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Temtem 0.5.4

Temtem 0.5.4

  • Fixed queue 2 minute grace period after reconnecting not properly working.
  • Fixed Temtem getting lost after a reconnection.
  • Fixed Gear items getting lost after a reconnection.
  • Fixed swapped techniques not working.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to escape from NPC battles.
  • Fixed desynchronization of particles in Sophia’s dojo.
  • Fixed incorrect animation displayed on Lottie’s Belsoto grunts.
  • Fixed some location tags not being replaced with the correct location name on some languages.
  • Fixed errors when closing the game while in a co-op battle.
  • Fixed errors when disbanding a co-op party while your partner was waiting for you at a building’s exit.
  • Fixed casual battles not working when players were in different server rooms.


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