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Patch 0.7.5

Patch 0.7.5

  • We’ve changed the minimum number of players for a Tournament to 21.
  • We’ve also made some improvements to the way Tournaments are created, to ensure the highest possible number of tournaments.
    • Before, the system would try to pack as many players as possible in a tournament until it was filled entirely, even if it meant that 10 other players would not get a tournament at all. Now, it will take into account the number of participants and split them so it can create as many tournaments per league as possible.
  • 👥We’ve revisited and improved the current Tournament rewards so they’re more consistent:
    • We’ve improved and upped the rewards for winning a Tournament.
    • We’ve also added rewards for the top 4 players of each Tournament. These don’t affect the current Pansun rewards nor the rewards for winning; these only add to them.
  • 👥Tamers can’t face the same rival twice in a row while playing ranked matches.
    • Although the current system already tried hard not to match you with the same person twice in a row, it was still occasionally happening. Now it will no more.
  • 👥We’ve added visual and sound cues to PVP timers
    • These cues will go off on key moments of your turn to help you better manage your time during a match.
    • This has been planned for a while, but we’ve decided to push it forward due to the feedback of the community after Tournaments, where timers are different to the ones in Ranked Competitive.

  • 👥Fixed more instances where the Temtem’s stat values wouldn’t match the ones obtained through the formula.
  • Fixed a softlock occurring when a Tamer tried to spectate another one that was conceding in the Pick&Ban phase or during the Battlebox selection.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock that’d happen when a Temtem earned experience the battle after having evolved.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock when spectating someone with a Temtem that had the Regenerating Status Condition activate right before their rival swapped out a fainted Temtem.
  • Fixed showing the match skipped as won when a Tamer advanced rounds automatically in a Tournament.
  • Fixed that Tamers would stop moving if their character jumped over a ledge they shouldn’t have jumped during the pathfinding of Mouse only control.
  • Fixed Autodestruction not winning the match when it defeated the last Temtem on the battlefield.
  • 👥Fixed that Mythical Temtem were losing two lives instead of one when they faint. This was happening because of damage-affecting traits such as Mirroring or Voltaic Charge.
  • 👥Fixed the Aerobic and Anaerobic traits activating even when trying to hit a target that was evading.
  • Fixed not being able to see the Stat changes happening with the Aerobic Trait after using the Hyperkinetic Strike technique.
  • 👥Fixed that the message of “Mimit damaged itself” was appearing after it received damage right before transforming and adjusting its HP values.
  • Fixed that the Timer would stop if a Tamer disconnected the same turn one of their Temtem fainted, and then reconnected in the Swap menu.
  • Fixed Haruki’s Chromeon having attacks that doesn’t correspond to its typing in Cipanku’s Rice Fields.
  • 👥Fixed Adia being in Kisiwa after arriving to Cipanku.
  • 👥Fixed Temtem overlapping in the Competitive Battlebox portraits when switching between boxes while hovering over one Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed that the Minimonolith’s big sprite would appear as the Reactive Vial sprite in the Backpack if the UI resolution was set to 1080.
  • Fixed trait signs being shown in the world if a Tamer left the Spectate mode between the end and the beginning of a turn.
  • Fixed that Temtem’s and Tamers’ footprints were appearing in the battlezones.
  • Fixed that the wrong camera would be used if a stat-changing trait was activated right before using the Tsunami technique.
  • Fixed Details prompt being shown while hovering over the Continue button in the Rewards menu for Tournaments.
  • Fixed that pronouns IDs were being shown in a dialogue with Captain Magda in Deniz.
  • 👥Fixed the music being too low when you entered a battle after skipping a dialogue.
  • 👥Fixed following Temtem being able to clip through a door in Neoedo.

  • Other Tamers are now invisible in the photo areas while doing the Winners Use References quest. Enough photobombing.
  • We’ve changed the message that indicates your TMR after you finish your placement matches. Instead of telling you that your TMR has increased from 0 to the number, it will simply tell you what your TMR is.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


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