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Temtem 0.5 – Early Access

Temtem 0.5 – Early Access

  • Added French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese translations. Translations are a work in progress so it is expected to have some parts of the game missing localizations.
  • Added a “Redeem” option in the main menu in order to redeem promo codes (Kickstarter backers, future promotions, etc).
  • Added a search button on the friends screen. Works both using the exact name or the tamer ID.
  • Added hidden hotkeys for every possible action in battle
    • Technique One: LT+X / Key 1
    • Technique Two: LT+Y / Key 2
    • Technique Three: LT+A / Key 3
    • Technique Four: LT+B / Key 4
    • Swap: RT+X / Key 5
    • Rest: RT+Y / Key 6
    • Item: RT+A / Key 7
    • Run: RT+B / Key 8
  • Added a setting to tweak the dialogs’ speed.
  • Added a setting to disable the characters’ voices in dialogs.
  • Added a setting to disable the chat (although in the current early access release, it will be always disabled while we work on the final chat implementation).
  • Added a profanity filter check to the character names.

  • Improved the starter pick animation.
  • Improved the character creation screen: removed scrolls, increased size of the body type sprites, tweaked how the style animations are displayed…
  • Added and changed some of the cosmetics available during the character creation to allow more diversity in options.
  • When two players send each other the same online request (co-op, add friend, trade…), the request will be automatically accepted.
  • Added a cooldown after finishing a conversation and before starting it again.
  • Improved navigation in the Squad interface when in co-op.
  • Added a visual cue in the HealTem machines to depict the Temessence Phial refilling.
  • Added a system message when a co-op party is created.
  • Emotes menu won’t cancel notifications anymore.
  • Added a gender filter in the Temdeck.
  • Added all current breeding gears to the breeding center store.
  • Time required for creating an egg has been reduced from 25 / 15 to 10 / 5.
  • During the animation when sending a Temtem, the proper Temcard will now be displayed.

  • ? Regenerating tutorial showing an incorrect HP recovered amount.
  • ? Incorrect EXP showed after using a growth enhancer.
  • Being able to use several items from the Backpack when having high lag.
  • Paparazzo’s quest marker not being displayed in the minimap.
  • Being able to pick items near a wall while sliding.

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