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Temtem 0.6 – Kisiwa Update

Temtem 0.6 – Kisiwa Update

  • This update represents the first part of the Kisiwa update. We plan to release another two more content updates during the Kisiwa cycle including access to new areas on the island, access to the player Housing and more.
  • We’ve introduced a new system to replace current learned egg techniques. Starting on this patch, if a Temtem loses an egg technique due to a balance change, it will be replaced with another unknown egg technique randomly selected from the Temtem’s egg technique list.
  • Translations for new strings in this update are still being worked on, so most of the dialogue in the new island is only available in English right now.

  • A whole new Island: Kisiwa.
    • Continue your progress in the Temtem campaign.
    • Access to the climbing equipment.
  • 25 new Tempedia entries.
  • Dozens of new techniques and traits.
  • Access to 21 new gears (some of them useful for PvE and others for PvP).
  • Some areas from the previous islands have been opened in this patch: hotels and bars have arrived at the Archipelago.
  • The new, improved, and reworked Chat is here.
    • Along with the new chat, we’ve also included chat bubbles for the Local chat.
    • The chat features several tabs:
      • Local: Talk with players nearby in your area.
      • Global: A global chat common to every player. Players using a language other than English will also have access to a regional global chat.
      • Trading: Similar to the global chat, but solely dedicated to trades.
      • Club: Players part of a club are able to keep communication with their club partners here.
      • Whispers: The classic one on one talk.
    • We’ve included several utilities to make the chat experience safer. Now players can report a specific message or block another user entirely.
    • Players who prefer to keep away from the chat can hide it and the chat bubbles entirely from the settings.
    • As is usual with all of our new features, we will keep improving the Chat in the upcoming updates with more features and community suggestions.
  • Players can now create their Club.
    • When creating a Club, players will need to pay an initial fee.
    • Joining clubs is totally free, but you can only be a member of one club at a time.
    • The club has an associated emblem that is displayed on competitive battles and when inspecting the club members.
    • Clubs can be modified at any time too, but an additional fee is required for this.
    • Please note that this is the first iteration on implementing Clubs. As such, there are no real game mechanics associated with it and Clubs right now are only useful for vanity or social purposes.
  • Added four new emotes available to all players: sit (on the floor!), dance, clap, and rock/paper/scissors.
    • Players are now able to customize their emote wheel under the new customization screen.
    • The whole emote system has been reworked so players are now able to obtain and equip new emotes (via quests, redeem codes, etc).
    • Another four emote pack has been created for our backers with the tier Explorer or higher. This pack will be delivered in the upcoming days.
  • ? Added a Photo mode in the Tempedia.
    • Any known Temtem can be inspected in the Photo mode.
    • The Photo mode allows users to take a closer look at every Temtem and explore their animations.
    • It also allows content creators to take screenshots or videos of each Temtem, using different chroma color backgrounds to be able to key them out from the render.
  • Player titles arrived in Temtem.
    • Titles can be managed and selected from the new customization screen.
    • The selected title will be displayed in-game next to the player’s name.
    • Kickstarter backers will receive their titles, which can be set with this new system, in the upcoming days.
    • Right now there are no titles available for regular players, but we will add some in the future.
  • ? Controls can now be remapped.
    • Each control can be remapped to a key, mouse input, or gamepad button.
  • Temtem is now available in Portuguese. Please note that the translation is not yet 100% complete, it is still missing the Kisiwa dialogues.

  • ? Quest markers are now displayed in building doors when the player is outside and needs to go inside a building to complete a quest.
  • ? Improved TV training. We’ve added a couple of community suggested features to ease a bit the process of training TVs:
    • A set of gears that when equipped, will block earning TVs in a specific stat. These gears can be found in Quetzal’s gear shop.
    • The fruits you already know and love now have a new and additional form: candy. Fruit candies will work in the same way as enhancer/weakener fruits but will only add or remove 1 TV point.
  • ? Improved and reworked some Tems textures: Saipat, Lapinite line, Mushook, Kaku line…
  • ? Added thousands separator to big pansuns amounts.
  • ? Increased acceleration when adding pansuns to a trade.
  • ? When adding pansuns to trade, the amount can now be typed directly if using a keyboard.
  • ? Players can now concede battles against NPCs in order to avoid some soft-lock situations.
  • ? Players can now concede a competitive battle from the Box selection and the Pick and Ban phases.
  • ? Dialogs can now be skipped by long-pressing Escape (Keyboard) or B (Xbox gamepad). This will only work if the dialog doesn’t have any relevant node that can’t be skipped (receiving quests, items, movements in cinematics, etc).
  • ? The Battle Log can now be opened from the Squad menu when inside a battle.
  • ? The Battle Log now displays the gears for each Temtem. It will only display them after they’ve been used once.
  • ? When several statuses end up at the same time, the message is now unified instead of showing a unique message per Temtem.
  • Revisited the maximum players per instance in some interiors to show more players around (Dojos, School, Commune…).
  • Reworked the love emote.
  • Added a new capture message when trying to capture uncapturable (catch rate = 0) Tems.

  • The level cap has increased to 58.


  • #007 – Platypet
    • Removed Intimidation from the egg technique list.
    • Removed Shrill Voice from the egg technique list.
  • #009 – Platimous
    • Base HP increased from 71 to 73.
    • Base SPATK increased from 90 to 93.
  • #023 – Hidody
    • Removed Water Cutting Lily from the egg technique list.
  • #054 – Gyalis
    • Added Hook Kick to the learnset.
    • Added Double Gash to the learnset.
    • Removed Show Off from the learnset.
    • Removed Haito Uchi from the egg technique list.
    • Removed Heat Up from the egg technique list.
  • #069 – Saipat
    • Added Ice Cubes to the egg technique list.
  • #072 – Crystle
    • Added Antitoxins to the egg technique list.
  • #109 – Zephyruff
    • Base HP reduced from 58 to 55.
  • #110 – Volarend
    • Base HP reduced from 64 to 60.
    • Base DEF reduced from 61 to 55.
  • #137 – Kinu
    • Base HP reduced from 47 to 43.
    • Base STA reduced from 74 to 64.
    • Base SPDEF reduced from 96 to 89.
  • #141 – Pigepic
    • Removed Hypnosis from the egg technique list.


  • Crystal Spikes
    • Damage reduced from 120 to 110.
    • STA cost increased from 27 to 29.
  • Hypnosis
    • STA cost increased from 14 to 17.
  • Madness Buff
    • STA cost increased from 15 to 19.
    • Damage taken when using the technique is increased from 25% to 30%.
  • Strangle
    • Instead of losing the next turn, both Temtem gets overextended for the next turn.


  • Fainted Curse
    • Damage done to the attacker when knocked-out is reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Thick Skin
    • Trigger changed from receiving a Fire technique to receiving a Wind technique.

  • Fixed being blocked by an NPC in the Prasine Coast after reconnecting in a specific spot.
  • Our Co-op partners no longer freeze after trying to exit a room while we receive a key item.
  • ?Fixed the desynchronization of extra time that caused turns to finish with remaining time.
  • Fixed visual bugs in the Arissola sky.
  • Fixed being unable to Press Any Key or cancel evolution with the controller after launching from Steam with the wrong config.
  • ?Fixed being stuck in the Quetzal Dojo.
  • ?Fixed Temtem moving after being frozen with technique Ice Stalactite.
  • ?Fixed a bit of bugged text after battling Amitlatl and Amiyatzin in Kupeleleza.
  • ?Fixed game volume dropping after tabbing back to it.
  • ?Fixed some Temtem spamming Stare or Slime despite having other Techniques.
  • Removed the mysterious “Hola” language from the Configuration.
  • ?Fixed a bug in stamina recovery after swapping a Temtem in.
  • Updated Rend’s description.
  • Fixed the fog in Cenote not disappearing the first time we step in.
  • Max will now appear with the proper attire if we reach the end of the Shipwreck in Tucma! quest without closing the game.
  • ?Fixed a bug where switching one Learned Technique for another in Details would be reverted after evolving that Temtem from Details.
  • The message letting players know their set had been changed back to the incognito set in the Quetzal Dojo now appears even if players change while sliding.
  • Fixed seeing some Temtem during the animation of throwing a TemCard.
  • ?Fixed an issue that caused Temtem to appear with fully charged Hold techniques in turn 0 of a PvP match.
  • ?Fixed STA not being properly updated in Spectate mode after using Rest.
  • Fixed getting stuck with the Stowaway if our boxes and squad are full when he returns our Temtem.
  • Fixed a situation in Co-op where, if we had our boxes and squad full while speaking to the Stowaway, and our partner had already finished the Prison quest, they could continue and we would not get our Temtem back.
  • ?Fixed not showing the right attire in the cinematic scene after beating the Quetzal Dojo.
  • ?Fixed our Co-op partner still appearing in the incognito set in the cinematic scene after beating the Quetzal Dojo.
  • ?Fixed being able to see the results of our first match against Max/Lottie if we replay the encounter in Co-Op.
  • Fixed the Luma counter going up after trading an egg with a Luma in it.
  • ?Fixed seeing our character with the appearance of an NPC if we skip through dialogues too fast.
  • Fixed a bug that removed the Sleep status triggered by the passive Trance at the end of the same turn when it triggered
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player to get stuck on the reminder to wear the incognito gear if they were in Co-op and didn’t have the incognito set.
  • Fixed the message not appearing when one player removes the Belsoto set while in Co-op on the Banyan.
  • ?Fixed a cinematic camera glitch after completing the Giant Banyan in Co-op.
  • ?Fixed the wrong Temtem name appearing in the message while trying to swap a trapped Temtem.
  • Fixed some visual defects along the riverbed of the Prasine Coast.
  • ?Fixed being able to see inside a rock in the lake of the Thalasian Cliffs.
  • ?Fixed Fomu and Wiplump displaying the wrong colors in-game.
  • ?Fixed some wrongly-configured reflections on the water of the Xolot reservoir.
  • ?Fixed Adia Turay appearing in more than one place at the same time.
  • Fixed the preview of stamina usage getting shown while the turn takes place if players use a shortcut while choosing action.
  • Fixed Yareni not showing the quest icon on the map in Queztal Dojo.
  • Fixed being unable to choose a dialogue option with the keyboard if we talk to an NPC right after entering a building.
  • The Sinergy for High Pressure Water now applies 3 turns of Burn, as its description says.
  • ?Fixed the HP gained from TV training not autofilling the Temtem’s health.
  • Fixed a bug that caused growth enhancers to add more health than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed us to continue without the quest attire if our Co-op partner left the game while we were seeing the warning message.
  • ?Fixed a bug that would not allow players to select other player’s clothes while inspecting a tamer card using a controller.
  • ?Fixed a minor duplicate SFX bug when releasing Temtem with a double click.
  • ?Fixed a missing collision in one glass panel in a Quetzal house
  • ?Fixed a bug that caused a Temtem model to disappear in combat if it, along with an identical Temtem, had been defeated by a double attack from Nidrasil that had triggered Tri-Apothecary in a previous combat.
  • Fixed an overlapping message to leave coop during a cinematic after getting an item.
  • ?Fixed a bug where the “Unequip gear” message would appear while trading a Temtem with a breeding item, but the item would not be unequipped.
  • ?Fixed an NPC Trainer in the Tucma Mines getting stuck against a wall for a while.
  • Fixed what caused that pressing Menu and Alt Menu at the same time with the Menu open would remove the focus from the Menu.
  • Fixed long Gear names getting cropped by SVs and TVs in the Temtem details.
  • ?Fixed that, when trading a Temtem with a held item with an NPC, we’d get the Unequip prompt but the item would be lost during the trade.
  • Fixed an issue that caused other players in the room to not see a Smoke Bomb replicated if we used it while sitting, to teleport to the same room we’re in.
  • Fixed some pixels that stuck out of Temtem portraits.
  • Fixed a system message appearing when we remove the Nullified status with another Status condition.
  • ?Fixed a visual bug that caused the speed arrow to appear in the wrong place in turn 0.
  • Fixed a bug that would make us enter and leave a building repeatedly if we tried to exit it as we left Co-op.
  • ?Fixed some Co-op dialogues that had wrong pronouns/gendered adjectives.
  • ?Fixed some issues with the rounding of HP percentages after receiving Burn or Poison.
  • ?Fixed a bug that would trigger Avenger twice if your ally fainted from overexertion downing an enemy with Fainted Curse.
  • ?Fixed an issue that caused players to move without the proper animation if they changed their clothes while skating.
  • Fixed a bug that would leave players stuck while sliding on a crystal patch.
  • ?Fixed the issue of getting stuck if an egg hatched while we were sitting on certain places.
  • Fixed the message that appeared when we remove two Status conditions by applying two new ones, as it only implied one.
  • ?Fixed the rest of the players seeing our character turn around when we interact with the Temtem following us.
  • ?Fixed an issue that blocked players when they canceled an action with the Temtem in slot B and then tried to interact right away.
  • ?Fixed an issue that caused the focus to be lost after opening the exit menu while taming a Temtem.
  • ?Fixed Kinu knowing Intimidation.
  • Fixed being stuck behind a Tucma NPC after leaving Co-op.
  • ?Fixed seeing our Co-op partner floating after the cinematic cutscene post Narwhal crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an overexerted Temtem to remain overexerted during the whole match if we place it in combat.
  • Fixed being able to see the Surfboard during a Breeding Scene at a certain point in Omninesia.
  • Fixed the Victory screen not being shown in the first PvP match we surrender during the Battlebox Choice or Pick/Ban phases.
  • Fixed having to see a combat tutorial after leaving Spectator mode.
  • Fixed the Blackout tutorial not mentioning losing money after being defeated by wild Temtem.
  • Fixed an issue where, if the connection fails right before we get the message on obtaining Lady Lottie’s diary, the quest for it won’t start.
  • ?Fixed a missing collision in a bookcase inside a Quetzal building.
  • Fixed a black line that could be seen in the Sillaro River Mini Temporium if we quickly equip and unequip our Surfboard.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause one player to stop seeing another’s movement if they rejected a Co-op invitation.
  • Fixed sitting NPCs turning their heads in the wrong direction when spoken to from behind.
  • Fixed a reference to character name appearing while renaming a Temtem and triggering the profanity filter.
  • Fixed Adia Turay appearing during a frame while entering Smiths’ Guild.
  • Fixed getting disconnected while changing video quality in Settings on some slow machines.
  • Fixed Carlos facing a wall in a hiding spot after defeating some of the Belsoto grunts in the Banyan.
  • Fixed the camera getting inside one Nanga building.
  • Fixed not seeing the Battle Log prompt if we start spectating after a player has already chosen their actions.
  • Fixed the issue with getting 1/01/1970 as the Apprentice Eve when creating a new character.
  • Fixed Shuine not appearing in certain slots of some Victory animations.
  • ?Fixed the issue that caused players with long names and Tamer IDs to have their IDs cropped upon profile inspection.
  • Fixed some visual issues during the Zadar intro when setting to 21:9.
  • Fixed a bug that teleported players to the Narwhal if they spoke to Captain Magda without having completed Tucma.

  • Server reset time for activities like Saipark or FreeTem has changed from 12:00 am EDT to 04:00 am EDT.


Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by or reported by our community in our Forums.


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