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Temtem 0.5.10

Temtem 0.5.10

  • Four-leaf clover can now be acquired without using the Skates.
  • Every Temtem spawn zone from the Anak Volcano has been replicated in new zones in the exterior too in order to have access to them without using the Skates.
  • The basic Temcard and Balm can now be acquired from every Temporium and miniTemporium.
  • Improved movement sync on remote players.

  • Fixed a squad desync after capturing and releasing a Temtem and capturing another one in the same battle.
  • Fixed some problems introduced in the previous patch with the co-op teleport feature.
  • Fixed being stuck after creating a co-op party just after the partner enters your server room.
  • Fixed fainter curse visual order to display the Temtem being knocked-out after the target Temtem.
  • Fixed some problems in battles after releasing a Temtem.
  • Fixed a UI scale issue in the Notification Center when deleting or accepting multiple notifications.
  • Fixed some errors inspecting other users after their characters were deleted.


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