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Patch 0.9.3

Patch 0.9.3

This patch is focused on addressing balance changes long requested by the community, as well as implementing a new system for stages. This patch will likely be the last patch of CU1, and we’re now fully focusing on 1.0 launch.


  • We’ve extended the Trait filter to cover eggs in the Trade House as well.


  • This patch introduces the new 8-stage system.
    • Currently, there is a maximum of 5 stages that can give you up to +250% or -71% in a certain stat except for SPD. Each +1 increases each stat by 50%, and decreases it by a variable number (read more here to know the specifics). The maximum of 250%, when reached, can be very oppressive and too much of an advantage. Since each level up was done in steps of 50%, it was difficult to balance and tweak accurately and precisely, and we believed a middle point might be the key. Because of this, and after reading several community suggestions talking about a similar solution, we thought that an 8-stage system, one of the many possible reworks for the stages, would open the chance to a better balancing. We consulted our community on some specifics, and the resulting change affects all Techniques, Traits and Gears that increase or decrease stages in the game.
    • This means Stages can now reach +8 and -8 instead of +5 and -5. A +8 situation will mean an increase of 200%, and a -8 situation will be a 66% decrease, as opposed to the previous maximum 250% increase and 71% decrease.
    • All stats now follow the same pattern the Speed value, that was originally the odd one out, was following. This means SPD now shares the same formula, and can be increased up to 200%. All stats work in the same way now.
    • Techniques up until now could only increase or decrease two stages of a specific stat. With this change, Techniques can now increase or decrease up to 4 stages of a specific stat.
    • Like with the Stamina change in the past, we’ve listed all the specific changes to each Technique, Trait and Gear here, so all of you who are interested can check them out without turning these patch notes into a bible.
  • With a change this big, we’ve also tweaked and revisited a handful of other Traits, Gears and Techniques that were scarcely used and that could use some improvements.


  • #004 – Chromeon (Neutral)
    • Awful Song has been added to its move pool.
  • #018 – Granpah
    • STA increased from 3944.
  • #045 – Babawa
    • DEF increased from 5760.
    •  SPDEF increased from 4952.
  • #061 – Piraniant
    • SPDEF increased from 3742.
  • #068 – Osukai
    • SPDEF increased from 4346.
  • #075 – Innki
    • Sparks has been added to its move pool.
  • #110 – Volarend
    • STA increased from 3842.
  • #116 – Yowlar
    • HP reduced from 8481.
    • ATK reduced from 8077.
  •  #123 – Nessla
    • HP increased from 5058.
  •  #124 – Valiar
    • HP increased from 4350.
  •  #133 – Tuvine
    • ATK increased from 7478.
    • HP increased from 5758.
  •  #142 – Akranox
    • Soil Steam has been added as a Technique Course.
  •  #156 – Vental
    • Beta Burst has been added to its move pool.
  •  #158 – Arachnyte
    • Awful Song added as a Technique Course.
  •  #162 – Anatan
    • HP increased from 5662.


  • Leech
    • Healing reduced from 35%30%.
    • Fixed damage reduced from 35%30%.
  • Savage Suplex
    • Damage reduced from 150140.
  • Metabolize
    • Hold turns reduced from 21.
  • Revitalize
    • Healing reduced from 25%20%.
    • STA Cost reduced from 2320.
  •  Revitalize (Synergy)
    • STA Cost reduced from 1715.
  • Ampere Outburst
    • STA Cost increased from 1115.
  • Cooperation
    • STA Cost reduced from 4 0.
  • Feather Gatling
    • STA Cost reduced from 2521.
  • Hyperkinetic Strike
    • STA Cost reduced from 3428.
  • Hypoxia
    • STA Cost reduced from 3532.
  • Outgrowth
    • STA Cost reduced from 2824.
  • Photosynthesis
    • STA Cost reduced from 70.
  • Ultrasound
    • STA Cost reduced from 2318.
  • Petrify
    • Hold Turns reduced from 21.
    • Trapped Turns reduced from 53.
  • Noxious Bomb
    • Damage increased from 95100.
  • Darkness
    • Priority increased from Very HighUltra.
  • Turbo Charge
    • Priority reduced from Very HighLow.
  • Cheer Up
    • Priority reduced from Very HighNormal.
    • STA Cost increased from 710.
  • Antitoxins
    • Priority reduced from NormalLow.
    • It will now also apply 2 turns of Vigorized to the target.
  • Meteor Swarm (Synergy)
    • Burn turns increased from 12.
  • Sanative Rain (Synergy)
    • Healing to allies increased from 18%20%.
    • Healing to enemies reduced from 12%10%.
  • Soil Steam
    • STA Cost reduced from 2421.
  • Horror
    • Damage increased from 165 175.
  • Hibernate
    • Healing reduced from 40% 35%.
  • Humiliating Slap
    • Damage reduced from 90 80.
  • Perfect Jab
    • Damage reduced from 40 30.
    • STA Cost increased from 17 19.
  • Cold Breeze
    • STA Cost increased from 9 14.
  • Divine Inspiration
    • Healing reduced from 20% 15%.
  • Earth Wave
    • Damage increased from 90 100.
  • Intimidation
    • STA Cost increased from 1618.
    • It now also applies 1 turn of Evading to the caster.
  • Paralysing Poison
    • Poison Turns increased from 24.
  •  Paralysing Poison (Synergy)
    • Poison Turns increased from 46.
  • Seismunch’s Wreck
    • Damage reduced from 110105.
  • Seismunch’s Wreck (Synergy)
    • Damage reduced from 125120.
  • Hallucination (Synergy)
    • Damage increased from 50100.
  • Untangle
    • It will now grant +1 DEF and +1 SPDEF to the target when removing the Trapped Status Condition.
  • Brace
    • STA Cost increased from 5 ⇒ 13.
    • It will now also heal 10% HP of the target if they had the Alerted Status Condition.
    • It will now also remove the Alerted Status Condition after applying the tech’s effects.
  • Look Out
    • Priority increased from Normal ⇒ High.
    • It will now remove the Sleep Status Condition.
    • With the changes made in this patch, Look Out will always refresh the remaining turns of Alerted the Tem has. Instead of merging with the amount of turns left like other Status Conditions work, Look Out will always add +5 Alerted turns. We will review Look Out in the future to make it consistent with the behavior of all the other Techs in the game.
  • Pollution
    • It now also drains 10% STA of the target.
  • Drought
    • This technique will now affect every Temtem in the battlefield but the caster.
    • It now also applies 2 Turns of Seized.
  • Nimble
    • Priority increased from NormalHigh.
  • Diamond Fort
    • STA Cost reduced from 3225.
  • Penance
    • Priority increased from LowHigh.
    • Damage dealt to the target increased from 10%20%.
  • Quicksand
    • STA Cost increased from 1416.
  • Flood (Synergy)
    • STA Cost reduced from 2622.
  • Sparks
    • Priority increased from Normal High.
  • Chains Hit
    • It is now a Fire technique.
    • It now also traps the target for 2 turns.
  • Nito Seiho
    • We’ve added a new effect: it now applies -1 DEF to the target.



  • Scavenger
    • Healing reduced from 20%17%.
  • Mirroring
    • Damage returned to the attacker has been reduced from 40%35%.
  • Cold-Blooded
    • It now works with the Frozen Status Condition too.
    • Regenerating turns reduced from 21.
  • Spreader
    • Damage reduction reduced from 33%20%.
  • Callosity
    • The once-per-turn restriction has been removed.



  • Refreshing Diabolo
    • Healing reduced from 50%40%.
  • Handcuffs
    • Trapped turns reduced from 32.
  • Nutrition Bar
    • Healing reduced from 7%6%.
  • Kaleidoscope
    • Status Conditions redirected onto an ally now have one less turn.
  • Chamomile
    • Immunity Turns reduced from 4 0.
    • Apart from its previous effect, which remains, we’ve added a new effect: when the holder of this Gear leaves the battlefield, every Status Condition applied to them is removed.


  • Fixed getting disconnected from the game chat. Yessssssss at long last!
  • Fixed a softlock when attacking Volgon with Magma Cannon in a Lair.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock caused by the Spectate Mode.
  • 👥Fixed getting softlocked if a Player that already had the “Saipark Scout” achievement closed the game during a battle with one of the two special Temtem from the Saipark and then captured it once they opened the game again.
  • 👥Fixed a black screen after a battle in the Dojo Park if one of the members of the Co-op party reached the weekly encounter limit while the other had encounters remaining in that Club Dojo.
  • Fixed players being able to go beyond the Dojo Park avatars without fighting them while in Co-op.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck in several parts of the map across the game while using mouse movement.
  • 👥Fixed not being able to use the mount if a Player was on a Mount, then started climbing and used a Smokebomb while climbing that led them to a exterior zone of the world.
  • 👥Fixed Dozing Hit working on targets with the Nullified Status Condition.
  • Fixed not being able to access the Advanced Details in the Trade House’s filter if a filter with the Egg Check was cleared by changing between sections in the Trade House menu.
  • Fixed Temtem’s TVs color in the trade house.
  • Fixed luma Temtem not appearing with their luma portrait at the “My Auctions” section in the Trade House.
  • 👥Fixed ETCs and WishYouWell Coins not being included in the list of items available to auto-complete in the Trade House search.
  • Fixed Trade House’s filtered view showing Temtem that shouldn’t be included by filter specifications if the total number of Temtem species was 50 or more.
  • Fixed not being able to scroll when applying a filter in a section of the Trade House, going to the second page of the filtered list and then going to a different section and coming back.
  • Fixed Dojo Park’s avatars appearing without the holographic texture.
  • Fixed Dojo Wars’ UI not showing the correct zone of the bracket for the current round.
  • Fixed some parts of the map not loading due to a specific movement when entering a new zone. This is one of the oldest bugs in the game, from back during the Alpha. So long, pardner.
  • Fixed Temtem portraits appearing white in the battle log after opening the bonuses UI during a Lair combat.
  • 👥Fixed getting the wrong dialogue after defeating a tamer in the Dojo Park challenge if the Player quit the game while in the Pick/Ban phase.
  • Fixed that revalidating a Club Dojo ownership removed all the furniture from the Dojo.
  • 👥Fixed losing furniture if a Club removed a furniture item of which they had 99 units in their Club Vault.
  • 👥Fixed Neutral Chromeon’s color resetting to the Digital one.
  • Fixed NPC Bitrus not being at Kilima Peaks after starting the Twin Peaks quest.
  • 👥Fixed Adia mentioning Mines of Mictlan instead of Uhuru in the cinematic that happens before entering Uhuru.
  • Fixed that one of the cosmetic stores was selling a hair piece not meant to be sellable. It has now been substituted by another hair piece.
  • Fixed one player’s position was not resetting correctly if there was a server reset while in Co-op.
  • Fixed Player names’ swapped in the Club’s Activity Log when retrieving an item.


  • To avoid possible issues, players won’t be able to set Ready in a Dojo War until every battle of a round has ended.


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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