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Temtem 0.5.7

Temtem 0.5.7

  • Improved textures for Barnshe, Anahir and Orphyll.
  • Temtem cries will now only sound when entering the details screen and won’t sound when changing between different Temtem.
  • Characters can now be reset from the lobby without going into the game.

  • Fixed some strange cases where users could get stuck on Max’s first battle.
  • Fixed “player is busy” appearing instead of “player is not near enough to create the coop party” error.
  • Fixed an error causing players appearing without any cosmetics (just a black bag and head) after resetting the character.
  • Fixed screen flashes not rendering in full screen while playing on 1200p resolution.
  • Fixed incorrect minimap appearing in a Mokupuni’s house.
  • Closing the game between the transition of Quetzal and Nahua Crater or between the Kakama Cenote and the Xolot Reservoir was causing players to get out of bounds.
  • Fixed some cases where players could get stuck without getting the Ancient Idol item for the Free Matthew quest.
  • Fixed some cases where players could miss getting the Flask after completing the Luis Errands quest.
  • Fixed a bug causing some eggs getting lost in the Squad after releasing another egg.
  • Fixed Avenger trait being triggered by every knocked-out Temtem instead of only being triggered by knocked-out allies.
  • Fixed a miner in the mines which was getting some players stuck out of bounds.
  • Fixed some cases where players could get stuck in the Banyan after breaking a co-op party.
  • Fixed some more dialogs and texts.


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