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Temtem 0.7.2

Temtem 0.7.2

  • The second Mythical Lair is now open, and its Mythical Temtem ready to be faced.
    • The entrance to the lair is locked behind the new “Through a Gate, Darkly” sidequest, which can be started near the Sacred Lake.
  • A new area to explore has been added to Cipanku. This area is also related to the new quest and lair.
  • A new optional route has been added in Tucma Subsurface, accessible from Quetzal: discover the Gardens of Aztlan.
    • This route has been designed with the help of one of our Breeder backers from Kickstarter, Soma.
  • 👥We’ve revisited the Koish Fishing activity in order to reduce its randomness and overall length of the activity.
    • After finding the 4/5 weekly Koish, players will now receive a new item called Koish Lure. This item automatically locks 2 out of 5 Koish qualities, specifically fins and whiskers, of all the following Koish the player encounters in the Nuru Lodge.
    • The Koish Lure will last until the 5/5 Koish is delivered or until the current week is over.
    • We’ve also added a guaranteed reward system that will ensure the 5/5 Koish appears after 1000 battles. After getting the Koish Lure, the amount of battles required for the guaranteed reward is reduced to 500.
    • Overall, the length of the activity right now is reduced to a quarter from what it was before these changes.
  • 👥All Loot Pools now have a guaranteed reward system which over time increases the chances of obtaining their rare rewards.
    • Each time a user receives a Loot Pool and doesn’t get the rare reward, the guaranteed reward system will permanently increase the chance for the next occasion.
    • This effectively guarantees those rewards after a certain number of attempts, helping to reduce RNG.
    • After obtaining the rarest reward in the loot pool, chances will go back to default and the system starts again.
  • We’ve added another new item to the game, the Mini Monolith. This item will let you immediately evolve any Temtem that would evolve with levels, without needing to do any training.
  • 👥Tamers now unlock a new Chat tab after gaining access to the Lairs: LFG, meaning Looking for Group. This chat works globally and can help players find other lair raiders to join them for the chance of defeating the Mythical Temtem.
  • Temtem portraits are now animated in most of the UIs! Because this feature can have an impact on the performance, it will change according to your settings:
    • Screens that show 6 Temtem or less will be animated if you’re playing in Ultra quality.
    • If you’re playing in Medium or Low quality, only the screens that show one Temtem will be animated.
    • There is also a new setting to disable this on the HUD Squad portraits.
  • We’ve added 18 technique animations to existing techniques.
  • The background image for the Lobby will match the island you were on when you closed the game.
  • You can now pet the dog in Temtem too. Interact with a Momo to see the new lovely animation.

  • 👥Pheromones are now improved. Apart from their current effect, the listed Temtem found while using them will have a minimum of 20 SVs guaranteed in each stat.
  • 👥A new setting to disable the white flashes before a battle has been added.
  • 👥We’ve added a Nearby section while inviting users to the Lair Create Party screen. This tab shows every Player in the same shard within the lair entrance.
  • 👥We’ve added a Recent section while interacting with nearby players. It will display the last 5 Tamers you’ve interacted with.
  • 👥The first time a player launches Temtem it will automatically detect the best quality to run on that machine, and adjust its settings to match said quality. This will only happen the first time you launch the game, and you can still adjust your settings as you wish afterward.
  • The first time a player opens the game, and if the game detects it can run on Ultra quality, the UI resolution will automatically be set to 4k if the player is using a screen with resolution higher than 1080p.
  • 👥Players are now anonymized during the battlebox selection phase, so you’ll no longer see who you’re up against in a Ranked match until you reach the Pick&Ban phase.
  • You can now use emotes during a PvP match. Flexing is on a new level.
    • A new setting has been added to remove in-battle emotes for users that don’t want to see these particular interactions.
  • We’ve improved the flow of Control Settings. If you try to select a key that’s already in use, you’ll be notified of the conflict and prompted to resolve it before you can leave the assignment window. This will prevent an occurring issue where a key bind would be left empty.
  • We’ve improved the Back action with the right-click cursor. It will now also work if the cursor is hovering over a button, unless that specific button has a functionality associated with the right-click.
  • Quest Markers on buildings with multiple floors and elevators are now shown on the minimap.
  • 👥Added a volume setting for emotes, both yours and other Tamers’. It’s linked to the SFX volume setting but also works independently so you can leave SFX at full volume but reduce the emotes volume.
  • Added a new music mix revision to Max and the Belsoto leaders.
  • 👥The running animation has been added to the Photo Mode of the Tempedia. Gif-making awaits.

  • The level cap has increased to 72.
  • 👥We’ve revised the Fishing and Postal Service Loot Pools to reduce the randomness of the low percentage rewards. The Sundress excess is over, unless
  • We’ve tweaked the values on the Rawiri battle to make it a bit easier.
  • Dojo Rematches have been rebalanced.
    • We’ve properly fixed Dr. Sasaya’s team this time.
    • We’ve added some of the new Techniques to the current Tech. pool.
    • We’ve swapped some Gears here and there.
    • We’ve given a Dojo Leader a new Temtem, but no spoiler.
  • Freetem will now only grant rewards and Pansuns by releasing Temtem with your own OT.
    • Over time we’ve been noticing an increasing side market that still promoted botting behaviors (camping all week capturing Tems and selling them in batches for Freetem purposes) and created scamming occasions too (like all player-generated services).
  • 5% and 10% Radars have been removed from the reward pools of Dojo Rematches until we find them a better home.
    • Players usually perceive these radars as a punishment due to the amount of time needed to complete them, even after the decreased times we did shortly after the introduction of the radars.
    • While we understand and hear that feedback, we still believe that 5% and 10% radars offer an insane amount of value. Even with the Tems spawning at the radar rate, it is much much faster than hunting them without a radar.
    • Considering everything, we don’t want to do any changes to these radars (especially not reducing, even more, the time needed to complete them) so we’re removing them from all loot pools for now.
  • Pheromones will now net you 2000 1000 Pansuns when sold.


  • #001 – Mimit
    • Digital Whip has been replaced with DNA Extraction.
  • #004 – Chromeon (Crystal)
    • Crystal Deluge has been replaced with Crystal Bite.
  • #006 – Molgu (Due to an internal issue, this change has not taken effect yet and will be activated in the next patch)
    • HP increased 69 ⇒ 79
    • ATK increased 74 ⇒ 84
  • #018 – Granpah
    • HP increased 69 ⇒ 70
    • STA increased 36 ⇒ 39
    • SPATK increased 72 ⇒ 76
  • #022 – Mudrid
    • Added Soil Steam to its Technique Course learnset.
  • #031 – Rhoulder
    • Added Burrow to the Egg Technique list.
  • #041 – Zenoreth
    • ATK increased 67 ⇒ 72
    • SPATK increased 65 ⇒ 70
    • SPD increased 56 ⇒ 60
  • #049 – Saku
    • Added Resin Trap to its Technique pool.
  • #065 – Hedgine
    • STA decreased 50 ⇒ 43
    • SPATK decreased 82 ⇒ 80
  • #069 – Saipat
    • Added Clinch to its Technique pool.
  • #080 – Pocus
    • HP increased 65 ⇒ 70
  • #095 – Zizare
    • Added Soil Steam to its Technique Course learnset.
  • #101 – Kauren
    • Added Soil Steam to its Technique Course learnset.
  • #104 – Cerneaf
    • STA increased 44 ⇒ 52
  • #114 – Gazuma
    • Added Tornado to its Technique pool.
  • #116 – Yowlar
    • HP decreased 96 ⇒ 89
    • DEF decreased 86 ⇒ 82
    • SPDEF decreased 74 ⇒ 70
  • #118 – Garyo
    • Added Soil Steam to its Technique Course learnset.
  • #132 – Tulcan
    • Added Fiery Soul to its Technique pool.
  • #134 – Turoc
    • HP increased 101 ⇒ 105
  • #135 – Tuwire
    • Added Faraday Cage to its Technique pool.
  • #137 – Kinu
    • HP increased 43 ⇒ 47
    • STA increased 64 ⇒ 74
    • SPDEF increased 89 ⇒ 96
  • #140 – Vulcrane
    • Added Soil Steam to its Technique Course learnset.
  • #142 – Akranox
    • Added Mud Shower to its Technique pool.
  • #143 – Koish
    • Quetza-leño has been removed from its Technique pool.
  • #161 – Anahir
    • Added Chain Heal to its Technique pool.


  • Added TC036, Soil Steam, a new Earth-type damaging technique.
  • Gamma Burst
    • STA cost reduced 51 ⇒ 38
  • Serbatiyo’s Wrath
    • The SPATK increment was wrongfully being applied before using the technique. It is now applied only after using the technique.


  • Royal Jelly
    • HP restoration increased 3% ⇒ 5%
  • Rejuvenate
    • HP restoration increased 7% ⇒ 8%
  • Common Factor
    • Nullified will now also apply to the holder of the Trait.
  • Protector
    • We’ve removed the debuffs (it applied Trapped and -10% of the max HP).
    • It will only work once per battle from now on.
  • Fever Rush
    • No longer interacts with the Alerted status.
  • Gotta Go Fast
    • The priority for Rest was being affected by this trait, but not anymore.
    • It will now only affect technique priority, just as its description says.
  • Aerobic
    • The +1 SPD/-1 SPDEF were wrongfully being applied before using a Wind technique.
    • The +1 SPD/-1 SPDEF are now applied after using a Wind technique.
  • Anaerobic
    • The +1 SPDEF/ -1 SPATK were wrongfully being applied before using a Toxic technique.
    • The +1 SPDEF/ -1 SPATK are now applied after using a Toxic technique.
  • Earthbound
    • The +1 DEF was wrongfully being applied before using an Earth technique.
    • The +1 DEF is now applied after using an Earth technique.


  • Added a new Gear, First Aid Kit.
    • Once per battle, if a Temtem’s HP is below 25%, they heal 25% of their Max HP back.

  • Fixed not being able to scroll up in chat while using a controller.
  • ?Fixed a softlock caused by a Tamer starting a Ranked Match while moving the Techniques of a Temtem.
  • Fixed getting stuck between a wall and a wall-facing NPC after defeating them.
  • ?Fixed getting stuck in the Pick&Ban phase of a Ranked Match if one of the participants managed to queue up without a valid Squad.
  • Fixed some cases where Tamers were getting stuck in a Ranked Match with the “Waiting for the opponent…” message.
  • Fixed a softlock that would happen after moving Temtem to a full box in the TemDeck when it wasn’t fully loaded.
  • Fixed a softlock in Lairs caused by defeating a Temtem using a Technique that applied Cold while having the Wise Attacker bonus.
  • Fixeda softlock caused by evolving a Temtem in Co-op when our partner had a max-leveled Temtem in battle.
  • ?Fixed some cases of Radar Tems spawning out of bounds.
  • Fixed some cases of desync in Co-op.
  • ?Fixed that the Stat values in combat didn’t match the ones shown on Temtem Details. The rounding was correct on the Details section.
  • ?Fixed some cases where the Radar UI was working as if you were in a spawn zone of the radared Temtem when it wasn’t the case.
  • ?Fixed that visited locations would appear as already discovered after resetting our character.
  • ?Fixed mouse movement being captured outside of the Temtem window.
  • Fixed going right into combat in the Lairs when attempting to accept a revive message with the keyboard or a controller.
  • Fixed two Lair bonuses (No overexertion and less Hold at beginning) that were not working on Temtem who had any of these Traits: Rested, Plethoric, Settling, Motivator and Tardy Rush.
  • Fixed Temtem from eggs not being able to learn ETCs because they had inherited 4 Techniques from their parents.
  • Fixed Temtem not spawning on a certain grass patch in Iwaba.
  • Fixed getting certain unique bonuses of the Lairs multiple times.
  • ?Fixed non-tradeable Temtem appearing as tradeable if the Tamer applied a search filter.
  • ?Fixed getting stuck between two NPCs in Miyako Village.
  • Fixed not being able to get the Fire Chip at Anak Volcano if somehow we couldn’t finish the dialogue with the Lab Assistant.
  • ?Fixed Chromeon’s second typing not being displayed in the Capture UI.
  • Fixed Kenji’s Chromeon having techniques unrelated to its typing at Pillars of the Highabove.
  • ?Fixed the Hold on Techniques not resetting after a Ranked Match.
  • Fixed that Gotta Go Fast would allow Rest to be used mid-turn.
  • ?Fixed some Techniques and Traits applying a Stage change before the Technique was used (Serbatiyo’s Wrath, Anaerobic, Aerobic and Earthbound). See Balance for more.
  • Fixed Fever Rush activating after the Sleep turns finished and the Temtem got the Alerted Status
  • Fixed Alerted turns being displayed wrongly if the Alerted Status was applied to a Temtem with Doom.
  • Fixed Predatory not activating if the Mythical Temtem defeated our right Temtem with a technique that was the last action of the turn.
  • Fixed Scaravolt’s Half Full trait would display two Stage changes in the battle log, when it only causes 1 Stage raise.
  • Fixed the Alerted icon disappearing briefly at the end of a turn if that Temtem had woken up due to the effects of the Burn Status.
  • Fixed Seismunch’s Wreck swapping the Tamer’s Temtem’s positions during its animation.
  • Fixed Serbatiyo’s Wrath VFX not being shown properly right after Oceara loses the Evading Status Condition.
  • Fixed the wrong camera being used right before activating the Trance trait using the technique Psy Surge.
  • Fixed Temtem’s models getting in the way of the camera when Turbo Attack was used against a single big Temtem like Babawa, Kalabyss, Goolder…
  • Fixed Temtem appearing in the PvP battle zone if the match had started in the transition to a fishing battle.
  • Fixed some cases where the Temtem following you would get stuck if you were walking too close to a wall.
  • Fixed some cases where Tamers wouldn’t physically appear in the Party screen after joining a Lair party.
  • Fixed Koish from all types appearing in the Nuru Lodge if you had the Koish Pheromones active.
  • Fixed being able to fish on a rock from the Nuru Lodge.
  • Fixed some spots in Cipanku where Tamers were able to fish even though they weren’t supposed to.
  • Fixed being wrongly seen as fishing when another Tamer who was actually fishing moved towards the edge.
  • Fixed the Egg Timer having the text box in blue during a Trade, as if it were tradeable.
  • ?Fixed Flood appearing as a TC.
  • Fixed Technique Courses having the Egg Technique icon in the Temtem Details during a battle.
  • Fixed ETC having the Technique Course icon on the menu to learn a new Technique.
  • Fixed the Denizian Priest at the Sacred Lake who was ending a dialogue abruptly
  • Fixed Héctor appearing in Cipanku before having started their Quest “The Writer’s Journey”.
  • Fixed being able to skip some steps in the Broken Chawan quest.
  • Fixed the Back prompt overlapping with the map button of a Lair offering when we opened the Details of an item.
  • Fixed Tamer Info not loading properly if it was opened and closed quickly.
  • Fixed that certain Items (Holograms, devices…) on emotes were visible during the initial Lair animation.
  • Fixed that the writing icon (3 dots) were visible during the initial Lair animation.
  • Fixed that some emote animations would completely break if you used them after the Clap or Salute emotes.
  • Fixed a desync between Co-op partners in the Jino Gap intro cinematic.
  • Fixed not getting the “Waiting…” message after your Co-op partner evolved a Temtem during battle.
  • Fixed that settings were being saved without confirmation if the Settings Menu was closed because of the beginning of a Ranked Match.
  • Fixed being able to access the Main Menu in the Create Party menu if you clicked on a chat tab while entering said menu.
  • Fixed being able to open the Invite menu using the controller in the Create Party menu even if that Tamer wasn’t the party leader.
  • Fixed seeing fog on the minimap if you opened and closed the map quickly after discovering a new zone.
  • ?Fixed seeing the Deniz area if you opened the map in some Neoedo houses.
  • Fixed the Onsenshima Set being tradable. Finders, keepers.
  • ?Fixed that you could force a building’s music to play outside by entering and leaving quickly.
  • Fixed that sound wasn’t playing when pressing the Next/Previous button in the bag.
  • ?Fixed Temtem’s rotation not being reset after interacting with them if they were on a ramp.
  • ?Fixed seeing the the running on grass animation if a Tamer used some kind of teleport (Drone/Smokebomb) to the same zone they were in, even if it wasn’t grass.
  • Fixed seeing other Tamers their idle animation if they found an encounter in the middle of the jumping-to-surfboard animation.
  • Fixed seeing other Tamers move to another sitting place if they rotated on the one they were sitting in.
  • Fixed dialogues exceeding the textbox when they were longer than 3 lines. The text will now be capped at 3 lines and the rest will be shown by following the dialogue.
  • Fixed getting a naming error if you tried to search for a Tamer with their TamerID (their number).
  • Fixed that the Battle Icon would disappear on other Tamers after you reloaded.
  • Fixed that fainted Temtem’s portrait wasn’t showing in greyscale on some UIs.
  • Fixed 0b10 luma not having a trail while moving.
  • ?Fixed some texture issues on Mimit transformed into Myx.
  • ?Fixed a visual issue in Luma Nidrasil’s battle shader.
  • ?Fixed some collisions in a Neoedo house.
  • Fixed Injured Housemate’s right arm clipping through the furniture. No wonder they got injured.
  • Fixed a WIP house at Miyako Village that would show an open door in the minimap.
  • Fixed one light in Jino Gap that was popping when we moved from one point to another.
  • Added some missing rocks at the Nuru Lodge.
  • Fixed “Unique_Kemal” being shown in a dialogue with Kemal in the Narwhal trip from Kisiwa to Cipanku.
  • Fixed the DMG, STA and Priority texts not being properly translated in the Technique details.
  • Fixed the description of Hacked Microchip in Spanish.
  • Fixed that the Crema and Humble intro videos were not using the audio settings from the game.

  • PvE battles with untamed Temtem can go on to infinity now.
  • 👥Specified the “Dojo” part in the Quest Log for delivery recipients located in the Neoedo Dojo.


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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