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War and wages: CU1 is finally here! ⚔ 👛

War and wages: CU1 is finally here! ⚔ 👛

Heeellloooo Tamers! The wait is over, and we’re here today to present the glorious Arbury Content Update 1, or CU1 for short. This update introduces some of the most awaited, biggest features in the game, all at the same time, so this is going to be a long post. Grab a drink of your choice and accompany me as I tell you all about Temtem Plus, a Storage rework, cross-progression, mounts, Trading Houses, Dojo Wars, and more!


Temtem Plus

Temtem Plus is a DLC available for purchase to family-shared accounts in the pertinent platforms (PS5, Xbox, Switch). All primary accounts that purchase Temtem automatically have Temtem Plus without any additional cost. This includes past accounts that have already purchased the game, and any future accounts that purchase the game. Temtem Plus opens up convenient new functionalities for secondary family-shared accounts in Temtem, while allowing us some control over a situation that posed many challenges.

With Temtem Plus, you’ll unlock the following expanded features:
Chat: Unrestricted access to global chats, facilitating finding the best trading deals and the perfect partner for your co-op adventure.
Trading: Unlimited use of the in-game trading feature and access to the Trade House, which will let you check global auction listings.
Storage: Increase your Temdeck storage, allowing you to keep up to 600 different Temtem.

Secondary family-shared accounts were a natural consequence of launching on console platforms, but at the same time were a delicate issue to approach. With Temtem Plus, we offer family-shared accounts a more accessible way to enjoy the benefits everyone else gets, and also manage to patch up an issue that was affecting us economically, organizationally, and in terms of server space.

Family-shared accounts have a huge potential for exploiting and misbehaving, and we’ve struggled with them for a while. Since creating a new one was as easy as creating a new profile, we’ve had plenty of cases where one user would create over 10 accounts to troll or flame via in-game chat, and our resources to handle that were limited. We’ve also experienced people creating countless accounts to profit economically out of each one. On top of this, each family-shared secondary account had the same amount of Temdeck space available to it, and thus occupied the same amount of server space as primary accounts did. With storage space being a struggle, and us wanting to offer more storage to our players at no extra cost to them, we had to address the reality of the advantages that family-shared secondary accounts could easily access.

We considered this a fitting, working solution for all involved parties. If you wish to continue using your family-shared account you will still be able to experience the game in full, albeit with limitations in your interactions with others.

Since Steam and Discord let us choose whether to allow family sharing and secondary accounts or not, the DLC won’t show up for purchase on those platforms, but every Steam and Discord user will have the benefits all the same. On the pertinent platforms (PS5, Xbox and Switch), you’ll be able to purchase Temtem Plus from the Settings menu, under the Account section. This is a one-time purchase that gets applied immediately, so you’ll be able to continue your adventure with no negative effect on your save.

Please note: Sony has not yet allowed us to implement the Temtem Plus purchase. We’ve manually granted it to all main accounts, but for game-sharing secondary accounts that might want to purchase Temtem Plus, you will be able to on May 9th and onwards.


Temtem Storage rework

Ever since Breeding got added to the game, and especially so after the full Temtem roster was complete, complaints about the game storage being too little have reached us almost every day. We’ve been working on a rework for the entire storage system that will allow us to provide more storage space at no extra cost, and ideally help solve all your hoarding issues (I’m just kidding, all Temtem spark joy).

All primary accounts who have purchased the game or purchase the game in the future will get Temtem Plus, which doubles the available Temtem slots, going from 300 to 600.

This is all thanks to an internal rework of the way Storage works and a new, more efficient use of the slot availability depending on the current story progress. Instead of allocating the full 300 (or 600) slots when you start the game, you will now only have access to a small portion and you’ll progressively unlock the extra storage through a quest that will accompany you through the game. It’s a really easy one, started in Briçal de Mar’s Temporium, and continued along other Temporiums in the rest of islands, each one unlocking additional storage until you reach the full capacity at Arbury.

Until you do that quest, most of the slots in your Temdeck will be blocked, which is represented by a greyed-out icon. For players who have already completed the story and have a full Temdeck, don’t worry: nothing will be lost in the process, and as you progress through the quest you’ll unlock those slots and the tems on them, with everything just as it was, marks and all! You won’t be able to use your Tems located in those spots temporarily, so make sure to rush the quest after the update to go back to business as usual.

There are a lot of different players in Temtem, with different needs. The peeps who play Temtem as a single-player, campaign-focused game don’t usually max out their Temdeck. The friends who are forever stuck at Omninesia don’t also need 600 slots, do they? By granting more space as progress is achieved, we have now much more leeway in terms of server space while allowing everyone to access those extra slots in a really easy, free way. Cheers, breeders and collectionists!



Yes, we’re finally at a stage where we can talk about cross-progression! For those unfamiliar with the jargon, cross-progression means being able to transfer and share your progress across devices seamlessly. You’ll close your game on your PC and will be able to pick up right where you left it on your PS5, or your Switch and Xbox Series X&S in the future. Please be aware that you’ll still be required to own the game on each platform you want to play on, meaning that to be able to transfer your account to a platform you’ll have to purchase the game on said platform if you haven’t before. Do not mistake for the family-shared secondary accounts mentioned before.

Like we’ve explained, we needed each platform holder’s green light to proceed with cross-progression for each platform. PC (both Steam and Discord) and PS5 have now granted that permission, so we’re implementing cross-progression as of this update. Cross-progression is treated as an option, and as such must be activated from the Settings menu. You do not have to enable cross-progression if, for whatever reason, you would like to keep your accounts and their progress unlinked.

To link two accounts you’ll have to designate a main account, whose progress will be the one overwriting any other progress, and one or more secondary accounts, which will be overwritten by the main account’s progress. These secondary accounts are unrelated to the family-shared ones mentioned above in Temtem Plus. Once you designate a main account from that platform’s Settings menu, you’ll be given a numerical code that you must input in the secondary account, thus linking them. The secondary account must be deleted in order to be linked. This is to prevent accidents and people deleting their data unwillingly by trying to link two accounts. So before you can go through with account linking, you’ll have to reset the account(s) you want as your secondary one(s).

You can have as many secondary platforms as platforms exist, and the progress will be replicated in all of them once they’re linked. If you decide to unlink a secondary accounts, you can do so, but please be advised that the progress in your secondary account will be returned to an empty state, the same way it was after reset, with no character created on it. This is done to prevent exploits and mischief, and to encourage legitimate use of the cross-progression feature.

Any items in the vaults of your secondary accounts will be transferred to the main account, and the same goes for untradeable items, cosmetics or tems (this is specially important for Kickstarter Backers).

With the de facto addition of cross-progression to Temtem, we can now start officializing the migration of Discord accounts to Steam. We’ll make an official post with all the details in the upcoming future, but do keep in mind that we will provide all Discord users with an empty, fresh, new Steam key that you’ll be able to employ, so please don’t rush into linking accounts until you have all the information.



Mounts are a safer, faster way of transportation than walking around the Archipelago, and another staple in MMOs! Not only are they a huge flex, you will not run into wild Temtem encounters while on a mount, and you’ll go faster than if you were walking. You can get intercepted by NPC Tamers, and you’ll still be able to see and trigger radar encounters, but only those, which will surely make your radar experience much better. Think of how fast and efficient your postal deliveries will go, too!

Should we make it cooler still? Most mounts have an exclusive Surfboard associated with it, and automatically adapt to the terrain they’re on, meaning you seamlessly switch to said surfboard! Our design idea behind this is the same we apply to many other features in the game: to not inconvenience the users by making everything as smooth and uninterrupted as possible, and to require no extra steps from the player. The same enforces when you approach a climbable wall or a rock hop: you’ll be automatically dismounted for the duration of the activity, then automatically mounted once it’s finished. A literal walk in the park!

We’re starting slow with mounts, and only two will be available through this update. We consider Mounts an aesthetic feature, and more will be added in future updates to our cosmetic cash shop and cosmetic battle pass, but we wanted to reassure you that there will be no functional difference between the quest-earned Mounts and the store-bought Mounts. Like we’ve mentioned in the past, we will never offer any paid advantages beyond cosmetic purposes. It will all boil down to a matter of flexing.


Dojo Wars

Dojo Wars are our take on Club Wars, as we mentioned in the past, so gather your fiercest and most active club members and ready up! Each island in the Archipelago will hold a Club Dojo that players will be able to conquer, hold, decorate and profit from. Let’s start:

Dojos work in a weekly setting, with different stages of Dojo Wars happening at different days and times. Sundays are inscription day, and the Leader or Co-leaders can (and must) sign their club in to take part in that week’s Dojo War. You’ll need at least 11 players to play a Dojo War, which you must designate beforehand with the new Dojo Warrior role, or a higher rank. Players with the Dojo Warrior role or the roles above it can take part in Dojo Wars.

From Monday to Friday, a tournament for each individual Dojo will take place. Every contestant Club will join these tournaments, which are split into different rounds throughout the week. During each round, 5 Dojo Warriors from each Club can join and fight in 3 matches against other Club, and the Club with the most wins advances to the next round.

Depending on the number of Clubs that join a particular Dojo War, there can be more or fewer rounds, so the exact timing of each round is variable. However, each Dojo has a timezone associated when rounds will always take place:

UTC 08:00 – 12:00 Deniz
UTC 12:00 – 16:00 Omninesia
UTC 16:00 – 20:00 Tucma
UTC 20:00 – 00:00 Kisiwa
UTC 00:00 – 04:00 Cipanku (d+1)
UTC 04:00 – 08:00 Arbury (d+1)

All times shown are in UTC format.

Saturdays are for the finals! The winner of the tournament and the current Dojo holding Club will face each other in the final round, played by 11 Dojo Warriors. Whoever amasses the most points along the three matches emerges victor, and will automatically become the holding Club for that Dojo. They’ll have to defend their position the next week, but there’s no limit to how many consecutive weeks a Club can hold a Dojo, nor to how many Dojos a Club can hold. Aim for the sky!

All this information and the exact details on when and what is happening are accessible inside the new Dojo War screen, which can be brought up by interacting with the new banners that are located outside each Club Dojo. You’ll be able to access all brackets during the week, regardless of whether you’re taking part or not. Make sure to cheer for your favorite Club!

Once a Club has conquered a Dojo, or more than one, they will unlock two features: Dojo Housing and the Dojo Park.

Dojo Housing

Dojo Housing is just as it sounds: decorate a huge chunk of the Dojo! Edit your Dojo from the Club Banner hanging on its door, and any player who walks in will be able to see your (questionable?) choice and taste in interior decorating.

Only Leaders and Co-leaders can decorate the Dojo, as they are also the only ones who can manage the new Club Storage. Clubs can earn furniture by participating and winning Dojo Wars and every club member can deposit furniture, items, and Pansuns in the Club Storage, but only Leaders and Co-leaders can extract them. Please use the Club Storage responsibly and cautiously, and apply the same common sense you do for trades. If a Club manages to hold more than one Dojo they’ll be able to decorate each of them individually, but everything will come from the same Club Storage. All fees earned from Dojo Park will go straight to the Club Storage as well.

Once you lose titularity for a Dojo, all furniture employed in decorating it will be automatically returned to the Club Storage.

Dojo Park

The Dojo Park is an instance that will open in any Dojo that’s been conquered by a club. It will permanently house that island’s 5% Temtem and another tem of similar rarity, but only those two, which means both will have a 50% appearance rate. Once you enter the park, you will have a counter for 100 encounters, and once those 100 run out you’ll be (kindly) expelled from the Dojo Park. With 6 Dojos in the Archipelago, this equals 600 encounters with the rarest species of Tems.

Dojo Park resets weekly, so you’ll be able to rejoin the following week. Do keep in mind that any encounter left on your counter will expire when the week restarts (Monday 8 am UTC, you know the drill).

In order to access the Dojo Park, you’ll have to prove yourself against the current owners of the Dojo, or rather, an image of them.

You’ll face the 11 Dojo Warriors and the competitive team they used in the Dojo War finals, controlled by the highest level of AI we have in store. You’ll be able to try as many times as you want, but you need three wins per Dojo, and you’ll have to offer a fixed 1500 Pansun fee for each Dojo Warrior you challenge. If you lose, the Club holding that Dojo will net themselves your offering. If you win, the Pansuns will be consumed. Members of the holding club can challenge themselves and their clubmates to access that Dojo Park, but they are not exempt from the Pansun offering.

With your three wins you’ll get access to that particular Dojo Park for the week and you’ll also get a hotfix for every Dojo Park you successfully enter. That’s 6 assured hotfixes a week!

Trade House

A place for trading is a staple in any MMO worthy of the name, and we’re finally inaugurating the Trade Houses scattered around the Archipelago! These buildings, previously closed and brandishing a WIP sign, can be found in Turquesa, Quetzal and Arbury, but all of them share a single trading network, so you’ll be able to conveniently reach all offers and deals from any of the three buildings.

Through the Trade House you’ll be able to post your own Tems and items for sale, purchase or bid on other Tamers’, and easily check any price or market query you might have. You’ll be able to exchange Temtem and items for Pansuns, with no limitation on how much you can list and/or bid for. Taxes are applied, so you won’t be able to list an item if you have 0 Pansuns, but beyond that? It’s free real estate, baby!

When listing a Temtem or item for sale or auction you’ll be able to choose if it’s a buyout sale or an auction, and for how long the Tem or item will be listed. You cannot list tems or items forever, so make sure to check in from time to time to renew your listings!

Items and Tems behave differently when you sell or list them. When you sell or list an item through the Trade House, it will disappear from your inventory and instead exist in the Trade House limbo, a sort of safeguarding storage. If no one bids for it or purchases it, and the auction time runs out, it will safely remain there until you reclaim it or decide to renew the auction.

As for Temtem, those you’ve listed or sold will appear greyed out in your Temdeck, and will remain as such until the other person purchases or claims it after a successful auction. Likewise, the items and tems you win in auctions will safely remain in the Trade House storage, and you must claim them. Items and Temtem you purchase straight away will simply join your inventory or Temdeck. You won’t be able to bid for or purchase new tems if you have won an auction and haven’t picked up your winnings.

Do keep in mind that you won’t be able to cancel offers that you’ve already posted, so make sure you check all details well before listing something.

The Trade House is equipped with a really strong search filter that will allow you to narrow down your search by level, gender, trait, type, Egg Technique and even specific TV&SV values. You’ll also be able to check the most important aspects of a tem quickly when browsing among the tems listed for sale, and sort through the listings.

To prevent newbies from being overwhelmed by too much information, and to help them keep their money for at least a while, you won’t be able to access the Trade House in Turquesa until you unlock it by reaching Tucma, and through a quest. If you’ve already progressed past a certain point in the Temtem journey you won’t have to go through with the quest, and all Trade Houses will be open and working.

Spend responsibly!


Stickers are making its way into Temtem! Experience the nostalgia of collecting and trading cards, discover 200 brand new illustrations and obtain rewards along the way!

The stickers depict life in the Archipelago, its inhabitants, legends and myths, so you’ll be able to take a peek into lore never seen before. Find the sticker album and get rewards as you fill it up, plus a very special and unique reward that awaits if you manage to complete it!

Once you get your Sticker Album, Stickers can be found around the world so keep an eye open for sparkly things. You’ll discover that some stickers are in better condition than others, and that you can find duplicates. Why is that? Because each of you Tamers will get a random, pre-defined pool of Stickers, meaning you won’t be able to obtain all 200 of them on your own! You must exchange your way to completion, so cooperation with your fellow tamers is key. Talk to others, ask your friends about their Stickers, or keep an eye out for the interesting exchanges in the trade chat if you want to complete the full album.

And more!

You know how big updates are! There are balance changes, bug fixes, quality of life changes and more that we can’t humanly fit in here. Read the full patch notes for the complete rundown of everything that’s been added, adjusted, fixed and improved in this patch.

Temtem up!


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