigiLair, and face off the boss in Co-op with a friend!
    • Founders Hall is the place where we honor our Founders, Kickstarter Backers who supported Temtem back in the day. Look for your statue and your friends’!
    • The Clubs holding Dojos that week will have their flag displayed right after you cross the marble gates.
    • Top 3 Tamers with the highest TMR will be celebrated with a holograph in their image.
  • A new currency has been implemented: Feathers.
    • You will be able to obtain a small amount of Feathers for most of the content in the game, and a considerable amount of Feathers from Tamer’s Paradise activities.
    • Feathers are the currency used in Tamer’s Paradise, that will allow you to obtain endgame items like Radars or Hotfixes.
  • A new Breeder route has been added to Deniz: The Sea Queen’s Aquarium.
    • You can find this route by walking up to the northeast of the Sillaro river.
    • It’s also a fishing zone where all Water Temtem coexist. Enjoy!
  • A new currency has been implemented: Novas.
    • Novas can be purchased on any platform through their payment system.
    • Novas will be tied to the platform they were purchased in, i.e. Switch, Xbox, Steam…
    • If the user has enabled cross-progression and plays across more than one platform, they’d have individual inventories of Novas for each platform, meaning they could have 500 Novas on Switch, 1000 on Xbox, etc.
    • On top of this, there is a shared inventory that is multi-platform. It’s mainly used for the Novas that are obtained through the free track of the Tamer Pass and the free Weekly Challenges of the Tamer Pass. Those Novas will go to this inventory and they’ll be usable on any platform.
    • The game will always use the platform-linked Novas first, as they are more restrictive.
  • The Premium Store has been implemented
    • Enjoy a range of rad new cosmetics purchasable with Novas or Feather.
    • These cosmetics will rotate daily or weekly. Items will be divided in the Featured pool, which will usually match the Season’s theme, rotate weekly, and become part of the Regular pool after a while, and the Regular pool, which changes daily and are different for each user.
    • Please note these cosmetics won’t be tradeable.
  • The Tamer Pass has been implemented
    • Play the game and obtain Tamer Pass experience to progress on your Tamer Pass and earn cool new cosmetics.
    • Choose between two tracks of rewards, the Free one or the Premium one, and advance through 60 levels of rewards. Depending on which track you’re in, you’ll be able to enjoy around 20 or 60 different rewards.
    • Please note these cosmetics won’t be tradeable.
    • You will start gaining Tamer Pass experience as soon as you commence the game, but you won’t see the notification for it until you reach Omninesia. This is so new players follow the natural order of the game and don’t get distracted by the Tamer Pass quests.
  • In addition, the Tamer Pass will unlock a new set of Weekly Quests, 4 free and 4 Premium, that will challenge you to explore areas of the game you might not have dwelled into that much.
  • A new ID has been added to all accounts: Support ID.
    • In order to better process and handle refunds or requests related to Novas and purchases, this private ID can be found in the Settings menu of your game. Crema employees might request you share this ID with them; don’t share it with other players.
  • Seasons are now in effect:
    • Seasons last approximately 3 months, and mark the beginning and end of the Tamer Pass and the competitive season.
    • The first Season, Launch Party, is now in effect. Let’s celebrate Temtem’s launch and have a lot of fun!
  • Twitch drops are in effect to celebrate the launching of Temtem’s 1.0 version! Head over to Twitch and watch other Tamers play to obtain some really cool, exclusive cosmetics.
  • 👥A new mechanic has been added: Soulbound Temtem
    • Bind your Temtem to you by using a Soulbinder and gain the possibility of using Hotfixes on it even if you’re not the Original Tamer for it.
    • The OT won’t change, but you will be able to Hotfix it normally.
  • 👥A new item has been added: Telomere Bugs
    • Subtracts 1 SV of an specific stat to a Soulbound Temtem or OT Temtem.
  • A new item has been added: Learning Aid+
    • New and improved Learning Aid, which lasts for 1h and gives three times the experience.
  • A new item has been added: Growth Enhancer +
    • New and improved Growth Enhancer, it will raise your Temtem’s level by 10.
  • A new item has been added: Essences
    • Adds or substracts 100 TVs of an specific stat to a Temtem.
  • A new item has been added: Random Boxes
    • Open these boxes, obtainable using Feathers, for a chance to obtain Radars, Telomere Hacks or Hotfixes.
  • New ways to customize your character have been added to the game:
    • Choose your Loading Screen, or a Tamer Banner to display your name in style; use Sprays to convey what you’re feeling to the world; select from a wide range of cool Battle Intro and Outro Animations, and even pick your Battle Outro Music!
    • Equip your Tems with Temcard Seals that will pop out as they land into the battle zone.
  • Introducing Co-op Emotes
    • Forget about emoting alone. The new Co-op emotes will show you where to place your character for a very cool, synced cooperative emote. Have fun with your fave Tamers!
  • We’ve added some new type of dyes.
    • These dyes have special effects, like Luma-like qualities, emissive colors or even color-changing and rainbow effects.
  • 7 new quests have been implemented.
  • You can now customize the exterior of your house in Atoll Row.
  • New Kudos related to Tamer’s Paradise have been added.
  • A new lobby background depicting Tamer’s Paradise has been implemented.
  • A new language has been added to the game: Traditional Chinese.


  • Luma rate has been improved from 1/10000 ⇒ 1/7500.
  • 👥Luma Temtem will now always have a minimum of 25 SVs in all their stats, including Speed.
  • Like we said during the Golden Week, we’ve carried out some changes to ease up the access to certain features, to improve the experience learning curve, and to facilitate Co-op play.
    • 👥A new Co-op bonus for experience was implemented. Now the Temtem in your squad that don’t get to take part in the Co-op combat gain a small amount of experience, as if they’d been in battle too.
    • Mandatory NPC combats have been reduced by 20%. Some have been moved to a different, less in the way position, others will be distracted and not intercept the player. You can still engage them for combat if you want to!
    • NPC characters now give more experience when defeated.
    • We have reduced the experience penalty when fighting using an over-leveled Temtem.
    • Temtem defeated in Tuwai Shrines grant 50% more experience now.
  • As it was also mentioned during the Golden Week, radars have been tweaked.
    • Encounters have been reduced from 400 ⇒ 300. All encounters will have a bonus of any sort, and all encounters can cause a radar to break, radars will no longer reset.
    • Radars will no longer spawn evolved forms.
    • All species will have the same spawn rate now, 100%.
    • Radars no longer expire, and can be done at any time.
  • Following the changes announced to FreeTem!, FreeTem! is also getting some changes.
    • It will now have a weekly cap of 200 Temtem released instead of the previous 400.
    • Reward tiers will be adjusted to grant the same kind of rewards as before, but twice as fast.
    • We’ve also increased the economic value for each release on a 50%, so that the new cap doesn’t cause a decrease in profits. This means freeing 200 tems in version 1.0 equals freeing 300 in version 0.9.4.
  • Some dialogues have been moved to post-combat dialogues, and others have been reduced.
    • This is meant to reduce the weight of mandatory NPC encounters and dialogue, while still keeping the option available for those who enjoy a good chat NPC chat. The goal underneath all these changes is to make the Campaign a bit more light-weight and easier to navigate.
  • And, as (you guessed it) mentioned during the Golden Week, we’ve reduced the Pansun price of most of the Boutiques’ cosmetics and dyes.
  • SV Saipark weeks have also been tweaked and improved.
    • Minimum SVs have been raised on a 20%.
    • Temcard price has gone up slightly to match and balance this increase in SVs.
    • SV Saipark weeks have been a contentious topic for a while. The changes made are aimed at getting better specimens, but not as many as before.
  • 👥We have slightly reworked the ending cinematic to give it some more punch and not have it end so abruptly.
  • We’ve added all the rewards to Kudos. You can claim all the rewards for the Kudos you have already completed, you won’t have to do them again.
  • We’ve added some informative icons to your Temtem’s display in the Tempedia.
    • These set of icons will inform you in one quick glance of whether you’ve ever been the OT for that Temtem or not, and whether you have owned its Luma version or not at some point.
    • These icons mix and match, and there’s a different one for each of the four possible situations.
  • New zones have been added to the Explorer Kudo.
  • 👥We have adjusted and lowered the difficulty of the last puzzle in Properton’s Dojo.
  • 👥A new option to clear all notifications has been implemented in the Notifications HUD.
  • A new option to display, partially display or hide the Tamer Pass experience you earn has been added to the Settings menu.
  • We’ve revisited the size of some Temtem. Don’t be alarmed if some of your Tems are now bigger!
  • We’ve polished the Pansun icon.
  • We’ve polished or changed the icons for Candies, Fruits, Smoothies, and Telomere Hack/Hotfixes.
    • We have included visual representation for which stat is affected by each of these performance item, and whether it’s an increase or a reduction, so you can skip a step


  • Dojo Rematches no longer give Radars as a reward. Rewards can be obtained with Feathers at Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Dojo Rematches and Freetem! now also grant Feathers on top of the Pansun reward.
  • Ranked wins will now also grant Feathers on top of the Pansun reward.
  • Some dyes are not tradeable anymore, and tradeable dyes have a new icon.
  • Dyes acquired using Pansuns can now be sold in shops.
  • Learning Aid is now tradeable.


  • 👥 Max turns during Competitive battles have been reduced from 30 25.
  • 👥Time for the Battlebox selection phase in Competitive battles has been reduced from 60 30.
  • 👥Turn time in Competitive battles has been reduced from 40 30.
  • 👥Reserve time in Competitive battles has been reduced from 120 90.


The fall of Neutrals and the rise of Mentals: Neutral type Temtem have been, generally speaking, really strong in terms of offense due to the fact that no other type beyond Mental could really face up to them. The issue was that Mental Tems had not really been properly equipped to rise up to the challenge, or at least to be considered enough of a threat. That’s why we’ve tweaked a couple values for Tems, Gears, Traits and Techs in both dimensions of this issue, to balance it all out. We toned Neutrals down a bit, and breathed some life into Mental Tems.

  • #030 – Mouflank
    • DEF has been reduced 79 ⇒ 74.
    • STA has been reduced 75 ⇒ 67.
  • #054 – Gyalis
    • HP has been reduced from 86 ⇒ 79.
  • #116 – Yowlar
    • ATK increased from 77 ⇒ 80.
    • Show Off has been removed from it’s move pool.
    • Cold Blooded has been removed as a possible Trait.
    • Warm Blooded has been added as a possible Trait.
    • Yowlar has unanimously been considered one of the most powerful Tems in the roster ever since it was added to the game. The bulk, along with the ability to self-buff offensively, have created a competitive monster. We believe that to place Yowlar in its rightful place competitively, we had to: remove the tools that allowed it to become increasingly powerful on the offensive, and make its more defensive trait not so insanely oppressive when paired with Hibernate.
  • #124 – Valiar
    • HP has been increased 50 ⇒ 56.
    • DEF has been increased 68 ⇒ 71.
    • SPDEF has been increased 61 ⇒ 65.
    • Stare has been added to its move pool.
  • #137 – Kinu
    • Stone Wall has been removed from its move pool.
    • Of course, Yowlar was not the only overtuned beast at play. We’ve got to address its trusty little sidekick. Kinu has always been the most useful support Tem in every single way. We expect that its impact in battle will be more manageable after removing Stone Wall from its move pool, and it might help place more importance on the healing and tempo control tools it has.
  • #153 – Maoala
    • Double Gash has been added to its move pool.


  • Savage Suplex
    • Damage has been reduced from 140 ⇒ 130.
  • Drill Impact
    • Damage has been reduced from 120 ⇒ 100.
  • Base Jump
    • Damage has been reduced from 107 ⇒ 100.
  • Undermine
    • STA cost has been reduced from 31 ⇒ 28.
  • Psy Wave
    • Damage has been increased from 61 ⇒ 65.
    • STA cost has been increased from 7 ⇒ 10.
    • On top of current effects, it now lowers 1 Stage of SPDEF to the target.
  • Telekinetic Shrapnel
    • Hold turns have been reduced from 1 ⇒ 0.
    • STA cost has been increased from 8 ⇒ 14.
  • Gamma Burst
    • STA cost has been reduced from 42 ⇒ 36.
  • Horror
    • Priority has been lowered from Normal ⇒ Low.
  • Psychic Collaboration
    • Damage has been increased from 1 ⇒ 20.
  • Stone Wall
    • STA cost has been increased from 18 ⇒ 25.
  • Purgation
    • ATK Stages raise have been increased from 1 ⇒ 2.
    • Priority has been lowered from Normal ⇒ Low.
  • Block
    • DEF Stages raise have been reduced from 4 ⇒ 3.


  • Benefactor
    • Healing has been reduced from 10% ⇒ 8%.
  • Mirroring
    • Damage return has been reduced from 35% ⇒ 25%.
  • Heater
    • The Burn status condition is now applied on the ally Tem as well.
  • Brawny
    • Damage increase has been reduced from 20% ⇒ 15%.
  • Water Custodian
    • On top of its current effect, damage received is now reduced by 15%.
  • Electric Custodian
    • On top of its current effect, damage received is now reduced by 15%.


  • Resistance Badge
    • Damage increase has been reduced from 15% ⇒ 13%.
  • Marbles
    • HP reduction has been reduced from 6% ⇒ 5%.
    • STA reduction has been reduced from 15% ⇒ 10%.
  • Nutrition Bar
    • It will now only trigger with offensive Techniques.
    • Nutrition Bar was supposed to be an extra tool to help Tems have a bit more durability after being hit by offensive Techs. In its previous state it caused a bit of an over-healing problem because it was proccing in situations where the holder was being targeted by beneficial Techs. 
  • Refreshing Diabolo
    • HP and STA restoration have been reduced from 40% ⇒ 25%.
    • This Gear has been the deciding factor in way too many battles. Its effect should not be something so binary, so this reduction in HP and STA restoration will help mitigate the weight the Diabolo had on every match, while still having it be a useful and usable piece.


  • Fixed a softlock after starting a Ranked match from the Tempedia’s Photo Mode UI.
  • Fixed a black screen after starting a Competitive Match just before starting the transition that leads to Atoll Row.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock at the end of a battle after evolving a Temtem in a previously battle.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock that occurred when a Player hatched an egg while having the UI for Sticker Restoration opened.
  • 👥Fixed game freezing when opening the Club’s Activity Log when it’s flooded with messages.
  • 👥Fixed losing items when a Player had +99 of one type of item and they received more of that item as rewards.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck under the teleporter from Atoll Row if a Player started a Ranked while traveling between Coral Plaza and their house.
  • 👥[PC] Fixed that stickers could be stored in vault.
  • Fixed players could access club vault while doing a Lair.
  • 👥[PC] Fixed players being able to change SVs, TVs and Techs of the Temtem included in a locked Battlebox during a Tournament/Dojo War.
  • Fixed an issue where the Simplified Chinese translation was being overwritten by Traditional Chinese. Apologies to all our Chinese players who might’ve been confused!
  • [PS5] Fixed fps dropping to 30 every time a Player opened a Menu in PS5.
  • Fixed that eggs’ portraits would change to the previous Temtem in the squad when a Player release another Temtem while said egg opened.
  • Fixed the StickTem! album’s position in the bag.
  • Fixed players could invite other disconnected player if they open the interact menu before the player went disconnected.
  • 👥Fixed that players can get stuck at a certain spot in Leeward Kisiwa with mouse movement.
  • 👥[PC] Fixed being still in dojo park when at 0 encounters left.
  • Fixed the Dojo Clubs locations that weren’t counting on the Explorer Kudo.
  • 👥Fixed some cases where the stat calculation was not working properly when adding TVs
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck by the Belsoto Stragglers at Windward Fort
  • Fixed new Lair Bonuses were not appearing correctly if the player was looking at the Lair Bonus List.
  • Fixed the Going Away Gift trait, as it wasn’t giving more than +5 bonuses to the ally.
  • Fixed that losing a fight versus a wild Temtem would not register it into the Tempedia.
  • Fixed Battlelog button hitbox while in squad UI in combat.
  • Fixed players emoting in Create Party would still continue playing the emote after disbanding the party.
  • Fixed incorrect sound when moving after reconnecting while choosing amount of an item in shops.
  • Fixed Advanced Filter options’ arrow being displayed as unfolded when closing the Filter with the Advanced Filter options in use.
  • Fixed: If we have a reconnection while we are in a popup to select quantity, when we reconnect the sound of increasing/decreasing quantities will sound when we move with the arrow keys.
  • Fixed not seeing STA updated when spectating a Player that used/received a technique that modified the STA of one of their Temtem.
  • Fixed being able to loop the running animation in a specific point of Meadowdale.
  • Fixed being able to see rocks unloading when a Player was moving in a specific spot of the Mines of Mictlan.
  • Fixed the mannequins’ bags moving when the player enters into a boutique. Creepy.
  • Fixed that your Co-op partner avatar would look empty after hatching an egg while in Co-op.
  • Fixed player’s hair and bag moving too much in the Customization Menu.
  • Fixed not receiving the next whisper after swapping the game’s language.
  • Fixed wild Temtem moving an extra step in the battle intro animation with the slow text speed setting chosen.
  • 👥Fixed not showing in the Activity Log of Club the event of promoting a Player to the Warrior Role.
  • Fixed evolving a Temtem via Shrines, Minimonoliths or TVs or opening an egg not counting client-side for the number of captured Temtem shown in the Tamer Info Menu.
  • 👥Fixed losing focus when withdrawing an item from the vault using mouse and keyboard.
  • [PC] Fixed bag items remain highlighted after selected but not used.
  • [PC] Fixed Temessence vial remain highlighted in the bag when selecting it and quickly moving the cursor to other item.
  • [PC] Fixed selecting the Temessence vial in the bag with keyboard or gamepad makes the focus go to the first item on the list for a few frames.
  • Fixed seeing the locations’ names overlapped on the World Map when changing from an island’s map to the World Map.
  • 👥[PS5] Fixed a loop when opening the virtual keyboard in a trade.
  • Fixed map locations’ names overlapping with the prompts in the Map Menu.
  • 👥Fixed Shaolant’s run animation in battle.
  • Fixed loading screens at 32:9 resolutions.
  • Fixed the outside of the Tucma battlezone being too dark in low graphics setting.
  • Fixed player’s rotation when finishing climbing a wall.
  • Fixed some rocks clipping through the Uhuru’s Narwhal port.
  • Fixed seeing, during the Battle Outro of a PvP match, the egg that the Loser was carrying in their incubator bag.
  • [PC] Fixed wrong UI images displayed when opening the game for the first time in resolutions higher than 1080p.
  • 👥Fixed Trait/Gear signs appearing after having finished a battle.
  • 👥Fixed Omninesian Club Dojo’s map showing the Denizian Club Dojo’s name.
  • Fixed Properton’s Narwhal’s save position zone on the dock.
  • 👥Fixed NPCs having Temtem with techs not available in their move pool.
  • 👥Fixed two spots in the Climbing Wall of Iwaba where it was possible to see through the scenario.
  • [PC] Fixed popping of some scenery in the water reflections at Briçal del Mar.
  • [PC] Fixed some holes in scenery around various places in game.
  • 👥Fixed Tateru being able to learn the same technique twice.
  • 👥Fixed getting blocked by an NPC trainer after finishing a battle in the Mines of Mitclan.
  • Fixed players blocking others when triggering an NPC combat while in Co-op.
  • Fixed character appearing naked after unlinking a cross-progression account while being in game. Lol show some decency.
  • Fixed Temtem’s portrait overlapping the description of Pheromones and Radars in the shop.
  • Fixed cannot use mount message was not showing the first time the player tries to use a mount inside a place where mounts are not allowed.
  • Fixed cannot use mount message was showing if mount button was pressed while picking an item.
  • Fixed picking two items consecutively while mounted was not showing the picking item animation correctly.
  • Fixed some players getting stuck after using one jump in the Highbelow.
  • Fixed Egg Timers syncing with the timer of the first Egg in the Squad if they were put in the TemDeck in a specific order and then retrieved after a disconnection.
  • Fixed the fast camera movement that occurs once a Co-op player enters into a building.
  • Fixed Taifu’s off-centered eyes with its model during the VFX leech.
  • Fixed a visual issue in the Outgrowth Technique.
  • Fixed a tree that was getting in front of the camera while a rival Temtem in the slot A used Stone Ball on the Player’s Temtem in slot B while fighting in Meadowdale’s battlezone.
  • Fixed Mawmense getting in front of the camera if a Player’s Temtem in slot A used Turbine.
  • Fixed VFX being displayed wrong when defeating a Temtem.
  • Fixed a popping wall in Tucma.
  • Fixed Lochburg’s map as it was showing an inexistent collision.
  • Fixed a spot in Vumbi’s mesh where it was possible to see through the scenario.
  • 👥Fixed Cerneaf’s empty space above hooves.
  • 👥Fixed Anahir’s model clipping issue.
  • 👥Fixed the texture of a lava waterfall inside Anak Volcano.
  • 👥Fixed scooter mount’s axis bone not being used.
  • Fixed music not stopping in the Battle Outro screen of a PvP battle when finishing the match via Concede or reaching turn 30.
  • Fixed that the Blackhole technique Spanish description was out of bounds.
  • Fixed Telomere Hack items German descriptions that were not correct.
  • Fixed types referenced as characters in some dialogues.
  • Fixed different characters being referenced as locations in various NPC dialogues.
  • Fixed Lochburg College Reception’s dialogue having an option for the Player where they could ask for the Professor even after finishing the main story.
  • Fixed Guilmaster Jatziri talking about repairing the Narwhal in a point of the story when the Narwhal was already repaired.
  • Fixed Carlos’ dialogue talking about having to defeat Percival when the Player had already defeated him.
  • Fixed Miyako being referenced as a character instead of a location in one of Satoru’s dialogues.
  • Fixed a wrong NPC reference in a Zulia’s dialogue.
  • Fixed Cromlech Vendor’s dialogues being swapped.
  • Fixed Tokatl talking about Tlaloc as his brother instead of as his sister.
  • Fixed a typo in the drowning cinematic.
  • Fixed the Customization settings header was not being properly translated into other languages.


  • Cosmetic items no longer have descriptions.
  • The Early Access notification at game launch is no more, and it has been replaced by the ToS. Thank you for all your support during this period, now it’s time to jump into Temtem 1.0!


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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Contact information to exercise your rights: Crema Games, S.L. Physical address: Calle de Ulises, 108, 1C, 28043 Madrid. E-mail: SECURITY MEASURES In accordance with the provisions of current legislation on personal data protection, the Responsible party is complying with the provisions of the GDPR and LOPDGDD for the processing of personal data under its responsibility, and manifestly with the principles described in Article 5 of the GDPR, therefore the personal data collected are processed lawfully, fairly and transparently in relation to the data subject and are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected. However, the user owning the data is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of their data. The Responsible party guarantees that it has implemented policies and protocols for action and data processing to apply security measures and comply with the requirements established by the GDPR and the LOPDGDD, in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, as appropriate, to protect the rights and liberties of Users, who through this policy receive information to exercise their rights. For more information about privacy guarantees, you can contact the Responsible party at Crema Games, S.L. Calle de Ulises, 108, 1C, 28043 Madrid. E-mail:   Last published March 6, 2022
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