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Temtem 0.5.9

Temtem 0.5.9

  • Added a new Setting for choosing the target framerate while the game is running on the background.
  • French and Japanese translations completed.

  • Retweaked experience and level up sounds.
  • Terminating a co-op party will now teleport you back to your original position before starting the co-op party. This helps solve some cases where a player could get stuck with items they have only got by doing a co-op party (stuck in an island without surf, stuck in a crystal place without skates…). This will only affect players whose savegame is being lowered by creating the co-op party.

  • Fixed not being able to use the Acid-Proof Surfboard while on co-op.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in battles after exiting the game mid battles and getting back after waiting at least two hours.
  • Fixed being able to filter eggs by their gender.
  • Fixed being stuck in battles after using the run hotkey.
  • Fixed some more cases where known Tems weren’t registered in the Tempedia.
  • Fixed the Tempedia not displaying the latest Tem if the last two were Unknown.
  • Fixed a zone in the Xolot Reservoir where players got kicked out by the server while surfing.
  • Fixed default dialog type speed being set to slow.
  • Fixed some more cases where players were incorrectly being reported as busy.
  • Fixed some pronoun tags not being replaced correctly.
  • Fixed some more dialogs.


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