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Temtem 0.6.6

Temtem 0.6.6

  • This patch includes translations for all the current content in all the supported languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

  • Trance now only activates once per battle the first time the temtem is below 30% HP as intended.
  • Alerted and Evading now apply a negative multiplier on the capture rate.
  • ?Fixed a position where players could get stuck behind an NPC in Turquesa.
  • Fixed several positions where players could get stuck behind some NPCs in Chini Grotto.
  • ?Fixed incorrect story quest markers appearing in the map at Citerior Omninesia and Ulterior Omninesia after completing the Omninesia main quest.
  • Fixed an unreachable dialogue line from an NPC at Narwhal’s crash site in Tucma.
  • Fixed incorrect sounds playing in the pick/ban phase when you move the cursor around.
  • Fixed a typo in a dialogue from Briçal’s del Mar newspaper seller.
  • ?Fixed Akihiro sitting position when talking to him from certain angles.
  • ?Fixed a softlock when trying to skip the dialogue in the Quest “Lights, camera, action!”.
  • Fixed a coop dialogue with certain Belsotos in Windward Fort that took a long time to load for one of the players.
  • ?Fixed some NPC tamers in the salt mines blocking the player’s way after finishing a battle against them.
  • ?Date formatting is now the same on both Club and Tamer Info.
  • ?The Swap screen in battles can now be closed using the right click from the mouse, similar to other screens.
  • Fixed some other screens where right click on the mouse didn’t close them.
  • ?Fixed some cases where a Temtem could execute a different technique than intended after learning a technique through a technique course.
  • Fixed being able to move during some frames when giving a grow enhancer to a Temtem.
  • Fixed some UI issues when using the latest available Growth Enhancer in the inventory.
  • ?Fixed some houses in Uhuru playing Vumbi’s music.
  • ?Fixed being able to complete Better Future: Phaedra if you spoke with Pasipahe and you hadn’t spoken with the Professor yet.
  • Fixed an unreachable dialogue line from some NPCs in Uhuru.
  • ?Fixed a typo in the receptionist’s dialogue at Nuru Lodge.
  • ?Fixed some cases where dyes weren’t applied on cosmetics with more three or four dye slots.
  • ?Fixed the chat not being reconnected after hitting the reconnect button when disconnected for idling.
  • Fixed a black screen after disconnecting when your last Temtem faints while being in the overworld.
  • ?Fixed users getting kicked after using multiple Fruit Candies.
  • Fixed a visual bug on the location sign when changing to a zone with a very long name.
  • Fixed chat channel names not being updated after swapping the current language.
  • Fixed not being teleported to the Temporium if the player loses connection when their last Temtem faints in the overworld.
  • Fixed the Backpack stopping being responsive after losing the connection when using an item.
  • Fixed a soft lock occurring when one player of the co-op party was evolving a Temtem and the other players started a battle.
  • ?Fixed eggs not hatching while in a co-op party.
  • ?Fixed some places near the Nuru Lodge where the location sign wasn’t correctly configured.
  • Fixed players seeing their co-op partner Tems in their evolved form even after the evolution was canceled.
  • Fixed some cases where NPCs were walking against objects.
  • Fixed incorrect Temtem name coloring in the error message when the Temtem can’t learn a Technique Course.
  • Fixed players having Aina’s animations when resetting the character and choosing a specific animation style.
  • Fixed misspelling in a dialogue with an NPC from Nuru Lodge.
  • ?Fixed team target techniques now correctly applying temtem passives even when one of the objectives eludes the technique.
  • ?Fixed keybindings not working properly with RT button in Xbox controllers.
  • Changed the battlezones for casual combats at Matope Road for the correct ones.
  • ?Fixed Gears and Traits adding an extra S letter after an apostrophe when the Temtem’s name ended in S.
  • Fixed following temtem rotation when players rotate while sitting on a bench.
  • Fixed a bug that lets players cancel a Trade if they opened the Customize Character Menu via the fitting room in the Boutique leaving the other Player inside the Trade Menu.
  • Fixed some cases where climbing wasn’t working properly while using a controller.
  • ?Fixed incorrect STA recovered displayed on Tems on the bench.
  • ?Fixed Overworld screen being shown over the Temtem Details screen after triggering an evolution manually in some buildings.
  • Fixed a cinematic skip using a smoke bomb in the Narwhal.
  • Fixed incorrect level being shown on co-op partner’s eggs.
  • ?Fixed Garyo being able to trigger autotomy twice.
  • Fixed remote players fading out and in after changing their title.
  • ?Fixed Demoralize not affecting a Temtem when Raize enters replacing a fainted Temtem and at the same time, a rival Temtem enters the battle.
  • ?Fixed Doom status going down straight to 0 when the Temtem gets knocked-out by poison.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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