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Welcome to Temtem, PS5 players!

Welcome to Temtem, PS5 players!

Hi Tamers!

Today we launched successfully on PlayStation 5!! And we want to extend a super warm welcome to all the new players that are just landing on the Airborne Archipelago!

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry, it can happen! Our Game Director, Guillermo “YaW” Andrades recently gave some tips and tricks on how to become a successful tamer. Read them on the PlayStation blog right here.

We’ve also compiled some useful resources for anyone beginning the journey today:

?If you have managed to snag a PS5 (a feat on itself) but don’t have Temtem yet, drop by the PlayStation Store to solve that.

?Feeling lonely on the journey? Join our Discord server, where you’ll meet other Tamers to Co-op with, get your questions answered, and maybe talk to some of the devs.

?Early Access means you have the chance to shape up the future of the game, and it also means there will be bugs (sorry). If you’ve found a bug, or if you want to drop some suggestions for the devs to read, the Forums are the place to do so!

?For in-depth reading, quest guides, and all the Temtem species, we recommend checking our community-driven Wiki. Careful with the spoilers, though!

?We have a lot of resources, spreads and guides pinned on our subreddit. Make sure to use the new Reddit to see them!


Take it easy, don’t rush it, and enjoy the Archipelago ❤

Again, welcome!


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