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Patch 0.7.3

Patch 0.7.3

  • In order to implement the competitive improvements you can find below, and as we announced on our socials, we’ll be resetting all battle boxes with this patch. The tems and gears will remain in your Temdeck and inventory, but the info on your competitive squads will be erased from our server and you’ll have to prepare your battle boxes again. Remember you can do so from any Temdeck.
  • This patch represents the last content update in the Cipanku cycle. We may publish additional patches with fixes but there won’t be any new content until we release Arbury.
  • This update is fully translated already. Enjoy!

  • In-game Tournaments are here.
    • New Tournaments will be automatically generated weekly, more specifically 3 Tournaments every Sunday.
    • Tournaments will be distributed along different time zones so you may join whichever one suits you best (or even all three for all you hardcore gamers!).
    • Joining a Tournament is free, and you stand to win an exclusive Title (different each month!), Pansuns based on your performance and more top-tier rewards.
    • You’ll be placed on any of the four leagues according to your TMR and the average TMR of your group. Rewards are better the higher the league, so TMR does matter.
  • 👥The game is now playable using only your mouse.
    • We’ve tried to test every single interaction (there are a lot!) with the mouse but you may find something that doesn’t work. Make sure to report any problem you might encounter here.
  • You can now visit the Crema offices in Cipanku! You’ll get to help our devs in 4 new quests. Meet part of the team and learn a bit more about us, and get some new Gears in the process.
  • We’ve added vibration for controllers and Haptic Feedback for PS5 users.
    • If you prefer not to use vibration or Haptic Feedback, you can disable both in your Settings menu.
  • 👥PS5 controllers now work on PC as well. Please note vibration doesn’t work for the PS5 controller on PC.
  • 👥Competitive Squads now have a separate Slot for Gears, so Tamers can use the same Gear in different Competitive squads.
    • Gears will now be attached to the slot instead of to the Temtem. This will allow for more dynamic team building, and is a change long requested.
    • Only one copy of each gear can be set per squad, though.
  • The spectators’ characters are now visible in the Competitive Battlezone!
    • Spectators can emote and react in real time, so get ready to amp up the spectacle.
    • Emotes during matches can be disabled from Settings, for those who’d rather focus on the match.
  • We’re splitting Telomere Hacks’ functionality into two new items: Hacks and Hotfixes.
    • The Telomere Hacks you already know will now only work on regular non-luma Temtem.
    • Telomere Hotfixes, on the other hand, work on both non-luma and luma Temtem.
    • All of your previously held Telomere Hacks have been converted into Telomere Hotfixes and they’re usable on Luma tems so you won’t lose any functionality or value with this change.
    • Why are we doing this change now?
      • Over time we’ve seen an increasing worry about using Hacks on anything that isn’t a Luma, because then you wouldn’t be getting the full value of the item.
      • We want to ease up the road to getting perfected Tems for competitive use, but increasing Telomeres’ accessibility wasn’t helping that because of the previous point.
      • Also, with every increase of Telomere access we’ve made, perfected Luma Tems (which should be the maximum end-game goal) have become increasingly more common.
      • Splitting the item into two variants allows us to increment the Hacks drops from all current loot pools while reducing Hotfixes drops too. This allows us to give more tools to create perfect Tems without damaging the Luma economy.
  • A new button has been added to the TemDeck that will let you quickly move a Temtem from the Squad to any empty Slot in a box, and vice versa. It will also let you directly assign or remove a Temtem from a Competitive Battlebox.
  • A new type of emotes has been added: instruments.
    • The first addition to this family is the Toy Piano.
    • Players will be able to obtain it by finishing the Musical Crystals quest.
    • You can play actual music with it, and it will be synchronized between all players in the room. We’ll be waiting to hear your mixtapes ?
  • Other players’ and NPCs’ Tems will be registered in the Tempedia as seen after interacting with them.
  • Added 8 new technique animations.

  • We’ve improved the procedures for server connection to avoid some cases where Tamers couldn’t see other Tamers moving in the world.
  • Added a new backpack folder for Radars.
  • 👥We’ve manually rearranged the Backpack item order to make it more organic and intuitive. For example, Fruits and Candies are now ordered together and according to their stats.
  • When trying to equip a gear, all Gears that are already equipped will now appear greyed-out in the Backpack.
  • 👥The Spectate Button in the Interact screen will now be updated in real-time. No more closing and reopening the interact screen to refresh it.
  • A new Setting has been added: Show Tutorials, with three possible choices:
    • Full, where all tutorials will open automatically. This is the new default.
    • Notification, where you’ll get the option to open or ignore a tutorial window.
    • Hide, where the game won’t show you the tutorials at all.
  • 👥The Lair Party info and the Lair Map are now visible when you get the Revive Pop-Up in a Lair so players can now make better choices with all the available info.
  • The Tamer Info screen has been modified to include the medals earned through Tournaments.
  • 👥Free Teleports are now shown at the top of the list for each island. No more scrolling for Uhuru.
  • 👥A sign has been added to indicate when a Speed Tie happens and who won it.
  • From now on, Loot Pools will show duplicated items with a small number in its icon, instead of showing the item repeated on the UI.
  • The audio fauna system will now only spawn the sounds of Temtem you could encounter on the island you’re currently in.
  • 👥A new message has been added to warn Tamers when they try to use a Scent while already using one.
  • 👥When choosing a quantity (during trades or in a Shop, for example), if you go over the maximum number on the selection it will go back to 0 and vice versa.
  • We’ve improved the legibility of the technique and trait details pop-up on the Temtem details screen.
  • 👥The running animation of Volgon has been improved.

  • Dojo Rematches’ teams have been revisited to correct missing or wrong Techniques, missing Gears and some tems that were missing SVs. We’ve also given the Dojo Leaders some of the new Gears.
  • Enemy Saku’s level has been adjusted in the Sacred Lake lair.


  • The Pick&Ban reserve time has been reduced 60 ⇒ 40 seconds.
  • Turn time has been reduced from 45 ⇒ 40.
  • Reserve time has been reduced from 180 ⇒ 120.


  • #004 – Chromeon
    • HP increased 51 ⇒ 61.
    • Crystal Deluge has been added to the Technique pool of the Crystal type Chromeon.
  • #006 – Molgu
    • Stat changes mentioned in patch 0.7.2 are now properly applied.
  • #031 – Rhoulder
    • STA increased 37 ⇒ 44.
  • #075 – Innki
    • ATK increased 62 ⇒ 65.
    • SPATK increased 62 ⇒ 65.
  • #115 – Oceara
    • SPATK reduced 110 ⇒ 103.


  • Fiery Soul
    • Damage reduced 90 ⇒ 75.
  • Plague
    • Damage reduced 100 ⇒ 90.
    • STA cost increased 23 ⇒ 24.
  • Dim Mak
    • Damage increased 80 100.


  • Guardian
    • ?Now prevents the ally from getting Frozen due to a second Cold status being applied to them.
  • Neurotoxins
    • Will now inflict Doom even upon Toxic Temtem.
  • Sepukku
    • We’ve fixed that this trait was proccing after using Sacrifice or Autodestruction, even if there was no overexertion.
  • Tireless
    • If the Temtem with this trait misses a Technique (due to Evading status or because there aren’t any enemies on the battlefield alive) and it overexerts, Tireless will be activated.


  • Added 5 new Gears
    • Fake Beard, Mom’s Lunch, Morale’s Whip, Redirection Device and Gravel’s Bag.
  • Hopeless Tonic
    • It now only removes negative Status Conditions when applied.
    • Doom turns 3 ⇒ 4.
  • Hacked Microchip
    • Will no longer work with multiple target Techniques.


  • From now on, competitive squads won’t allow having both a pre-evolution and the evolved form of the same Temtem at the same time. This is tied to the new locking system in Tournaments. Sorry, Tylo.
  • When exiting the game, you’ll now hear the fainting sound of a random Temtem. Because how dare you.
  • The Scouted status has been removed from the Filter in the Tempedia, as it wasn’t being used nor has any plans to be.


  • Fixed a black screen that would happen after finishing a Ranked match and returning to a Fishing encounter.
  • 👥Fixed some cases of soft-locks caused after using Serbatiyo’s Wrath.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock after using Cold Geyser on a Tyranak.
  • Fixed softlock in Co-op while using the cable car in Quetzal.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock after reading the book on Types at the Accademia.
  • Fixed timer for the Weekly items not showing the remaining time properly.
  • 👥Fixed the rounding in Stat formulas.
  • [PS5] Fixed not being able to confirm a binding clear.
  • [PS5] Fixed PS5 virtual keyboard opening by itself when we closed the list of all available channels in the chat.
  • [PS5] Fixed having the Tamer’s portrait in white if a Ranked match was found while using the Narwhal.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck in a rock after doing a certain jump at the Gifted Bridges.
  • Fixed not being able to reach the Search Tamer pop-up on the Interact menu, using either a gamepad or a keyboard, if you didn’t have any Tamer on the Recent section.
  • 👥Fixed having unlimited frame rate after setting a frame rate at 60fps or more and closing then opening the game.
  • Fixed seeing wrong STA values on the Capture UI.
  • 👥Fixed the calculations for Mimit’s STA.
  • Fixed obtaining a Digital egg every time a Tamer left a second egg with Mimit on the female slot.
  • 👥Fixed getting the wrong Koish/Chromeon typing via breeding if you used a Mimit in the process.
  • Fixed Mimit being transformed in the Battlebox phase of a Ranked Match if a Tamer started the match while their Mimit was transformed in a PvE battle.
  • 👥Fixed Molgu’s missing stat changes from last patch.
  • Fixed enemy Saku in the Sacred Lake lair being under-leveled.
  • 👥Fixed Anaerobic buffing/debuffing the Temtem with this trait in the middle of using a multi-target technique, so one of the targeted Temtem received more damage.
  • 👥Fixed Sepukku activating after using the Sacrifice Technique.
  • Fixed Sepukku activating after using the Autodestruction Technique, but not overexerting.
  • 👥Fixed Drill not working while using the Autodestruction technique.
  • Fixed Autodestruction not dealing the same damage as the values indicated on the Details of the Temtem.
  • Fixed Autodestruction ignoring the damage reduction from the Gears. Autodestruction really went all out.
  • 👥Fixed Handcuffs not applying Statuses properly if the Temtem used a Technique that procs Tri-Apothecary on an Exhausted Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed Temtem with Voodoo not updating its HP correctly after defeating a partner with the trait Fainted Curse.
  • 👥Fixed Tireless not working if the Temtem with this Trait overexerted while failing a technique.
  • 👥Fixed Toxin Shower only showing the damage multiplier on the caster of the Technique.
  • Fixed Fever Rush visually applying +2 ATK if Chamomile was equipped on the Temtem with this trait.
  • 👥Fixed Crystal Spikes’ VFX showing wrongly placed on the battlefield if it was used right after trait Landing Transmog was triggered.
  • 👥Fixed the bug that was causing Temtem mutants. Mimit’s portrait was appearing mixed with the portrait of the tem they were copying.
  • 👥Fixed that the Remove Trait bonus for the lair would remove the “main” trait of the Mythical on the Altar UI when this ability can never be removed with the use of this bonus
  • 👥Fixed the Resistant trait not being applied to Volgon on some cases of the Mythical battle, so it wasn’t working consistently.
  • 👥Fixed some traits of the lairs and Mythic Temtem not working due to the Nullified Status Condition (Effective Denial, Confident and Wise Attacker).
  • 👥Fixed seeing, on the current Lair, the details of a tem that was used on a previous lair.
  • Fixed losing focus on the techniques when we assigned a new technique from the Learned Techniques list in a Lair.
  • Fixed not seeing other Tamers’ movements replicated correctly after they used the teleport in a Lair.
  • Fixed getting Bonus notifications obtained by other Tamers in a previous Lair while you were fighting the Mythical Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed Radar Temtem appearing in wrong places if a Tamer used a teleport from an indoors place to another zone.
  • Fixed being able to fish in a rock of the Sillaro River.
  • 👥Fixed some areas of Xolot Reservoir where you could use your Surfboard on the ground.
  • Fixed being able to emote during the TemCard throwing animation.
  • Fixed receiving a Temtem over your Tamer Level during the Prision Quest in Tucma.
  • Fixed doing a double Back if you pressed Back while on the Swap menu.
  • Fixed not going back when we right-clicked on an empty slot from the TemDeck.
  • Fixed not being able to close the Notification Center with the same key used to open it.
  • Fixed losing focus on the UI using a controller or the keyboard if a Tamer moved a Temtem in the TemDeck and then used a Medicine item.
  • Fixed blank prompt for Details in the capture UI.
  • Fixed the Pick&Ban screen overlapping with the Win screen if you started spectating a match when a Tamer was conceding in the Pick&Ban screen.
  • Fixed combat UI briefly disappearing a bit before the fade after the Run confirmation happens.
  • Fixed the XP menu showing the wrong portrait on one Temtem after cancelling an evo in battle.
  • Fixed Tamer’s devices not disappearing with the character if someone disconnected while having a UI opened.
  • 👥Fixed Temtem not swapping properly when trying to do so in the Squad menu with some lag.
  • Fixed part of the chat being overlapped by the LFG tab if a Tamer had a regional global channel and a long Club name tab.
  • 👥Fixed the camera focusing on the rival’s avatar for a frame after defeating an enemy Temtem with the technique Matter Teleport.
  • Fixed character’s rotation resetting after selecting an option on the “Scent has dissipated” message.
  • 👥Fixed running on the surfboard if a Tamer opened and closed the Notification Center right after finishing a battle while surfing.
  • Fixed other Tamers moving and turning when they start to pet Momo in their game.
  • 👥Fixed Momo moving while playing the pet animation inside a Tamer’s house.
  • Fixed seeing other Tamers with the climbing animation while not on a climbing spot.
  • Fixed other Players keeping the “…” after a battle if they were writing while they started a Ranked match.
  • Fixed the animation of the alive portrait of a Temtem resetting when the selection of that Temtem was cancelled in the TemDeck while using a gamepad or the keyboard.
  • Fixed a dialog desync in Co-op when waiting for the partner after receiving a new Item.
  • Fixed seeing your Co-op Partner’s portrait in a Casual battle.
  • Fixed seeing the full UI while the message of leave the party is shown if someone with more progress than you breaks the Co-op Party.
  • Fixed Tamers’ name on the Recent section not updating after they change their name by resetting their character.
  • Fixed a very specific bug in which the partnered Temtem wasn’t being updated if the Tamer revived a Temtem that was on a higher slot on the Squad than the first remaining Temtem. Yeah.
  • Fixed another very specific bug in which you’d see other Tamers in the middle of a sittable doing the waking up animation if another Tamer entered a building while the bugged one was changing a cosmetic while sitting down. Okay.
  • Fixed not being able to display the Details of a Technique using the right click of the mouse on the new Technique learned pop-up.
  • Fixed Techniques’ description not being in place if a Tamer scrolled down through the Learned Techniques list with a Gamepad or the Keyboard while having the Technique descriptions open.
  • Fixed a music “gap” between ambience and combat during Narwhal trips. Now music crossfades as intended.
  • Fixed some SFX inconsistencies.
  • Fixed markers on elevators not being shown on the right position in the map.
  • Fixed a building in Mokupuni that was missing an image on the minimap.
  • Fixed the map at the Accademia being white.
  • Fixed that the fauna system would stop spawning Temtem sounds as ambience after a few minutes.
  • Fixed getting the Deniz background on the Lobby when a Tamer closed the game during a Lair.
  • Fixed the waterfalls’ reflections on Deniz’s water were appearing black.
  • Fixed some edges of cliffs with grass not being reflected in the water in Deniz.
  • Fixed that Paharo Drop mountain wasn’t being reflected on water.
  • Fixed some rocks missing their reflection on water at the bottom entrance of Windward Fort.
  • Fixed cut on a tile of the floor of Thalassian Cliffs being visible when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed other Tamers’ portraits being blueish if you Inspected them inside a building.
  • 👥Fixed Obsidian Furniture Doorway being red in the map.
  • Fixed some objects from Nuru Lodge disappearing while climbing on a certain spot from the Jino Gap that caused a change on the lighting of the zone.
  • Fixed being able to see the inside of the Arissola Dojo empty when a Tamer opened the door to the Dojo.
  • Fixed the wrong door opening in a building with a double door at Turquesa.
  • Fixed Tucma Surface battlezone’s grass clipping.
  • Fixed an stretched vertex on Tyranak’s entrance animation.
  • Fixed being able to see through Tulcan’s 3D model.
  • Fixed an extra vertex in Osukai’s back.
  • Fixed the weight on a vertex in Occlura’s stomach.
  • Fixed an extra vertex in Barnshe’s neck.
  • Fixed a random spot on Nidrasil ‘s Textures.
  • Fixed some weight issues in Occlura’s in-game model.
  • Fixed an UV issue on Drakash.
  • Fixed a spot on Osukan’s texture.
  • Fixed an issue on Tukai’s 3D model.
  • Fixed some issues on Adoroboros’ 3D model.
  • Fixed Matcha description not mentioning that it caused avoidance of the Frozen Status Condition.
  • Fixed a typo in the Show Player’s Platform option in the Settings. We’re not Slayers anymore…
  • Fixed Cooperation description not having the healing effect mentioned in any language but English.
  • 👥Fixed all pronoun options not being shown in the description of the cosmetics while playing in French.
  • 👥Fixed the Japanese text for Kumquat Candy and FreeTem.


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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