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Patch 1.6

Patch 1.6

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    • Signing up for the Newsletter will earn you a free Postal Paharo Mount as a reward.
    • We intend to send a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on all interesting, fun, or relevant info about Temtem and more!
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  • As of 1.6, we’re retiring events from Temtem.
    • Events were planned as a fun little addition for endgame players to continue having tasks to work on, and goals to work towards. However, as it’s happened with some features in the past, they weren’t to the liking of us team, nor you Tamers.
    • The feedback you’ve given us is invaluable and we’ve heard all of your suggestions. Still, we’re unable to carry out the suggestions provided nor fulfill your expectations at this time of development, nor in the foreseeable future. They’re not an easy feat to code, fix and patch promptly, and as they are now, they’re causing more headaches and dissatisfaction than happiness.
    • On a brighter note, we are giving all players the cosmetics for the Valentamers event that didn’t see the light last year. No work needed for these ones! We will post the redeem instructions on Valentine’s Day so be on the lookout!
  • From now on, you won’t be able to reset your character if you have an ongoing Challenge Mode run.
    • This change is to prevent the many issues that the intersection between cross-progression and Challenge runs was causing.
    • When you try to reset your main character, you’ll get an error message if you have an active Challenge Mode run. You’ll need to try again after deleting your Challenge Mode run. There is no cooldown for this.
    • Likewise, when you try to link two platforms via cross-progression, you’ll get an error message if you have an active Challenge Mode run. You’ll need to delete your Challenge Mode run. There is no cooldown for this.

  • The Replays system is now in-game!
    • Replays are saved automatically and players don’t need to turn on anything or worry about it.
    • All competitive PVP matches will have their replay stored, including those from friendly PVP, ranked matchmaking, in-game tournaments, and dojo wars.
    • A total of 10 replays are saved for each player. When this limit is reached, the oldest replays will be automatically deleted to give space to new ones. Players can also pin up to 3 additional replays, which will be kept safe and won’t be deleted automatically.
    • Players can also watch replays from other players freely, all from the new Replay section of the competitive screen.
    • While watching a replay, players can pause the game, go forward/backward a turn, or even go to a specific turn.
    • Please note there’s a known issue regarding replays on Switch: to avoid a bug, the turn selector is unavailable at this time, and one cannot skip forward nor backwards inside a given replay. We’re working on having these issues corrected for patch 1.6.1, apologies for the inconveniences!
  • 👥Improved emote wheel, now with pages!
    • Tired of not knowing where to place your 72+ emotes? You’ll now get an array of up to 10 pages that you can easily circle between to place your sprays, emotes and holos.
    • You can fill up to 12 emotes, holos or sprays per page, summing up to a whopping 120 emotes, holos or spray that you can easily access now. No more having to pick and choose!
    • You don’t have to do anything extra for these pages! Enjoy a wider array of expressions.
  • 👥Added a Found location to the Details UI.
    • You’ll now be able to see where a Temtem can be found: it’ll show the approximate location and the exact island where you found it.
    • The Found location section appears in the Details screen of any Temtem, under the Original Tamer name.
    • You don’t need to have caught that Temtem to see its found location! You also don’t need to be the OT. You can see the found location of all Tems, just like that.
    • This will help you locate any Temtem species you might want to catch, as well as determine the approximate level at which you found a Temtem by checking out the level of other Tems in that area. While it’s fantastic for new players, we hope existing players can make use of this new feature too!
    • There are a few exceptional cases: Starters will all appear as being from Zadar, Deniz; Tems that are hatched will have the location of the Breeding Center in Omninesia; Tems that are provided to you by an NPC will have the location of that NPC.
    • Please note: there’s a known issue with previously existing Tems before this patch that were obtained by breeding. While most of them will keep their found location as Breeding Center, those that can also appear as untamed on the first route, will say the name of the route as their location instead of the breeding center.
  • 👥TemCard swapping is now available!
    • This is a highly requested feature that will allow you to change the containing TemCard of any given Temtem.
    • You’ll need to own the TemCard you want to transfer that Tem to, with a cost of 250 Luma Drops.
    • Mythical Temtem, and even the Anahir line, can be moved to different TemCards too!
    • TemCard swapping takes place in the basement of Nanto Labs, in Neoedo.
  • 👥Temtem types are now shown on PvP battles!
    • During a PvP battle, the type of each Temtem will be displayed next to its avatar during the Pick&Ban phase, and in the Battle Log.
    • This will help with clarity, especially for those Tems that can have multiple types, and with the addition of Umbras.
  • The TemCS World Champion, aarrggnn, will now have a permanent commemorative trophy statue on Tamer’s Paradise, which will display his name and title as the TemCS World Champion!
  • We’ve added sound effects to some emotes that were missing in 1.5! Enjoy hearing your emotes in the new emote wheel.

  • We have improved the precision of the target selector during matches while using a mouse. This will prevent most cases where the selector moved to the Temtem on the side accidentally.
  • We’ve improved the control system behind instrument playing. All instruments have been reviewed and their animations improved!
  • 👥We’ve improved the clarity of the Dojo Rematches’ UI so it’s easier to see which option is highlighted, and selected.


  • We’ve improved the amount of Stamina recovered upon resting.
    • We’ve gone from 1 + CEIL(20% max STA) to 4 + CEIL(25% max STA).
    • Both the fixed and the variable numbers have been buffed, so you should see a considerable improvement in your STA recovery when resting.
  • We’ve improved or modified the bonus that some Status Conditions offer while capturing Temtem.
    • Burnt 1.25x ⇒ 1.4x
    • Poisoned 1.25x ⇒ 1.4x
    • Exhausted 1.1x ⇒ 1.3x
    • Seized 1.1x ⇒ 1.3x
    • Cold 1.2x ⇒ 1.3x
    • Trapped 1.2x ⇒ 1.3x
    • Alerted 0.8x ⇒ 1x
    • Evading 0.5x ⇒ 0.8x
    • Asleep, Frozen, Vigorized and Doomed have not been changed.


We’re sticking with the Highlighted Changes following your positive feedback on it! Remember that these changes will still appear under their respective categories lower down below.


  • Phantom Whiplash
    • Type: Mental
    • Damage: 135
    • STA: 22
    • Hold: 2
    • Priority: High
    • Attack Category: Special
    • Target: One Target

The other star addition alongside Straw Shield. The mental type has long been in need of a more impactful priority technique than Energy Manipulation. We believe that 2 hold is the right fit for this technique as mental tems, despite being fragile, have access to or synergize with sleep control moves.

  • Tireless
    • ATK Stage modification has been reduced 2 ⇒ 1.
    • New effect: The damage this Temtem receives from OX is reduced by 50%.

Tireless has been too strong for too long, and it finally takes a hit from the nerf hammer. This trait has been a big part of the meta for a while now, but we wanted to avoid gutting it entirely. It has a new effect to compensate for the loss of direct power, and we hope it will be in a healthier spot going forward.

  • Welcomer
    • Previous effect: Once per battle, when an ally enters the battlefield, the ally gets evading for 1 turn.
    • New effect: Once per battle, when the Temtem has spent 1 turn on the battlefield, the ally gets evading for 1 turn.

The popularity of this trait has dropped at the end of the patch but we still think it has a very strong impact, as it didn’t need any kind of set-up. It was a trait that can be frustrating to deal with. To avoid these snowball situations from the lead, we’re going to make the trait have a prep turn and make its focus and gameplay more skillful.

  • Swarm Aid
    • Type: Nature
    • Hold Turns have been increased 2 ⇒ 4
    • STA cost: 23
    • Prio: High
    • Deals 15% of max HP in damage to rivals, and restores 10% of max HP to the Temtem and the ally.

This technique has a storied history. We first tried adjusting it in the 1.4 cycle in line with our plans for stall, but that did not work out. Over time, we tried a few different ideas, until we arrived at the version we had previously, which changed its effect based on Waspeen’s current HP. We liked the concept, but it caused many problems behind the scenes, becoming an ever increasing thorn in our side as new issues kept coming up. After deciding that version of Swarm Aid was unsustainable, we made the decision to release a less complex version, which is what we have now. Our goal for this version of Swarm Aid is to allow Waspeen to put the opponent on a slow-ticking clock and threaten to KO low-HP Temtem, while still providing support for its team, which should help the Waspeen player to close out games once they have the advantage. 

  • Swarm Aid +
    • Type: Nature
    • Hold Turns: 4
    • STA cost: 23
    • Prio: Very High

In combination with an Earth ally, damage goes up from 15% to 20% of max HP, and both allies regenerate for 1 turn. As of 1.6, when used with synergy, Swarm Aid+ gets the player softlocked. The team is already working on a fast fix for it.

  • #153 – Maoala
    • Zen Meditation is removed from its movepool.
    • Once per battle, after 2 consecutive turns in battle, rivals get asleep for 2 ⇒ 1 turns.

The combo of Hypnotist plus Zen Meditation in the same turn is excessive. We think that with this trait design we should break this combo and have the other temtem provide the set-up, rather than Maoala doing it all in one.

However, we feel that the effect of putting opponents to sleep for two turns is excessive, as it forces you to reposition if you don’t want to lose the entire tempo of the game, so we have also decided to nerf this aspect of the trait for the time being. We know it’s a very aggressive nerf, so we’ll keep a close eye on Maoala during the patch in case its trait needs another turn of the screw.


  • #004 – [Mental] Chromeon
    • [NEW] Phantom Whiplash has been added to its movepool.
  • #008 – Platox
    • SPATK has been increased 76 ⇒ 81.
    • Resistant has been removed from its traits.
    • [NEW] Toxifier has been added to its traits.
    • Resilient has been removed from its traits.
    • Toxic Farewell has been added to its traits.
  • #015 – Magmut
    • [NEW] Trample has been added to its movepool.
    • We are giving Magmut some love this patch. This Temtem has usually used a “clunky” set in competitive battles, with multiple slots used on buffing itself offensively and defensively and then (most of the time) two offensive techniques. We created Trample to smooth out its gameplan by combining offensive buffing and damage in one technique. We also wanted to make sure we didn’t give preference to physical or special sets, so we had it work, regardless of your build.
  • #028 – Skunch
    • ATK reduced from 71 ⇒ 68
  • #038 – Capyre
    • Resilient has been removed from its traits.
    • [NEW] Ignite Protection has been added to its traits.
  • #040 – Azuroc
    • ATK has been increased 58 ⇒ 68.
    • DEF has been increased 69 ⇒ 75.
    • SPDEF has been increased 62 ⇒ 67.
    • Major Slash has been added to its movepool as a TC.
    • [NEW] Crystal Tail has been added to its movepool.
  • #041 – Zenoreth
    • [NEW] Crystal Tail has been added to its movepool.
  • #043 – Aohi
    • [NEW] Phantom Whiplash has been added to its movepool.
  • #056 – Myx
    • [NEW] Phantom Whiplash has been added to its movepool.
  • #057 – Raize
    • Fiery Heist has been added to its movepool.
    • Furor has been removed from its traits.
    • [NEW] Ignite Protection has been added to its traits.
  • #085 – Mushook
    • ATK has been increased 80 ⇒ 84
  • #108 – Goolder
    • Slime has been added to its movepool.
    • Strong Liver has been removed from its traits.
    • Infectious has been added to its traits.
    • Strong Liver Goolder has always been an example of a Temtem that’s working against itself. Healing off of toxic techniques instead of taking damage is a great effect in a vacuum, but not when the damage gets halved by your resistance to Toxic before being converted to HP. We saw this patch as an opportunity to give Goolder a trait that it can use more effectively, and chose the new Infectious as that replacement. Combined with poison ticks from Toxic Ink, we expect Infectious Goolder to be a very strong niche pick against Temtem that want to play passively and defensively.
  • #115 – Oceara
    • Water blade is removed from its movepool.
    • Aqua bullet hell has been added to its movepool.
  • #144 – Vulffy
    • DEF has been increased 55 ⇒ 58.
  • #153 – Maoala
    • Zen Meditation is removed from its movepool.
  • #156 – Vental
    • [NEW] Phantom Whiplash has been added to its movepool.
  • #157 – Chimurian
    • Crystal Plume Gatling is now learned at level 90.
  • #158 – Arachnyte
    • Overclock has been added to its movepool.


  • Phantom Whiplash
    • New Mental type technique. Single target, Special Attack category.
    • Damage: 135
    • STA cost: 22
    • Hold: 2 
    • Priority: High
  • Crystal Tail
    • New Crystal type Technique. Single target, Physical Attack category.
    • Only available for Zenoreth and Azuroc
    • Damage: 60
    • STA cost: 10
    • Hold: 0
    • Priority: Normal
  • Trample
    • New Melee type Technique. Targets entire team, Special Attack category.
    • Signature move for Magmut.
    • Damage: 120
    • STA cost: 14
    • Hold: 4
    • Priority: Low
    • If any enemy Tem is knocked out, it applies +3 ATK/ +3 SPATK to the caster.
  • Trample+
    • Synergy with Melee.
    • The synergy to Trample changes the nature of its attack from Special Physical.
    • Everything else stays the same.
  • Swarm Aid
    • Type: Nature
    • Hold Turns have been increased 2 ⇒ 4
    • STA cost: 23
    • Prio: High
    • Deals 15% of max HP in damage to rivals.
    • Restores 10% of max HP to the Temtem and the ally.
  • Swarm Aid +
    • Type: Nature
    • Hold Turns: 4
    • STA cost: 23
    • Prio: Very High
    • In combination with an Earth ally, damage goes up from 15% to 20% of max HP, and both allies regenerate for 1 turn.
  • Bamboozle
    • Hold turns have been reduced 1 ⇒ 0.
    • New effect: After using this technique for the first time in battle, it will have hold 1  for the rest of the match.
    • This technique has historically been a nightmare for us, in balance. We didn’t like how it made battles play out at 0-hold, but nerfing to 1-hold seemed to be too much. With no middle ground between 1 and 0, we had a difficult time figuring out how to change Bamboozle. We were able to get this effect working, and hope it brings Bamboozle back without it being overwhelming.
  • Rush
    • Hold turns have been reduced 1 ⇒ 0.
  • Tesla Prison
    • STA cost raised from 14 ⇒ 19.
  • Serbatiyo’s Wrath
    • SPATK stat stage change increased from SPATK +1 to SPATK +2.
    • STA Cost  from 30 ⇒ 35.
  • Aqua Stone
    • Damage has been increased 80 ⇒ 105
  • Aqua Stone+
    • Damage has been increased 104 ⇒ 135


  • Resilient
    • Previous effects no longer work.
    • New Effect: Once per battle, when knocked-out due to technique damage, prevents getting knocked-out, gets Doom for 1 turn and SPD+3.
  • Digi-protection
    • Added effect: Ally’s damage taken by Digital techniques is also reduced by 30%.
    • The whole description now reads as follows: When an ally is damaged by a Digital technique, damage is reduced by 30%. When the Temtem is damaged by a Digital technique, damage is reduced by 75%.
  • Toxifier [New]
    • When attacking with a Physical Toxic technique, the Temtem uses its SPATK instead and increases its damage by 10%.
  • Ignite Protection [New]
    • Once per battle, when the Temtem is attacked, the attacker receives 2 turns of Burn.
  • Gotta Go Fast
    • From now on, Gotta Go Fast only works with techniques with more than 0 Hold.
  • Tireless
    • ATK Stage modification has been reduced 2 ⇒ 1.
    • New effect: The damage this Temtem receives from OX is reduced by 50%.
    • Tireless has been too strong for too long, and it finally takes a hit from the nerf hammer. This trait has been a big part of the meta for a while now, but we wanted to avoid gutting it entirely. It has a new effect to compensate for the loss of direct power, and we hope it will be in a healthier spot going forward.
  • Infectious
    • Previous effects no longer work.
    • New effect: All healing is negated while the Temtem is in the battlefield.
    • This trait has been weak for a long time, simply because it was far too niche to ever be worth considering. We’ve changed the effect into something less narrow, and we see it being an option to counter strategies that rely a lot on healing, but still niche enough to not see use as a generic trait, which is a place we’re okay with it occupying.
  • Welcomer
    • Previous effects no longer work.
    • New effect: Once per battle, when the Temtem has spent 1 turn on the battlefield, the ally gets evading for 1 turn.
  • Bully
    • Damage multiplier has been increased 25% 30%
  • Mucous
    • Freeze has been added to the list of Status Conditions this trait has immunity to.
  • Parrier
    • Damage reduction has been increased 20% 25%. 
  • Water Synthetize
    • Previous effects no longer work.
    • New effect: When attacked with a water technique, instead of receiving damage restores HP by 125% of that damage.
  • Protostar
    • Doom turns have been increased 5 ⇒ 6 turns.
  • Supernova
    • Doom turns have been increased 5 ⇒ 6 turns.
  • Hypnotist
    • Asleep turns have been reduced 2 ⇒ 1 turn.


  • Straw Shield
    • Now available outside of Tamer’s Paradise. Please note: These changes affect both the DraftArena and the Evershifting Tower versions of the Gear.
    • Previous effects no longer work.
    • New effect: Prevents 50% of the damage from the first super-effective technique received.
    • Can be purchased from the Gear shop at Tucma.
    • Straw Shield is one of the new additions that we think will have the biggest impact on the format. We believe this gear can finally give some temtems with x4 weaknesses the space they need (yes, this gear only protects against x4 attacks). We will be keeping a close eye on the performance of this gear and how it performs for its potential users.
    • IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 1.6, Straw Shield cannot be equipped on competitive squads due to a bug. This will be fixed in 1.6.1
  • Matcha
    • Previous effects no longer work.
    • New effect: Prevents the Cold Status Condition and, upon resting, removes the Frozen Status Condition and restores 40% of max STA.
  • Slingshot
    • Techniques with base damage lower than 60 and priority lower than High deal 30% ⇒ 50% more damage.

  • 👥Umbras not being unlocked in Showdown after being evolved and raising their TVs using the Fruit Blender.
  • 👥Tyranak’s Intimidator not being activated in the third turn after entering the battlezone through a manual swap.
  • 👥HP desync when using Chain Lightning with Inductor.
  • 👥Inductor’s effect being multiplied when another Temtem uses a multi-target technique.
  • 👥Very Low Priority techniques being executed before other priorities under some circunstances.
  • 👥Cosmetic sets equipped in the normal game mode not appearing on Challenge modes.
  • 👥Some cases where the Temtem portrait could appear duplicated in the Temtem UI.
  • 👥Not being able to untrack a quest in the normal game mode after tracking that quest in a Challenge run.
  • 👥Input being broken in the Battle UI after entering the battle using a Temtem without any techniques.
  • 👥Efectivity icons not appearing when doing an effective or not effective technique with an Iridiscence Koish.
  • 👥Entering and exiting a building while being followed by an Umbra would cause overworld Lumas to appear with Umbra effects.
  • 👥A client error showcasing Galios being knocked-out when entering the battlefield while an Intimidator Tyranak is present.
  • 👥Visual bug on Chain Lightning when used in a 3-Tem (2 allies 1 enemy or 1 ally 2 enemies) battle.
  • 👥Hypnotist trait applying 2 turns of sleep instead of 1 as the ingame text specifies.
  • 👥Properton’s Trade House door being red in the minimap.
  • 👥Iridescence not applying correctly the damage multiplicator.
  • 👥A location in Tamer Paradise where players could get stuck between two NPCs.
  • 👥 If players only have one team when fighting the Archtamers, the battlebox is skipped and the next fight automatically begins.
  • Intimidator not working properly.
  • Striking Transmog not being triggered if the holder has a gear disabled with Frightening.
  • Reactive Vial not being triggered on an Adaptive Arachnyte.
  • Some occasions where a Temtem is being incorrectly animated as knocked-out before being attacked with Rotten Goo.
  • The damage reduction for not effective technique being applied incorrectly when a Saipat with Shuine’s Horn attacks an Iridescence Koish.
  • STAB not being applied on Saipat holding a Shuine’s Horn when using a Poison technique.
  • Blackscreen on coop when the second player gets their whole squad knocked-out.
  • First Aid Kit not being triggered with multi-target techniques if the holder is in the first battle slot.
  • Being able to move around while the Rewards UI is open after exiting a Mythical Lair.
  • Competitive Match option in the player interact UI now is turned off as it should.
  • Cross Progression UI displaying a blank Tamer banner when going back through the intended flow.
  • Carlos appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the screen after defeating Dr. Hamijo on Telobos.
  • Not being able to use emotes on Lair lobbies.
  • Some visual weirdness while using a coop emote under the influence of lag.
  • The text “Visit” while inspecting other player houses from the tube UI now is properly localized.
  • Improved some Arissola Dojo wind traps player detection.
  • The Battlebox selection UI being incorrectly displayed between Archtamers battles.
  • Galios being knocked-out on the client and being in a desync status after receiving a technique on the last Doom turn.
  • Desync on Doom turn counter after using Selfless Ruination.
  • An internal error that could lead to some other bugs when using Soil Steam.
  • An internal error that could lead to some other bugs when using Acid Reflux.
  • Sending a coop invitation and cancelling it through the “Clear All” button on the notification center wouldn’t cancel the invitation.
  • Nap time swag not displaying the hamoc correctly in battles.
  • Some cases where some battle animations were skipped when in coop and players being about to lose the battle.
  • Instruments Ukelele and Theremin being able to be used while surfing or skating.


  • Some screen positions which will constantly trigger swapping the targeted Temtem while using the mouse and without moving it.


  • 👥Visual bug on a battle against One-Eyed Matthew.

  • Eggs that are traded will now have their timer reset after being traded.
  • On a previous patch we made some loot pool cosmetics tradeable, but older instances of those cosmetics that players already had weren’t tradeable still, only new obtained cosmetics. In this patch we’re fixing this so everyone that has those cosmetics will now be able to trade them. The cosmetics are these ones:
    • Kilt and knee-highs
    • Swimming cap and goggles
    • Swimming cap
    • Airship Engineer Goggles
    • The Martial Artist
    • Quetzal Incognito hood
    • Quetzal Confidential hood
    • Quetzal Privacy hood
    • Intellectual glasses
    • Uni Casual hairstyle
    • Resistance cap and mask
    • Victor Needs a Haircut
    • Bobbed hair
    • Ponytail and glasses
    • Upinzani Gear top
    • Sensei half-top

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Discord server and subreddit.


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  • The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority ( if you believe that the processing does not comply with the regulations in force.
Contact information to exercise your rights: Crema Games, S.L. Physical address: Calle de Ulises, 108, 1C, 28043 Madrid. E-mail: SECURITY MEASURES In accordance with the provisions of current legislation on personal data protection, the Responsible party is complying with the provisions of the GDPR and LOPDGDD for the processing of personal data under its responsibility, and manifestly with the principles described in Article 5 of the GDPR, therefore the personal data collected are processed lawfully, fairly and transparently in relation to the data subject and are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected. However, the user owning the data is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of their data. The Responsible party guarantees that it has implemented policies and protocols for action and data processing to apply security measures and comply with the requirements established by the GDPR and the LOPDGDD, in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, as appropriate, to protect the rights and liberties of Users, who through this policy receive information to exercise their rights. For more information about privacy guarantees, you can contact the Responsible party at Crema Games, S.L. Calle de Ulises, 108, 1C, 28043 Madrid. E-mail:   Last published March 6, 2022
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