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Temtem 0.1.5

Temtem 0.1.5


  • Luma Tateru is now available. Happy hunting!
  • Added animations, effects, and audio to the capture Temtem sequence.
  • Added some rewards in Turquesa for players that have completed the Alpha.
  • Stat stages changes in battle now have proper audio.
  • Temtem knock-outs now have proper audio.


  • Temtem sprites are now prettier and have better lighting and shadows.
  • Improved Loading image to remove banding.
  • While creating a new character, the animation won’t reset while choosing different cosmetics.
  • Knocked-out particles on Temtem now will travel to its tamer.
  • Opening the Backpack in a Wild battle will open the Capture bag by default. Opening it on a Tamer battle will open the Medicine bag instead.
  • Tweaked visuals on how Stamina is spent.
  • Added new buttons on Temtem Squad Details to swap the current Temtem without needing to go back.
  • Technique details can now be inspected from the Squad UI.
  • Refined how keys and mouse interact together in the UIs.
  • UI keys can now be clicked.
  • Lots of tiny improvements on several UIs.



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