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Patch 1.6.2

Patch 1.6.2

  • We’ve added the character name and TamerID to the section in Settings where you could check your Support ID.
  • 👥We’ve correctly updated Bunbun and Hidody’s Umbra Radar prices and they now match that of similar Tems.



  • We’ve increased the the bonus that the Isolated Status Conditions offers while capturing Temtem, from 1.0x ⇒ 1.3x.
  • We’re aware that removing Cage from some Tems may affect some capture methods in the PvE environment. We hope that we can provide useful and valid alternatives for PvE players by making Isolated have the same catch rate bonus.
  • We have removed Venx from Musa’s Rematch roster.




  • #012 – Tateru 
    • Resilient has been removed from its traits.
    • Burglar has been added to its traits.
  • #021 – Bunbun 
    • Resilient has been removed from its traits.
    • Camaraderie has been added to its traits.
  • #022 – Mudrid
    • STA has been increased 44 ⇒ 52
    • The nerf to Deluge affects Mudrid, as it is one of the key moves in its kit. We know that a simple STA buff may not be enough, so we have already prepared more changes for this Temtem in patch 1.7.
  • #031 – Rhoulder
    • STA has been increased 51 ⇒ 58
  • #052 – Owlhe
    • Furor has been removed from its traits.
    • Sentinel has been added to its traits.
  • #084 – Mushi
    • Resilient has been removed from its traits.
    • Receptive has been added to its traits.
  • #094 – Seismunch
    • SPDEF has been increased 43 ⇒ 54.
    • Seismunch has been MIA for several meta cycles, so we’ve decided to apply “the Saipat treatment” and considerably increase its bulk in the Special Defense department.
  • #114 – Gazuma
    • Tornado has been removed from its tech pool.
    • Blizzard is now learned at level 67.
    • Cage has been removed from its tech pool.
    • Electromagnetism is now learned at level 85.
    • This group of adjustments is the type of change we have planned for patch 1.7, so it serves as a small leak for the next patch. We consider that Gazuma has been central for many consecutive meta cycles thanks to its typing and tools. That’s why we intend to keep its support role intact, but we lower its offensive pressure by removing Tornado from its kit. On the removal of Cage and addition of Electromagnetism: this tech might not very interesting right now, but we are preparing a small buff for it.
  • #130 – Tuwai
    • Resilient has been removed from its traits.
    • Air specialist has been added to its traits.
  • #139 – Vulor
    • Individualist has been removed from its traits.
      Resilient has been added to its traits.
  • #152 – Minox
    • Body stretch has been removed from its traits.
    • Resilient has been added to its traits.



  • Harmful Microwaves
    • The type to activate its synergy has been changed from Electric Fire.
    • Digi-cores have been quite the headache for us to balance around. We have especially struggled with the combo of Monkko and Zaobian, that had no safe switch-ins in the whole game, all while giving each other the chance to enact a hard-hitting high priority technique on turn 1. We believe this change, while simple, will give a new life to the whole archetype.
    • This also slightly helps break the combo with Gazuma, and leaves the core much more exposed as the archetype loses coverage. We can’t wait to see what new combos appear with this change, such as Hazrat-Water Chromeon, Capyre-Neutral Chromeon…
  • Blue Screen
    • Priority has been reduced from Normal Low.
    • You might be wondering why we decided to go with a low priority instead of normal priority. With this change we want to break away from frustrating situations while using this tech. We know there are still ways to make this tech high priority again (namely along Nagaise’s Deceit Aura), but we believe that combo to be very specific, and manageable through pick and ban countering and planning. We hope to solve the situation of getting both of your Tems perma-locked, or at least reduce it to only in very specific situations, with a very specific combo.
  • Crystal Deluge
    • Hold has been increased 1 ⇒ 2.
    • STA has been reduced 29 ⇒ 25.
  • Crystal Deluge (Synergy)
    • Hold has been increased 1 ⇒ 2.
    • STA has been reduced 29 ⇒ 25.
    • Crystal Deluge, paired with Blue screen, has been one of the reasons the sleep archetype has been so strong lately. We believe increasing the hold while maintaining the 2 turns of sleep will give the players more time to react and adapt than before. We will keep a close eye on the performance of this tech in case it’s necessary to return to the original hold, but with an adjustment to the Asleep turns it applies.



  • Bird Season
    • Damage has been increased 66% 100%.
  • Burglar
    • Removed the “once per battle” condition.
    • Removed the “when inflicting x status conditions”.
    • Burglar can now disable two gears at once, if the technique triggering it affects multiple targets.
    • New effect: When hitting a target that is already affected by the asleep or exhausted status condition, its gear gets disabled until the end of the match.
  • Team Elusive
    • It now prevents multi-targeting negative status techniques as well.
    • New description: Prevents any offensive multi-target technique.
    • We believe we may have been too hard on Vulffy by removing Sludge Gift & nerfing his main trait. With a slight rework to Burglar, we decided to bring back Team Elusive’s old behavior as we understood his trait wasn’t the reason Vulffy was so strong in the past.
  • Resilient
    • SPD Stage modifications have been reduced from +3⇒ +2.
    • We think that Resilient has a too high value as long as it keeps its design. That’s why we have decided to change the distribution of this trait, and keep it only for Temtem that are in their second stage of evolution, thus avoiding PvE problems with the radars and balance problems in PvP.
  • Adaptive
    • Now triggers before taking a hit.
    • Special attack buff reduced from +2 ⇒ +1.
    • New description: Once per battle, before being attacked, changes the Temtem’s secondary typing to the type of the incoming technique and gets SPATK +1.
    • Adaptive and Reactive Vial have a very strange interaction. The way the game engine handles them means it must work like this, or the (bugged) way it was working in the past. Having Adaptive trigger after receiving damage is what causes the bug with Reactive Vial, which forces us to choose which of the two behaviors we would prefer, as the game engine leaves us no room for a 3rd “perfect” option.



  • Straw Shield
    • Damage reduction has been increased 50% 75%
    • The gear is now revealed at the beginning of the turn.
  • Tucma Mask
    • Previous effects no longer work.
    • New effect: Tucma Mask prevents the Poisoned Status Condition.


All platforms

  • Fixed a black screen after choosing a Challenge Mode if we have an egg in the incubator device on our normal run.
  • Fixed a black screen while reconnecting in a PvP match.
  • Fixed a soft lock by being able to start the battle against a DigiLair boss without any valid Tem in the Squad.
  • Fixed a desync in experience while playing in Co-op if we wait until the timer runs out on the interface for learning a new Tech.
  • Fixed having a wild Temtem turn into an Umbra Temtem if a Temtem Luma in our Squad evolves while we have an Umbra Tem in the battlefield. Pesky.
  • 👥Fixed Luma Temtem not being able to appear in Umbra radars. Do keep in mind the rates are not boosted for Umbra Tems in Luma radars, so the odds are 1/75.000.
  • 👥Fixed some instances in Lairs where Unique bonus were wrongfully stacking.
  • 👥Fixed that the Techniques for Lair Bosses were not rotating weekly as they should.
  • 👥Fixed being unable to leave the Spectator mode if one of the players on the battlefield was choosing which Temtem to select next.
  • 👥Fixed the Club chat tab disappearing after reconnecting.
  • Fixed the Broccolem and Golzy on the shrines having Techniques that didn’t match their levels, either by presence or absence.
  • 👥Fixed having the combat interface disappear if we had captured and released two Tems while the Coward’s Blanket was active.
  • Fixed having the Tems on the battlefield briefly disappear after using Haito Uchi.
  • Fixed having the Tems on the battlefield briefly disappear after using Piezoelectric Blow with a synergy.
  • 👥Fixed not seeing the fainting animation of an allied Tem if it had 2 Status Conditions and fainted by cause of the last one active.
  • 👥Fixed not seeing the Invigorated Status Condition nor its animation if two instances of Energy Reserves trigger simultaneously.
  • 👥Fixed seeing the animation for Trapped twice if an Iridescent Koish used the technique Cage.
  • Fixed Intimidator deactivating a once-per-battle Trait when it shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed finding our Mimit with no attacks if we reconnect or start the game while in an encounter if our Mimit had already transformed into a different Tem.
  • Fixed that a Mimit with Striking Transmog would keep an attack from a wild encounter into a PvP match after using DNA Extraction.
  • Fixed seeing Mimit as transformed in our game if we had just seen a replay where it was transformed.
  • Fixed that we could be unable to see the hold on Mimit’s techniques if its HP had been altered outside of combat with medicine items. When he’s cute but problematic.
  • Fixed Straw Shield not triggering after a Temtem with the Nullified Status Condition received a highly effective Tech.
  • 👥 Fixed seeing the notification for Slingshot twice if the Tem carrying it performed Bright Beam.
  • 👥Fixed Goolder’s infectious triggering and acting on Tems that are not on the battlefield. He’s just that powerful.
  • 👥Fixed Arachnyte’s type changing through Adaptive before receiving the incoming Technique that triggers the trait.
  • 👥Fixed a desync regarding Mimit’s HP after it had copied a Tem with more TVs allocated on that Stat.
  • Fixed seeing the wrong type on Arachnyte and Zaobian if they change types at turn 1 and we turn back to turn 0 during a replay.
  • 👥Fixed TMR Decay notifications not disappearing after using the Clear All button.
  • Fixed Seals not being visible in Replays under certain conditions.
  • Fixed losing the tints on the head cosmetics if we unequip it after starting a Challenge Mode run. Hair is everything.
  • 👥Fixed being able to purchase the OP Seal, which should only be obtainable by completing the OP Kudo. Lying is a big non-non.
  • Fixed an incorrect flow of conversation with Masha and Dolores in Arbury.
  • 👥Fixed being able to hang decoration on some invisible walls in some Housing Layouts, and then being unable to remove that decoration.
  • Fixed the visual effects for Seismunch’s Wreck, which were showing displaced rocks in combat against other NPCs or Players if the attack was carried out by their Temtem on the right.
  • Fixed not seeing the Book in the Eldritch Summoning emote.
  • Fixed having the rotate option for Titles on the Store.
  • Fixed seeing the bonfire change place in the preview every time we hovered over the emote icon. Oh I know of a game where you have to follow bonfires around…
  • Fixed the text “Current Game” being left untranslated in the Challenge Modes section.
  • Fixed seeing an incorrect message if you tried to play on two linked platforms at the same time.
  • 👥Fixed some outdated information in the Dojo Wars’ in-game tutorial.
  • 👥Fixed a handful of cases where the word étalon had not been replaced by coursier in French.
  • 👥Fixed Raize’s description being the wrong one in the Tempedia in Japanese.
  • Fixed an error in the Spanish dialogue of the Tired Pilgrim.



  • 👥Fixed a black screen when launching the game while in battle.



Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Discord server and subreddit.


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