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Temtem 0.1.7

Temtem 0.1.7


  • Luma Fomu and Wiplump are now available. So cute!
  • Added animations, effects, and audio to swapping Temtem.
  • Added a confirmation popup when releasing a Temtem or quitting the game.
  • Added a new jingle at the end of battles.


  • You can now rotate the character on the Character Creation!
  • You can now change and preview all the animations for each style on the Character Creation!
  • More improvements on Battle pacing and timings.
  • More improvements on how Mouse and Keyboard work together.
  • Improved how the text typing sound works. It now pauses when the text pauses or ends and it’s better timed.
  • Improved Max and Lady Lottie cinematics in order to play the correct music.



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