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Temtem 0.6.3

Temtem 0.6.3

  • Improved the rendering on dark-skinned player UI avatars to reduce the extra amount of blue light.

  • ? Fixed some cases where users got a black screen after opening the game (especially after closing it in the Breeding center).
  • ? Fixed several cases where players got a black screen after finishing a co-op battle.
  • ? Fixed a soft lock when using Willpower Drain on PVP.
    • Due to this bug, pansun rewards on Ranked PVP were removed for the weekend. The rewards have been enabled again, we’ve also seized the moment and upped the rewards a bit and we will do a bonus pansun reward during this next weekend.
  • ? Fixed Team Elusive not being triggered correctly by a Temtem with Evasion.
  • Fixed a soft-lock while on co-op after the party leader reconnected while in a battle.
  • ? Fixed Water Custodian not recalculating the effectiveness after a technique was redirected.
  • ? Fixed a non-interactable NPC in the Tasa desert.
  • ? Fixed a position where players could get stuck on the beach on Uhuru.
  • ? Fixed incorrect scenery popping in one of the Tuwai’s shrines.
  • ? Fixed players getting their avatar duplicated after reconnecting in a co-op battle.
  • ? Fixed #142 Akranox, #018 Granpah, #031 Rhoulder, and #103 Deendre TV bonus values.
  • ? Fixed Kisiwa’s Narwhal station not working as a reviving/smoke bomb spot.
  • ? Fixed incorrect item name displayed on the FreeTem rewards under certain languages.
  • ? Fixed Incubator’s bag description to properly reflect the time reduced (100% instead of 50%).
  • Fixed incorrect messages on the chat loading on the first connection.
  • Fixed chat’s scroll being a bit wonky and not displaying the latest messages sent.
  • Re-entering a club after it has changed its short name will now display the new short name under the chat tab.
  • Fixed the back button on character creation which wasn’t working when clicked.
  • Fixed some cases where an incorrect key was shown on UI when changing between gamepad and mouse.
  • Fixed some overflowing texts on different screens.
  • Fixed scenery popping in Arissola’s Narwhal station.
  • Fixed a visual bug in Kisiwa’s intro cinematic.
  • Fixed long Temtem names being cut in the breeding preview screen.
  • Fixed being stuck after trying to send a whisper to someone with the chat disabled on the settings.
  • Fixed lost focus on a Temtem from the squad after reconnecting when inspecting them.
  • Fixed losing focus on certain system messages when pressing escape.
  • Fixed incorrect button hitbox on the “whisper” button on the player interact screen.
  • Fixed the main menu opening after closing a tutorial with escape.
  • Fixed eggs from incubator bags not appearing with the same fade the players appear with when exiting a building.
  • Fixed eggs from incubator bags not appearing inside battles.
  • Fixed some regional keys (like ñ) not appearing correctly in the button remapping setting.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the ? icon are originally suggested, inspired by or reported by our community in our Forums.


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