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Temtem 0.6.1

Temtem 0.6.1

  • Fixed Chain Lightning animation not working.
  • ? Fixed a couple of cases where players could see a repeated cinematic after opening Uhuru’s gates.
  • Fixed post-General X fight cinematic re-happening every time the user enters the hotel room.
  • Fixed a non-working spawn zone in the Jino Gap.
  • Fixed regional Global chat getting deleted after opening the Settings menu.
  • Fixed some visual errors on objects popping in Quetzal’s background when players were near the Narwhal.
  • Fixed some new medicine items not having the correct selling price set (Ether++, Tonic++, Blam++, Full Revive).
  • Fixed some incorrect collisions on climbing spots in Kisiwa.
  • ? Fixed Gamma Burst and Psychosis not having a description.
  • Fixed Uhuru’s invasion music not playing after defeating a Belsoto.
  • Fixed Uhuru’s invasion music not playing after reconnecting before the General X battle.
  • ? Fixed a couple of spots where players could get stuck in a Belsoto battle after defeating them.
  • Fixed Map labels not appearing on new areas (Kisiwa, Bandit Camp, Coral Plaza…).
  • ? Fixed a rare case where players could get stuck in Vumbi’s after tunnel cinematic.
  • Fixed breeding gears visually disappearing after equipping one.
  • ? Fixed a couple of Dojo NPC tamers that could get interacted behind a wall.
  • ? Fixed players stuck while being on coop, climbing and the partner entering an untamed Temtem battle.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by or reported by our community in our Forums.


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