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Commencing the Discord accounts migration

Commencing the Discord accounts migration

Hey, Tamers! We’re now commencing the Discord to Steam migration we talked about in the past. Again, if you have never purchased Temtem on Discord you can entirely disregard this post!

Like we said back then, and following Discord’s decision to remove the ability to sell SKUs through their platform, we’re giving every player who owns Temtem on Discord a free, new and fresh Temtem Steam key so they can migrate their current Discord accounts to a new place. You’ll need to make the migration effective before the 1.0 launch, so please go forward with the change as soon as possible. Here are the instructions, as well as important info you’ll need to know before moving ahead with this change!

Once version 1.0 of Temtem launches, Temtem won’t be accessible from Discord and migration won’t be possible anymore. Any Discord accounts that are not transferred before 1.0 will be lost. Final launch date is still not defined, but we’re aiming for late this year, and although we hope to be able to provide a precise date soon, we’d rather not postpone this process. Please do keep this in mind and migrate your process now, or as soon as possible.

To receive your free Steam key as a Discord owner of Temtem, you must first access our Discord server, find the bot-commands channel, and introduce the command .discord_migration
Once you input the command, the bot will check whether the user has purchased Temtem on Discord, so it’s very important that, if you have more than one Discord account, you use the account that purchased Temtem. Once the bot recognizes the account as having purchased Temtem, you’ll get a DM with a Steam key. This DM also includes some instructions on redeeming the key for those who are not super familiar with Steam. Make sure you have DMs enabled for the Temtem server, or the bot won’t be able to reach you!

To keep your current Discord progress all you have to do is enable and configure Cross-progression (from the in-game Settings, at the bottom of the list) in your Discord account with the platform of your choice. You’ll need to set your Discord account as the PRIMARY account. Until 1.0, the primary account will be the Discord one, with the secondary one being the free Steam key we provide, or a different Steam/PS5 if you want. You’ll need to have both instances of the game open at the same time, and you should open the Discord one first.
Then, once the 1.0 version of the game is launched and the Discord version becomes obsolete, every primary Discord account will be automatically turned into the secondary account, and the platform you had originally set as the secondary one will become the primary. In a practical example, if you had primary Discord and secondary Steam, after 1.0 you’ll end up with primary Steam, secondary Discord. This process will be automatic and won’t require anything of you. This way, after version 1.0, you will be able to enable cross-progression and share your progress with other platforms you might want to play on. If once version 1.0 arrives you don’t want to share your progression to any other account that’s fine, too!

It’s not possible to merge or overlap two existing accounts and two different progresses. If you want to keep a single account you can! But you have to choose which one you want to keep, and you’ll have to manually trade all the tradeable stuff between accounts, with the limitations this might infer. You still must do so before the 1.0 launch, when access to the Discord account will be permanently lost. If you decide to go down this route make sure you check well to see that all tradeable stuff has been transferred, as you won’t be able to access or migrate your Discord account after 1.0. We can ensure a complete transfer with cross-progression, but users who decide to do it manually must understand the limitations of trading first, and be very meticulous to ensure a smooth manual migration.

Again, please don’t delay this process! Once version 1.0 arrives, the Discord accounts won’t be accessible, and you won’t be able to migrate their progress. You will still be able to play normally on your Discord account until version 1.0, so the sooner you do this, the better!

We understand it’s a lot to take in, so please reach us out on our Discord server or social networks if you have any questions or issues regarding this!


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